The Chronicles of Narnia

The mystery of The Chronicles of Narnia was finally unravelled yesterday, and the curse of the stupid lion was broken. Haha, who am I kidding here? Well, now that I’ve watched the movie, I have only one word for it: overrated. All that hoo-hah over Narnia dethroning Lord of The Rings was crap, in my opinion. It somehow comes up short against Harry Potter too, but I’ll give it the benefit of doubt, since I’m not exactly excited about HP movies anyway.

The movie started off with a bang amidst the war torn home of the 4 kids, Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy. So they were sent away to safer grounds, i.e. the home of a mad professor. But life in the rural areas proved to be a tad boring for the kids, who had to resort to playing hide and seek. That’s how Lucy discovered the magical world of Narnia, all hidden within the wardrobe in the spare room. One mishap follows another and soon, all four children wander into the wardrobe again. But then they find out that Narnia is controlled by the White Witch. Wicked falls short of describing the witch, as she is just purely evil. So the kids take sides with the good ones, led by Aslan the lion, and are forced to go to war with the White Witch to free Narnia.

Well, considering that I’ve never read the series of books before, I can’t exactly comment on the adaptation and such. So on to the movie. The four central characters were not exactly as colourful as I imagined them to be. They had a rather typical sibling relationship, but halfway through it became a bit annoying. Of course, they’re not as entertaining as the HP trio, but there were some heartwarming moments as well. The other thing that really bugged me throughout the movie was the talking animals. The voices that came out from them was waaayy too serious, and I just can’t seem to take that seriously. Lol. Hearing a human voice coming out from a beaver say “They’re going to kill you!” just doesn’t have the same effect as when a human says it. Ditto for the lion. But to give them some credit, Aslan was really magnificent. Hearing Liam Neeson’s voice spout out of Aslan was not too bad. More acceptable than the beavers and the wolves, anyway.

The war scenes were so-so only, considering the fact that the characters were young kids without much idea of how to fight a war. But the White Witch looked so deliciously evil in the wars scenes that I totally forgot about the other crappy stuff. Tilda Swinton was just amazing. And no wonder those religious critics (those who hated HP) loved Narnia. Apart from the whole Santa cameo, the ritual in which Aslan was sacrificed and the way he came back to life later on sounds a whole lot like how Jesus died and was resurrected. This is also where Narnia differs the most from LOTR and HP. Humans, though present in both LOTR and HP, were not the main characters of Narnia. Frodo is a hobbit, and Harry is a wizard, whereas the Narnia four are merely 4 ordinary children in our world. But in Narnia, they’re the kings and queens. This is where the magic of Narnia lies. So the movie is charming in its own way.

The final scene between the credits where Lucy tried to enter the wardrobe again, but was stopped by the professor reminded me of The Neverending Story. The professor revealed that he, too, experienced the magic of Narnia before. Just as how the old man told Sebastian that he too, knew the Childlike Empress. Ah, the thrills of the fantasy world.


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