Harry Potter Movie #5

Somebody had to see this coming. Movie #5 being released around the same time as Book #7 would surely bring up loads of hype surrounding the movie (because there’s already a lot of hype surrounding the book already, and book basically trumps movie), thus making ticket sales rise through the roof like Dr Filibuster’s Fireworks. Loads of people would probably go catch the movie to refresh their memory before reading Book #7, which probably won’t help much in terms of refreshing your memory.

Generally Movie #5 provides none of the rich details that were included in the book (which was the thickest Potter book ever), but loads of the bang-bang action. And by bang-bang action, I mean literally. There are loads of bangs and flashes of light in the movie, with Death Eaters and Order members swooping around like how Dementors do (which seemed pretty unreal to me, since I usually imagine all the action in slow motion while I read).

So technically, I really don’t like this movie. I dunno why, maybe I was tired from not having enough sleep, or heading to the cinema straight from work. Or maybe it really wasn’t good enough. So I’m not going to give a blow by blow analysis of what was in the movie or what wasn’t, like what I did for Movie #4. I just want to forget the entire movie, and stubbornly cling on to my own imagined version, which seems so much better. I will air my dissatisfactions a little later, once everything else sinks in. Now I’m just too tired

To explain my lack of sleep last night, I was up reading the last book. Hehe, mom and dad went out and bought it Saturday morning, but my brother got to read it first while I was at work. Only got to start reading after dinner, when he went out. Couldn’t bear to put it down and lose the whole continuity. Hehe. But I do have loads to say about the final book. After all, it is the last time that I’ll get to talk about it.


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