Shades of Truth

I’m rather ashamed to admit it, but I’ve been spending a lot of time in front of the idiot box lately. Hence I haven’t been posting much here. *blush* I actually felt like starting this post like this: “Omg omg omg omg omg WLT is showing Shades of Truth, finally!!!!!” But then I thought I should be more, um, serious? Hehe, I’ve read a lot of reviews about the series and found it quite interesting. Plus I had to watch it because Chilam and Wong He are in it. That’s probably the most recent Tvb series for both of them, since they’re both more involved in Mainland productions now. Anyway, the series combines the story of the Water Margin and Infernal Affairs. Sounded weird to me at first (and probably to everyone) but after watching Ep 1 it felt all right. Looks like it’s more Infernal Affairs than Water Margin though. Chilam’s the Tony Leung character, Wong He’s the Andy Lau. From the first episode, I can’t help but connect Lam Chi Chong to Wong He’s other characters. It’s like having Kei Tak (Burning Flame II) and Yew Seng Tin (Net Deception) in one person. Anyway, this is subject to change as I watch the show. =P

Also, I watched Hana Yori Dango too, the Japanese version of Meteor Garden. It was really short and sweet, and the Taiwanese one is considered draggy compared to this. J-dramas are usually short (11-15 eps) anyway. Like the manga, the characters were very exaggerated, but somehow I prefer the Japanese version more. It seems more believable to see actual Japanese doing those weird stuff than to see Chinese people doing the same thing. And the guy who played Doumyouji was superbly hot, especially when he’s pissed. Tsukushi was cute and her acting was believable! Loved her loads, she was way better than Barbie Hsu. The parents and brother were so cute too, as to the annoying parents in Meteor Garden. I loved how they had deep fried chicken skin as a treat and the guess-the-idiom game! And guess who was also in the show? Nanako Matsushima. Like the Nanako Matsushima. I haven’t watched her dramas in ages, but she’s still amazing as Tsukasa’s sister. The Japanese F4 totally rock my socks! Less gay, more personality, more humour than the Taiwanese F4. Lol, maybe I am a little biased, but who cares? I simply loathe the Taiwanese F4. And when I was reading comments about the show online, someone referred to Matsumoto Jun as a ‘Johnny’. Damn funny!

Before Pt comes bashing me about not watching Yummy Yummy, I am in the process of watching it, really! But got to change discs more, so watch slower la. The J-drama was in 2 Dvds, so finish damn fast! Hehe, I’ll get through with it soon okay? Cannot tahan Kevin Cheng though. It’s such a pity; I was starting to like him after Split Second.

I have a long week ahead, and the future looms before me, near but unclear.


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