The Last Breakthrough Treatment

After the madness of trying to finish my Stats homework (an attempt which failed miserably, what else?), I decided to distract myself (again).

I watched The Last Breakthrough just now, and it seems quite promising, even if Ray didn’t appear yet. First episode only, never mind. Ray sang the theme song, which was very aptly a tear-jerking type of song. And the way he sings it…very ‘gam chuk’. Anyway, the series starts off very strongly, and even though the first episode is the more ‘intro-ish’ episode, this one was good. I found it really funny that Nick’s character’s surname is Wong Pou, which is equivalent to Wang Renfu minus Ren. Lol. And his given name is ‘Fun’ which sounds very girlish. Very promising character indeed. At the start when he was all suave and cool, it reminded me of his character in the early Secret of the Heart. Haha. Thank god that image didn’t stick. It’s a little hard to believe that he switched from being a cardiologist to a gynaecologist so successfully in 8 years, and that he’s changed so much in that period of time. The best partof the episode was when he told Leila that he didn’t do the switch and all the volunteering for her sister; it was because he was there, he felt what she felt too. I wouldn’t have liked him if he said (in a pining way) that he did everything just for Gigi.

Anyway, I sort of pity the guy also, because Gigi dies early and he get stuck with Sonija Kwok, of all people. (Lucky she’s not paired with Raymond okay.) The bigger surprise is that Sonija is not a villain in this show. O_o And I quote, “Good, innocent, loving Sonija Kwok just doesn’t work. I haven’t figured it out whether it’s actually her looks or her acting or her past evil characters that is forever embedded in my mind.” [Credit to Angrybaby of Spcnet] I totally agree with her. *evil laughter* Full review here – quite entertaining, I must say, but if only you like spoilers as much as I do.

I can pretty much guess what’ll happen from what I saw in the opening credits, and the making of the show that was aired after Episode 1. Am eagerly awaiting Ray’s appearance in the next episode though. He seems to be a very angsty young doctor whose father is unfortunately the Chief of Staff at the hospital. His look here is so-so only, a bit too messy I think. We’ll see. Otherwise, he’s perfect for the role; he blends in very well with the Kenyan natives compared to the rest of the cast. XD

Some juicy pictures:

Image hosting by Photobucket
Image hosting by Photobucket
See? Blends in well leh.
Image hosting by Photobucket
I like the girl on the right because she looks and sounds real sweet. Too bad she has the ke-leh-fare fate.
Image hosting by Photobucket
The specs is really quite endearing, yeah?
Image hosting by Photobucket
Dr. Wong Pou making The Big Mistake. Omg.
Image hosting by Photobucket
They look cute together. ^__^
Image hosting by Photobucket
And this is just classic. Ray’s expression? Priceless.

[Pics taken from Tvb website.]


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