Hanazakari No Kimitachi E

To continue in my tradition of shamelessly promoting my favourite tv series here, let me bring you my latest infatuation – Hanazakari No Kimitachi E. Hana Kimi for short la. Till this very moment I’ve only watched 3 episodes, but I’m already in love with the series. Can’t wait till I have all episodes up to date. Of course, all the raving I heard about the show spurred me to watch it online first, but that’s not why I like it so much. (I mean, everyone raved about Smile Pasta too, but until now I have absolutely no urge to finish watching it.)

So the story is basically about this girl, who idolises this guy who is really good at high jumping. In order to see him do the high jump in person, she leaves the US and goes all the way to Taiwan. Then she goes one step further by disguising herself as a boy to enter the same all-boys school as him, and ends up as his roommate. Yes, very She’s The Man, but this is funnier. It’s a bit stalker-ish too, which I obviously like. The funny thing is, even if the storyline is completely bizarre and seemingly impossible, I fell for it, since most t-dramas (especially those adapted from manga) are bizarre and unrealistic anyway. So the guy actually discovers that she’s a girl pretty soon, but she doesn’t know that herself. And because the friends that surrounds the 2 of them are also pretty much lunatic goons (in an endearing way), her secret stays safe for the timebeing. As far as episode 3 goes anyway. XD

So, about the cast. There’s a lot of eye candy in it, as usual. Although I’m pretty satisfied with the abundance of eye candy, most of the time what makes me like the show is actually the main actress. Eye candy makes me want to watch the show, but what sustains my interest is the storyline, the actress and the chemistry. I remember how I practically had to force myself to finish watching Magicians of Love, and boy, it was a disappointment. So, back to Ella. She’s really hilarious to watch. She’s the kind of person you’ll either love or hate, on-screen and off-screen. I’ve grew to love her loads. Given the outrageous script and the bizarreness of it all, she pulls off a pretty much amazing job, made me love her right from the start.

Throw in Ethan Ruan and you’ll get…F4. Lol.

Then, of course, there are the boys. There’s a huge truckload of boys, because the story is set in a boys school after all. And the scriptwriters understand very well that most idol drama watchers are lusty fangirls like your truly, so they shamelessly exploit all the hunks. Apparently the lead guy, Chun has a really hot bod, so at every (and I really mean every) opportunity the director makes him take his shirt off, or basically just strut around half-naked. Omg…eye candy! No one would object to that, except maybe Chun himself, because he’s so shy. That cute little out-of-place accent just endears him even more to those lusty fangirls.

They look so cute together. ^__^

Most important thing is that, even if Chun can’t act that well, he has great chemistry with Ella. Actually, it’s more of, Ella has great chemistry with him, and with everyone. She blends in very well with the gang, and that goofiness of hers is just irresistable.

Guess who’s that? Surprise surprise. It’s JJboy! His acting debut comes around Episode 4 or so, I have yet to watch that. But I can’t wait. He’s supposed to be this super-smart MIT graduate, Ella’s brother. His look in there is very hiphop. I hope he’s not as shy in there as he is in real life. XD So all I can say is, embrace the inner lusty fangirl in you and watch the show. No regrets for me. ^__^


2 thoughts on “Hanazakari No Kimitachi E

  1. hahahaha.. I know I did a lot of likes already but this one I can’t help to comment again…
    Just wanted to say that I watched the series too… 😀 but this one is much better than the korean version.. 😀

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