The Myth

I watched The Myth yesterday! Jackie Chan’s latest movie, which also stars Tony Leung Ka Fai, Kim Hye Seon, and Malika Sherawat. Smart smart Jackie Chan decides to tap into the Korean market to boost ticket sales. Not a bad decision though; as far as I know, loads of guys raved about the ‘hot Korean chick’ after watching the movie.

As for the movie, it was directed by Stanley Tong, who also directed China Strike Force (the one with Aaron Kwok and Norika Fujiwara). So the story is about Jack, an archaelogist who has frequent dreams about an ancient general in the Qin dynasty and a beautiful princess (aka hot Korean chick). When his friend William tells him about the myth of the levitating tomb in India, Jack reluctantly goes on an expedition with William, and there he discovers more about his dreams. That’s where the bootylicious Bollywood chick comes in. 😉

The movie reverts from modern to ancient and vice versa throughout the movie, so more and more is revealed about General Meng Yi and Jack’s past life. The ancient scenes are done quite well, and the costumes of the Qin soldiers and generals are as majestic as I imagined. The war scenes are brutal and well shot, and the scene where Meng Yi stands over the mountain of dead soldiers is especially outstanding. As for the modern scenes, the fight scenes are typically Jackie-style. His stunts still make me laugh, although I’ve probably seen the same kind of scenes countless times. It’s just great how he makes use of different props in different situations to spice up all the fighting.

As for the acting, I would say that Kim Hye Seon wasn’t a waste of money at all. She acted really well, and brought that much-needed glitter to the movie. Love her eye expressions – it reminded me of Chae Rim in All About Eve. (But Chae Rim is more plastic lah.) Jackie’s acting didn’t really improve from New Police Story, but his age makes his acting a little bit more convincing. Tony Leung wasn’t impressive at all – he was only funny in the tomb-raiding scene. and after that he seemed sort of useless. There were many celeb cameos in the movie, but the one I relished most was Patrick Tam as Xu Gui. With that manly little moustache and the undying spirit and loyalty…*dreamy eyes*

Overall, The Myth is worth a watch – Jackie never fails to impress, expecially with Stanley Tong helming the movie. I heard that The Myth, together with Perhaps Love and Everlasting Regret are the movies in consideration to be submitted for the Best Foreign Language Film for next year’s Oscars. I wonder which movie will be chosen. But it probably wouldn’t be The Myth, in my opinion. Although I haven’t seen the other two movies, The Myth simply lacks the majesty to be representing China (or Hong Kong?) at the Oscars.


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