S2 was just over; paper was overall okay. I still have to convince myself that it’s going to be all right. It’s fast approaching the dreaded week, just got to keep my fingers (and toes) all crossed.

On Sunday, I was kind of relaxed, don’t know why. Found the time to watch the Smallville rerun on Star World. And guess which episode it was? Ryan. It’s my favourite episode from Season 2, and one of the best episodes ever. (Well, it can’t beat Season 4 because it had Jensen.) I remember watching Ryan first appear in Season 1, and boy, it was a fresh change from the weekly kryptonite-affected monsters. And he had this little spark in him that was so cute. The expression on his face when he realised that he couldn’t read Clark’s mind was priceless. It was like a little boy who bought a limited edition toy just to find out that he wasn’t the only one with it. Rofl. But his friendship with Clark was heartwarming, unlike Lex’s friendship with Clark, which I’d hardly say was friendship. It was somehow different, because Ryan knew about Clark’s powers and vice versa. For Clark, it was amazing to have someone who’s also gifted like him, and that’s why Ryan was like family.

The Season 2 episode was more intense. It was really touching to see Clark do everything he can to save Ryan. Ryan just has this connection with Clark, and in this episode he sort of connects with Lex, dropping a hint about his future. The conversation Ryan had with Lex was very symbolic. Like when Ryan asked him why Devilicus went bad, Lex said, “I’m not sure. Probably wasn’t aware of it. You see, Ryan, in life, the road to darkness is a journey, not a light switch.” And Ryan said that he should remember that. Since I (and the rest of the world) already know what Lex is going to become, it was just a head-shaking moment.

The most memorable moment was the hot-air balloon scene. It was so sad, and it made me damn emo at that point, when Ryan was telling Clark not to be angry or sad. It’s amazing how such a young boy can have such maturity. I actually cried at this point, because I was sad for him too. I believe Ryan made Clark who he is (in the series) and helped to shape the superhero in Clark. And Clark, for the first time, meets a kindred spirit, someone who’s also gifted. But it’s heartbreaking how their endings are so different. There was no death scene for Ryan; it was implied that he left peacefully. And weirdly enough, that’s even more painful to watch. In most series where the deaths are not played out straight, it’s just two times harder to bear.

Special mention goes to Martin Cummins (the Dark Angel baddie), who played the malicious Dr. Garner so deeliciously. The way he twitches his mouth when he’s pissed off is darn funny. Wonder if it’s a coincidence, but his wife, Brandy Ledford also guest starred in the ‘Ryan’ episode of Season 1, Stray. 😉 Hmm…another funny fact is that the actor who played Ryan is also called Ryan in real life. Lol. Ryan Kelly as Ryan James.

“This moment. It’s perfect. I don’t want you to be angry or sad. You changed my life. You’re gonna change a lot of people’s lives, Clark. Promise me you’ll never give up?”

So much for a peaceful weekend. Back to studying now.

Screencaps courtesy of: Devoted to Smallville.


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