Dysfunctional Families

Just watched an episode of Desperate Housewives and I have to blog about it. The particular episode would have been a little dull (especially for a great series like this) of not for all the developments in Bree’s side. At the start she took her son out of the military boot camp because he said that he was gay.

As the episode progressed, it got really weird when she invited a reverend over for dinner in order to “guide” Andrew back to the right path. It was verging on hilarious when the reverend asked Andrew if he was really gay. When Bree started talking about herself being lonely in heaven without Andrew (because he’s gay), it got funnier. Until the scriptwriters brought us back down to reality about the whole situation. Turns out Andrew is straight. And bloody evil. What he said to the reverend really shocked me. Of course, it’s all dramatised and the plot is fictional, bla bla bla…but for all I know there really are people like that out there, people who are out to get revenge on those who share the same flesh and blood. I was a little freaked out, maybe even disgusted.

I know that the writers may have exaggerated or maybe my imagination ran a little too far, but when someone takes all the trouble to be good to throw you off guard so much so that he can do something even worse to shock you. That’s plain evil. In Bree’s case, she has been a good, dutiful mother. Not perfect, of course. But daym, her son is just blind and plain selfish. He hasn’t stopped to think of what sacrifices his mother’s done for him, especially after he ran over Juanita. It wasn’t right, what she did; but she did it for his sake. God, this just brings the whole dysfunctional family story to a new level. It even beats the other infamous dysfunctional families like Malcolm in the Middle and Arrested Development. Americans. They have the going so good for them but they just don’t know it.


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