You Are The One

Singapore dramas are really cool. They’re not as soppy as Taiwanese idol dramas, and more realistic than TVB serials sometimes. =) Latest one I’m hooked onto is this one – You Are The One. Appaprently it’s been around since February (Valentine’s Day release, I think) and I’m now downloading it, since I’m not lucky enough to be staying near JB. Heh.

Anyway, story’s about 3 sisters and their very-anxious-to-be-a-father-in-law dad. The 1st and 3rd sisters are beauties, but the eldest sister, Meiman, is very career-minded and refuses to settle down although she is approaching 30.

The 2nd sister, Meili, is just about the opposite. Her looks are not exactly spectacular, but she has a heart of gold and does not give up in her search for her better half even after 37 times of rejection. I love her the most for her courage and determination. The best part is, unlike all the ugly-duckling-turns-swan story, Meili did not suddenly transform into a swan. Looks-wise, she remains the same throughout and true love found her as well, regardless of looks. So sweet. It gives hope to girls like me. πŸ˜‰

Youngest sister, Meide, is the hottest one of all. She’s often mistaken for a bimbo, but actually she’s just a b.i.t.c.h (babe in total control of herself). She knows what she wants and she goes for it – in life and in love. I thought she was rather ruthless and the least likable sister. However, she’s very very straightforward and when she wants something, she’ll only depend on herself to get it done. How’s that for a new-age woman?

The series focuses on how they find their better halves, and it’s a very funny but heart-warming story basically. My favourite couple is Raymond and Meiman, played by Chew Chor Meng and Nnadia Chan (M’sian born HK actress). Can’t wait ro watch the last episodes. I’m still downloading. And suffering from withdrawal symptoms already. Cure? Rewatch episodes 1-20. Over and over again.


Image hosted by
The 3 couples πŸ˜€
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Image hosted by
Jacelyn Tay, actress who played Meili
P/s: I forget to mention that in real life, Jacelyn Tay is an ambassador/spokesperson for Jean Yip Group, a beauty centre. Talk about irony.

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