CSI: NY 415 – DOA for a Day


One word sums it all. CSI: NY is back with a vengence baby. Full blown picspam ahead. =)

The episode starts off with this random tv show about a wanted criminal.

Why does she look familiar?

Oh right, she was that identity theft killer. Anyway…

You know the episode will start off with a bang if you see Flack in a tight vest. *winks*

Hey, look who’s here too!

Another one with a side profile, just because she’s so pretty

She looks even hotter while carrying a gun (and standing next to the MoAM)

The CSIs and Detectives were all suited up to raid this warehouse where someone reported seeing the wanted criminal. But instead, they found her like this:

Aw, dead so soon? No fun!

So Stella is left with the job of processing the body, while Mac drops in and puts in his smart line or two.

Then we go to the lab, when Danny comes in and *gasp* looks like Lindsay’s mad at him for not remembering her birthday! Omg that is like the ultimate boyfriend sin of all time!!! [Bimbotically intended]

He tried to get down to business

Lindsay seems to expect more though, poor girl. That’s asking too much of men, darling.

So she ends up disappointed. Aww.

Mac and Flack then follows the evidence found at the scene: a knife belonging to an ex-Navy SEAL. And guess what: one of the assassin’s victims happen to be the ex-Marine’s daddy. Ooh, motive motive.

Mac and Flack having a talk with the ex-Navy guy. But…

He comes up a little short. (No pun intended)

Apparently he lost his legs in a battle (forgot what already la) and that’s why he is retired from the Navy.

Flack looks a bit taken aback

Mac’s sad to see a fellow Marine with such fate. Aww.

But the guy thought Flack pitied him (Flack claims he was just sizing him up but I know better.) Mac stated that although he didn’t have his legs, he was still a Navy SEAL, and Mac knows he’s capable of doing it. Poor Ex-Navy guy. He’s still quite macho though. He said that he’d hunt down the assassin if he knew who she was, but he’d never be sloppy enough to leave his knife behind. Mac believes him. Because Mac always knows best. Meanwhile, Sid does the um, facial autopsy on the body, which went through loads of plastic surgery. He then discovers that the body was not the female assassin after all. [I sure saw that coming…it wasn’t even halfway through, how can the baddie die so fast?!]

The best shot of Sid all episode. Pity pity. Not the best shot of the dead body though.

Turns out the body belonged to a lady who was the PA of this lady called Jordan Gates. She works for some important bigwig of NY.

Mac and Flack pay her a visit to pass on the bad news

She was busy doing something else though, so in the meantime…

Flack gets to hear a little afternoon story

Mac tells Flack that he knew her, because he helped her chase away her stalker ex-husband. She helped him save some $$$ when he blew up the lab last season. Heh. Not bad.

Flack trying to detect some hokey-pokey (Pic-whoring a bit here)

So Ms Gates does the whole I-can’t-believe-she-is-dead expression (not too well actually) and tells the boys that her PA used to frequent this cosplay club, no doubt to escape from all the stress at work. Lol.

Don and Danny get to go on a date to the club; Flack commented on it being like the canteen in Star Wars. Lol, geek jokes. =)

While talking to the bartender, suddenly Mac’s Second Life avatar turns up and starts muttering nonsense.

The boys realise that they’re being watched by scary female assassin, but they’re so helpless. Aww…look at poor Danny.

Back at the lab, Lindsay gets her share of the glory when she tracks down the plastic surgeon who modified (so to speak) the dead body to look like the hitwoman.

She shows off the information to Stella. Woot. Finally Lindsay gets something right.

Mac sends Danny, Lindsay, Flack and Angell on a double date. *snaps out of daydream* To catch the plastic surgeon, that is.

Angell suiting up. What is Flack looking at? Naughty naughty.

He has an epiphany. Or he was probably amazed at…whatever he noticed.

Flack: (notice the serious face here) You look good in a vest.
Angell: *lol*

He is then very smug/proud of himself for saying that out.

Then she gets all serious when Danny and Lindsay arrive.

Look what Danny and Lindsay found:

Looks like something off Terminator

This is not America’s Goriest Home Videos. Turns out Danny and Linds are being watched too.

The CSIs process the scene of the clinic, and Sid handles the plastic surgeon’s body. Adam makes a startling discovery (not really, but the way he does it is cute): the hitwoman scours emails for hateful keywords to scout out potential clients.

Adam finds the idea pure genius, hence the geeky grin.

Mac gives that disgusted disapproving glare…

Adam goes all Macky serious, trying to redeem himself. “But (its) evil, really evil”

Hawkes then swoops in with information about feral liquid found at the scene. Mac, illogically genius as always, realises that the hitwoman could be marauding as a sound tech at the event that Ms Jordan Gates is organising. She must be targetting Jordan’s bigwig boss! Oh no, this is a job for…Super Mac! He sends Don and Danny to check out the event.

Another dream date for DD?

Mac informs Jordan, who is (rather inappropriately) dressed in a huge red bathrobe like coat.

Obviously, the hitwoman is too smart to be sniffed out like this. She legs it before they even have a chance to see her.

A nice Mac/Danny scene here, forgot what they were really talking about. Just wanted to put in a M/D scene because there aren’t many scenes like that lately. Aww.

Since the CSIs can’t seem to sniff the hitwoman out, they decide to tangle a carrot in front of her instead. Adam sets a trap for her, and the detectives go undercover to catch her in action.

Guess who? Nope, not Marilyn Monroe.

And this is the poor lovelorn fellow yearning for Marilyn.

Angell waits for hitwoman to show up…

There she is! In that funny hat!

Run, Flack run!

She senses something wrong and legs it too.

Mac joins in the chase.

She loses the funny hat and the stifling coat, and ducks into this abandoned building.

She looks pretty cool with the gun.

Mac fires back!

The cat-and-mouse chase continues a couple of suspenseful minutes, until we see her sitting behind a pole.

Not a pole la actually. *paiseh* Wow, Mac hit her straight in the stomach.

Mac then approaches her, and has a little chat with her in her dying moments. She expresses no guilt whatsoever for what she’s done. She’s pretty happy to be able to play God. Yikes. Sociopath. Psycho.

In the end, there’s the unnecessary part about Mac finding out that the hitwoman was actually targetting Jordan, and he tells her this. She is *absolutely* horrified.

Sharing a tender moment there, though I don’t really feel the two. Barely seen them in more than 5 scenes together and they’re getting all mushy.

Whew…the end. Took me long enough to finish this. But I loved this episode. Great comeback from the strike. Loads of thrills and spills. Loads of Flack. Some Flack and Angell. Now, where was Stella all this while? She wasn’t really that much of a central this time, but I was too busy looking out for Flack/Angell. About time CSI: NY got another tough chick like Aiden. Lindsay is not a tough chick, no matter how emotionally lacking she is. She needs meatier storylines instead of being the whiny unsupportive girlfriend. Poor, poor Danny.


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