The Deathly Hallows

Stop reading now if you haven’t read the book and if you don’t want to read any spoilers about Book #7, because this post will be all about it.

Yes. Finally. The last HP book. The one that my parents woke up so early to buy. Cool eh? I was quite surprised when my mom asked me where she should get the book from. Started looking out for offers and everything. Shamelessly capitalised on the whole price furore thing, which saved us from shelling out 40 extra ringgit. 40 ringgit can buy 80 sour ribbons leh. That aside, I practically devoured the book once I had the time to sit down with it. I didn’t get to read it first, because I was at work. But after dinner, I just hid in my bedroom with it. (Brother surrendered the book voluntarily because he went out at night.) Read it till 4 something. At least this one’s thinner than Books #4 to #6.

Fuh, the book is really good. It’s action packed from the start to the end, and it does give us all the answers to everything. I dunno if it’ll appease every HP fan, but it sure did give me a lot of closure. On HP, that is. There were really a lot of deaths in this book. More than all the previous books added together. Well, unlike the previous books, in this one there is a full-fledged war. Voldemort wants to take over the world. Like Brain in Pinky and the Brain. And the movie Voldy does look a bit like Brain. Aha, twisted and off-topic. So Voldy sends Death Eaters to infiltrate the Ministry, and puts up loads of new decrees against Muggle-borns to basically purify the wizarding community. Whole load of bollocks, obviously.

The Order is still trying to fight the Death Eaters off, but without Dumbledore’s leadership, things don’t really look too good for them. They also have to protect Harry, whom Voldy still wants to kill. It’s probably more of a pride thing than fearing the prophecy, in my opinion. Because he wants to show his followers that he can finish Harry off, bla bla bla. Redeem himself a bit after Harry’s escaped him so many times. But that’s my opinion. Harry comes of age in Book #7, because once wizards turn 17, they turn legal. They can use magic outside school legally.

The book does start off with Harry being in Privet Drive, as always. He packed light for this time, leaving his heavy trunk and unnecessary stuff behind. Even the Dursleys have packed up, and no, they’re not going for a trip around Europe. The Order decides to place the Dursleys somewhere safe, where Voldy can’t take them and use them to lure Harry. Harry has a little emotional farewell with them, which is really quite amazing considering the fact that they’re the Dursleys. The Order also comes and gets Harry and transports him to the Burrow, with 6 other decoy Harrys. Of course, they’re chased down by Death Eaters, and thus the action begins.

Once Harry reaches The Burrow, he and Ron and Hermione plots their little adventure to track down and destroy the remaining Horcruxes. Hermione starts packing all their luggage into herself, with a very handy little charm. (It must be quite a wonder lugging all those things around, but I suppose the charm takes care of the weight too.) Amidst all the chaos and terror, the Weasleys have to host Bill and Fleur’s wedding too. Aww. It still quite amazes me how they got together; Fleur’s English is horrible. XD Plus, after Bill got chomped by the werewolf in Book #6, Fleur still stuck to him. So sweet. What’s with all these pretty young women marrying werewolves anyway? Tonks and Lupin got married too. Quite happy-fying when I read about that, except that Lupin felt really bad about it at one point, because marrying a werewolf isn’t really the most glorious thing to do in the wizarding world. Tonk’s parents are not exactly No.1 fans of Lupin, obviously, and scums like Bellatrix and Lucius see it as a joke. [Bella’s sister is Tonk’s mother. If you watched Movie #5 and you noticed the family tree, you’ll see Andromeda’s name next to Bella’s, but her face is blasted off. For a reason I don’t know, because Ted Tonks seem pretty pure blooded to me.]

Moving on then. So what happened in Book #7? Basically I’m not going to go into all the details here, because I can’t describe action like what JK did. Whoa. I remember talking about some of my predictions of Book #7 here. And it turned out to be correct! Wahaha. Now I shall continue revealing all my true (and some untrue) predictions I made for the book. If you realise that it didn’t happen, means that I predicted wrongly. XD

My rather bold but silly predictions for Book Seven revealed!

  • R.A.B = Regulus Arcturus Black. When I read that part, I was like “Yes!!! I knew it!” To myself la of course, because the forums are closed. I wasn’t the only one to have thought of that earlier anyway, but RAB did work into the whole storyline pretty well.
  • Dumbledore intended to have Snape kill him off. At first I doubted that, because I was so in denial of Dumbledore dying. But eventually I figured that was possible. Dumbledore vouched for Snape from Day One, and he wouldn’t play his cards on someone who could double-cross him at any moment. I totally didn’t see Dumbledore’s trump card though.
  • Snape liked Lily. Wuahahaha. I figured he held a torch for her, but I thought he hated her after she fraternised with and married James, and so went on to join the Death Eaters. Mana tau…whoa. Totally underestimated Snape’s emotional capability. Technically I’m only half right for this one.
  • Ron kills Malfoy. Hahaha this was totally a guilty pleasure. Must let Ron get some glory for once. Plus, after watching the movies, my image of tall handsome Ron has been crushed by awfully goofy Rupert Grint. *curses*
  • Dumbledore’s brother would play a part in the story, of which I didn’t know. And he was obviously, the bartender at Hog’s Head. The whole goat smell thing gave him away in Book #5.
  • Mad-eye Moody would turn all the Malfoys into a family of twitty ferrets, and have Nagini eat them for dinner. Okay, kidding about the Nagini part.
  • I also guessed that dragons would come into play during the battle against Voldemort. At some point, at least. But no dragons, and no Charlie. Awww =(

Okay, that’s all for my predictions. Now on to the wildly unpredicted turns! All from my point of view, of course.

  • Dumbledore could actually be tempted. And he gave in to his temptations too! Shame shame hor. I didn’t really expect this of him, because sometimes I forget that he’s just human. Lucky that didn’t allow Voldy a chance to get Harry. But then, Dumbledore wouldn’t have died if not for the ring and the decoy locket.
  • Snape is actually capable of love. Wuaaaaa. Revelation of the entire century. With that, it really seems like he has more in common with Harry.
  • Fred dies, and George loses an ear. Darn. I really hate it man. Really do. I think Fred’s death was the hardest for me, even if JK just glossed over it. Whether it just happened or she planned it all along, it was horrible.
  • Everything about Lupin and Tonks. By everything, I mean every single thing that happened to them in Book #7. I like them both a lot, because they just seem so mismatched that it’s sweet. Poor baby, but at least he’ll have Harry the famous godfather who is not stuck in jail. Maybe JK could write a spinoff about Lupin Jr, but obviously no one could be as glorious as Harry Potter.
  • Fleur being a housewife. Nooo, not ze disheess againn.
  • Mad-eye Moody not lasting till th
    e middle of the book. Sob. Missed his zooming magical eye throughout the entire book.
  • Dumbledore’s entire family history. Really quite a shocker. After saying for six books that Harry’s got so much in common with Voldemort, turns out Harry has the most important thing in common with Dumbledore. Very touching and tragic at the same time. It’s even more touching that Harry took it like a man, instead of whining and wallowing like he did in Book #5. Okay, it wouldn’t be very respectful to whine about it to a dead guy, but still.

I think it’s pretty certain that there won’t be any more HP books after this one. Not with how JK ended the book. People could try to fill in the blanks all they want, but it’ll only turn out to be all mush. JK still managed to put in a bit of warmth in the story, between all the battles. Like how Harry named his son after Snape and Dumbledore. How Ron stood up for house elf rights. Heartwarming with loads of action, that’s how I like it. All in all, it’s been a fantastic journey for these 8 years with Harry, Ron and Hermione. Never regret reading the books. You go, JK!


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