CSI: NY 416 – Right Next Door

My gripe about the lack of Stella in the previous episode was answered in this. What a coincidence. =) However, there was no Angell in this episode and very little Flack (he was mentioned in passing like 5 millions times though). Hmm why is that their screen time is somewhat correlated nowadays? Lol reading too much into the scripts now.

This episode wasn’t as good (for me) as the previous one, not because of the lack of Flack. Actually the storyline was pretty obvious from the start. I sort of predicted the whole outcome of the story before the halfpoint. Picspam also less fun. I shall focus less on the story and more on the characters then. Not-so-full-fledged picspam ahead.

First dead body of the post.

After working 3 nights overtime, Stella still looks amazingly attentive.

Eh wait, what were you saying again?

Flack is finding it hard to follow the case too. Aww too many late nights out?

With who, Don?

Actually the victim fell into the glass pane and died.

All because of a shoe.

Aww…what a pity. I’m working overtime because of this?

Mac tells Stella to go home to get some rest.

Flack makes some remark about having to do all the work anyway, in jest obviously. Aww…no late night tonight.

Stel goes home and sees her neighbour who was trying to calm her niece down.

Stella stops for a chat, and she is secretly glad that she has no kids.

She is awakened by thick smoke in her apartment…


Stella is distraught. Loads of bad things seem to happen to her in her apartments…

Such as finding mysterious love notes in her burnt down apartment.

No, they were not sent by Mac.

He brought coffee for her…so sweet. Even offered to let her stay over. But no, Stella’s too tough to depend on anyone, not even Macky Mac.

She rejects him gently though.

Is Mac disappointed?

Naw, just Flack coming in to tell them that it was arson.

And presenting the second dead body of the episode.

Flack trying to make sense of all the scientific mumbo-jumbo the CSIs were talking about.

Tsk tsk tsk, well he does only have a high school diploma.

Give him a break, Mac. What he doesn’t have in scientific knowledge, he makes up in looks.

Now, where has Danny disappeared to?

And why is he topless (again)?

Lindsay calls to check on him…

*gasp* What is Ruben’s mommy doing in Danny’s apartment? *gasp* Is that Danny’s shirt? Bad fashion taste, lady.


Meanwhile, back in the lab…

Sid would rather spend time with his dead bodies.

Hawkes doesn’t really agree…

Danny finally shows up for work.

Lindsay gives him the cold shoulder for not wanting to have lunch with her. Karma strikes baby. Remember how you ignored him when he wanted to have lunch with you?

Hawkes senses something wrong between Linds and Danny.

Adam and Stel share a sweet moment.

Adam is very cute in his own geeky way.

Danny and Hawkes chatting over a bowl of goldfish. I wonder why the fishies did not die, given there was a fire in the apartment where they found the fish.

Linds, Mac and Stella set fire to a model of the apartment blocks.

Stella is happy to see the model go up in flames

Hawkes is wearing his glasses again!

Lindsay steals a glance at Danny.

He is pretty nonchalant about giving her the cold shoulder lately. Hey, karma baby.

She’s pretty upset though, because she’s….she’s fallen for him. Aww, poor Lindsay.

Mean, mean Danny.

Flack goes down hard on a suspect when it’s a guy.

But when the suspect is a lady, he sits down and takes the soft approach. He even extends his hand towards her. What a gentleman.

Stella is quite conservative, because she always checks to see if her cleavage is showing.

Maybe she needs glasses…

Macky showing his papa-bear side.

Flack is happy to see that too.

Stella shows empathy to the little boy. *jealous* She pulls if off so well.

If I did this, I’d be accused of showing fake empathy. Hmmph.

That’s all for my character-based picspam. Lol two picspams in a row. It happens when your life is so boring that you spend all your time analysing characters from tv series. The biggest twist of the episode is Danny. Stella’s story was good but not as full of thrill as the previous episode. Great Stella-centric episode though, I could see her toughness and her righteousness shine right through her.


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