Avid Sports Watcher of Another Kind

Not many people know it, but I’m a sucker for sports-themed tv series. Or movies, for that matter. I like watching sports on tv too, but I’m not much of the ESPN/Star Sports fans. All sports and no drama wouldn’t do for me, no. I like to see the jubilation on the athlete’s face when they score a point for their team, the sparkle in their eye when they celebrate their victory. But no, our sports channels don’t show those kind of takes on screen, probably because it’s a waste of their broadcasting time. Who cares if they’re smiling or crying? All they want is to make their buck’s worth from the commercials. I can’t stand watching football and not seeing the players celebrate their goals, because they’ll be showing the replay of the goal. You have to admit, those backflips and shirt ripping they do to celebrate their goals are quite worth watching.

Anyway, there’s this new tv series on Star World about American football. It stars Kyle Chandler as the head coach of this famous Texan football team. I like Kyle Chandler; he was good in Early Edition, and I even loved his cameo on Grey’s. He’s not exactly obsession standard kind of guy, but he has this wholesome yet funny aura about him. The first episode was really good, a lot of football action and a bit of heart-wrenching drama, all in the right proportions. Really kept me on the edge of my seat. I think Ill actually follow this drama through Star World. Too lazy to download the whole series and watch, with my pathetic speeds and the downfall of stupid Clubbox.

Another sports-themed series I’ve been watching lately is Baseball Dream on 8tv. It’s the typical idol drama fare, with a lot of good looking people who can’t act in it. There’s pre-Devil Beside You Wang Chuan Yi and the very yau yeng Bobby Dou. At least the baseball part of the show is pretty watchable, if you ignore all the unnecessarily soppy drama. The proportions of the drama to action is cacat, obviously. Too many cheesy scenes, and too little action for my liking. But it still makes for good afternoon viewing, because it airs at a time when there isn’t too many other shows to watch. ^__^


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