CSI: NY 417 – Like Water for Murder

No, this is not Jaws.


This is the real thing. Really convincing if you ask me. Great makeup.


Flacky is a bit disappointed because he’s not at a beach with Angell.


Sheldon is probably imagining what else he could do on a beach apart from examining dead bodies.


Haha, caught you stoning there Sheldon!


Ooh, what’s this redhead with flirty eyes doing at the crime scene?


She’s here for Macky Mac, who seems more than happy to see her. *wink wink nudge nudge*

Her name is Quinn Shelby (sounds awfully romance novel-y) and she’s sent here to evaluate Macky and the gang to renew their accreditation. It basically means that she has to make sure that the lab goes by protocol and standard operating procedures to process evidence correctly. So that there’s no hanky-panky la, in other words.


She starts poking around while Stella is examining something.


Stella is less than amused, but offers to let her look. Man, Stella’s tough. Shelby is impressed by the lack of intimidation in Stel.


The Doc however, seems to be a bit uneasy about having Shelby around. Actually he’s just bemoaning the death of the shark, which he claims to be ‘unfortunate’.

Meanwhile, under the watchful eye of Shelby,

Danny and Linds share a happier moment. Shelby sees that and senses that they’re more than friends. Ooh, she must be happy to get in on the lab gossip.

She also notices that Lindsay left a piece of evidence unattended, after Danny makes a touchy remark about renting Jaws. Lindsay can’t really deal with the karma.


A little distraction from all the gossip would be good, though I’m a bit reluctant to post pictures with Danny in it. Should focus on Sheldon.


Good times don’t last long enough. Another body is found…


Flack, Mac and Stella set off to the beach again.

Flack laments how he has now been to the beach without Angell twice. Stella is annoyed that she has to wrestle all that hair into a ponytail again. Mac is just unhappy that he can’t spend more time poking around with Shelby in the lab.


There really seems to be some hanky-panky going on between the two of them. At least, Shelby seems to like Mac. Apparently, back when they worked together, they shared a kiss. O_o Back when Mac was married to Claire who was still alive. Tsk tsk tsk.


Naughty naughty Macky. Why’s he licking his lips here?

He did say the kiss was a mistake though, and didn’t let it progress. Later on, they both applied for job at the NY lab but Mac got it. Hah. Given all the drama she’s brought along, she does look a lot like a soap opera star now.

While all that flirting is going around the lab, Stella and Flack decide to take a breather and follow a chocolate-y lead. (I was going to say go on a date but that would be pushing it. What would Angell think?)


Flack spots…




No wonder he’s all smiley when the suspect offers them some. Stella does not fall for that ploy, being Stella.


Flack savouring his chocs. Yumm~~


*rolls eyes* Boys…


Mac looking at the rear of a car.


And voila! Lindsay pops out!


She proves the origin of a piece of evidence. Mac takes this opportunity to gently reprimand her about bringing her personal life to work. (Shelby ratted, of course. Soap opera star ma)

Poor Lindsay. She tough, but not as tough and no-nonsense as Stella is. She’s emotionally hapless, and has a hard time dealing with emotional stuff. All because of stupid Danny. Hmmph.


The CSIs look over the markings found on the back of the necks of all 3 of the victims, including the case that happened in Jersey (Shelby’s area, she just has to butt in).


L2729. Can go buy 4D already.


Macky then sends Stella and Flack to the chocolate factory to find out a little something something from the chocolate party guy (whose name is not Charlie). 


Charlie makes a run for it when he sees them, so Flack prances over the chocs to grab him. Aww…how heartbreaking to waste chocolates.


Stella dunks the fella’s head into some cocoa powder. That’s what you get for running, bozo.


They then go down really hard on him during interrogation.


Nice face shot of Stella’s no-nonsense look.

Sadly, Charlie was not the murderer. He was just a pervert who tried to hook up with one of the vics. The CSIs get one step closer to the murderer when they visit a church, ironically.


Mac and Stella rush to the find the next possible victim.


Whom they think is this real estate chick.


And who is this suspicious looking guy without an appointment?


He’s leaving the place hurriedly.


Eh, wait…real estate chick is still alive. Wasn’t that guy supposed to be the serial killer?


Oh no! The supposed-serial-killer guy is actually the serial killer’s next victim. Irony.


The CSIs figure it out all too late. RIP.


Flack and Mac and the town’s latest wannabe crime blogger, Reed heading to the beach to find the remains of supposed-serial-killer-turned-victim guy.


Flack is apparently pensive again, wishing it was just him and Angell (in a bikini) on the beach again. Aww.


Mac is pensive too, because there is now a serial killer on the loose.


Pretty good episode overall. Quite a few of Flack scenes and one Flack-eating scene. Writers sure know how to keep me happy. =) Addition of soap opera star seemed pretty good too. She’s a woman of substance, and she does add a lot of drama and tension into the show. It’s going to be a bit hard to think of a reason to keep her around though, since she’s recommended re-accreditation for the lab already.

I hope this serial killer storyline will develop into a full-blown story arc leading to the finale. It should be interesting, because it’s so hard to clam him/her down. Killer operates from a taxicab and picks the victims randomly (or so it seems). I’m imagining a car chase involving a taxicab and Flack right now. Ta.


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