Bridget Jones Rambles

I finally watched the Bridget Jones sequel a few days ago. I find the first one funnier, because this one started to get on my nerves towards the end. Hugh Grant didn’t get as much screen time as he did the first time. ^^v Colin Firth was amazing; it’s no wonder why girls fall for those stiff upper lip kind of guys so easily. ::swoons:: Bridget was her charming self, and she manages to bumble herself into prison his time. Personally, I didn’t like the whole prison part of the show, it’s a little….embarrassing for Asians actually. Hate how these foreign movies exploit Asian countries and show them as horrible places. Look what Entrapment did for KL. Heaps of help, thank you very much. Mr Goey will be using that clip in his next 10 years of teaching.

Today, I got ‘disturbed’ by Aik Thai, so we had mini rotting group outing at the Curve today. He’s so lucky, he just finished his semester and he’ll be on break till early Oct. I want too. *pout* Speaking of pouts, my lips were swollen again. For the fifth or sixth time in these 2 months. Angry wei, because it might be those sour mini mangoes that I enjoy so much that’re causing me the trouble. Stupid stupid stupid.

Next week’s my final week at home. Have a lot of odds and ends to prepare before I move into the hostel. Sometimes I wish I didn’t have to move out, but experiencing new things is good. Everyone else is going somewhere anyway. I’m just…not going that far. XD Bleh I need a checklist. Where did all my time go? :/


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