Malaysian Idol 2 – Daniel the Hobbit

Malaysian Idol is finally over! Daniel won!!! So technically I’ll be wearing my “I told you so” expression for the next few days. It’s not that I’m a mega Daniel-supporter or anything, I like Nita too, but I for one know all the crazy girls out there who wouldn’t mind going hungry for a month just to vote for him. That’s why Daniel got 68% of the 1.2 million votes sent.

Anyway, the finale performance last night was amazing. Daniel started off rather shaky, singing the specially-written-for-Idol song, Mimpi. I rather like the song, which was written by some guy from Innuendo (the Belaian Jiwa singers!), but Daniel’s voice is not so suited to carry the song, I think. Next was Nita, who sang a Malay song that she performed in one of the Spectaculars, Berhenti Berharap. Judge’s choice. I thought she had a magnificent stage present compared to Daniel. Well, she is two heads taller than him. XD Next, Daniel sang Heaven Knows. He did it really well this time, considering that this is the third time he’s singing it in the competition. Love his falsetto, and it’s funny how Nita’s voice is almost more ‘manly’ and deep compared to Daniel. Very ironic. Anyway after that, Nita came on with Big Spender, her signature cabaret tune. Personally, I’m really gald and a little surprised that she came into element in the finale. In the Spectaculars, her performances were inconsistent, and when she performs two songs, usually she’ll be great on one and lousy on another.

Daniel’s last song was Angin Malam, judges choice. It was good, better than the time he sang it in the Spectaculars. Nita’s last was Mimpi, the Idol song, which she delivered so beautifully that I declared a 3-2 victory for her, performance-wise. But I can’t help noticing how she scrunches her face up a lot when she sings. I know she’s trying real hard to reach those high notes, but it’s quite weird to look at sometimes. Jac always does it so effortlessly; maybe Nita’s voice just doesn’t have the range that Jac’s does. Shall not compare them too much. After all, they’re unique in their own way.

The results show was quite time-wasting, honestly. They invited a few atrocious singers from the auditions to perform. Why waste air time, 8tv? If they have some standard, they would’ve probably made it at least to the second round. By inviting them to perform in Genting, where the finalists and the 2 Malaysian Idols also performed, isn’t it just a mockery? It’s as though the 8tv is encouraging people to do silly things so that even if they can’t actually become the Malaysian Idol, they can still perform live in front of thousands of people in Genting. If Malaysian Idol is renewed for a third season, rest assured there’ll be more people doing all those silly stunts. Can’t the judges be more professional? Paul Moss said (during auditions) that a silly audition made his day. The judges should be pissed that those people do not take Malaysian Idol seriously (like what Simon Cowell said in Season 4 of American Idol).

Rantings aside, I sincerely wish that Daniel and Nita have great careers ahead. Hopefully Daniel’s album will have a nice fusion of his Idol’s songs, some English, some Malay, and some Chinese songs. If only he could sing in Tamil or Hindi, he’ll probably be a very true Malaysian Idol indeed.


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