Bones is <3

Bones 310 – The Man in the Mud

All I can say is, it’s so worth it waiting for the comeback. I would so totally love to do the capspam like I do with NY but I’m too lazy to go out asearching for screencaps. (Hey, I’m supposed to be studying actually, not blogging, but still…) Maybe I should go searching for caps, ‘cos the body of the week was found in a mudbath. Omg. The next episode is even better, but that’ll come later.

First of all, even before the opening sequence…after Bones tells the Sheriff to suck out the mud from the mudbath:


Sheriff: Is she serious about the mud?
Brennan: Serious as a gas attack.
Booth: Heart attack, Bones. Serious as a heart attack.

That’s what I call Bones. Oh and in the same episode Booth and Brennan go on a double date *squueeee* with Sweets and his girlfriend. *double squueeee* Hard to imagine Sweets with a girlfriend actually, but poor guy, his girlfriend is this boho-chick (my personal opinion la) who is into tropical fish. This Sweets ah…asking for it. He had to challenge the two of them to face a social situation, because he thought they would be hapless. But turns out…he sendiri malu. Nyahahaha.

Gem from the psych session:


Booth: What a shock for that couple. I mean, they slide naked into the, hot mudbath and a skeleton hand pokes her in the, you know –
Brennan: Anus.
Booth: Bones!
Brennan: What? It’s a clinical term for that part of the body, Booth.
Sweets: Dr. Brennan, Agent Booth. Would it be fair to say that you use work to avoid confronting personal issues?
Booth: Why? Because I don’t wanna talk about, you know.
Brennan: The anus.
Booth: You really like that word, don’t you?
Sweets: Do you two ever discuss anything that’s not attached to work?
Booth: Well, it’s better than talking about, you know.
Sweets: The anus?
Booth: What is it with you two?

From Session Two…this one is cute. =)


(Discussion about the won’t-talk-about-anything-but-work issue)
Sweets: Is it always about work?
Brennan: (with a slight change of tone) No.
Sweets: You’re lying.
Booth: (with complete and utter disbelief) Oh, come on. How do you know that?
Sweets: I have special training in how to tell when people are lying.
Brennan: Is that true?
Sweets: See, if you were me, you’d know.

The double-date scenes were so so so priceless. That one is really hard to pen down how funny it was. Just really good writing. The episode was good, despite me knowing who did the killing after they spoke to the first suspect. Aiks. After watching so many crime dramas, it’s quite easy to get a hunch on whodunnit. Sometimes I’m wrong too, but this one played out nicely. Ooh, Angela from Angela’s eyes was a guest star.

The last scene where the duo were with Sweets was also damn cute! I never really remembered that Sweets is actually very young, only 23. So obviously he’s quite a puppy dog la. Seeing him with his dumpy look was quite funny. Quite a few gems in that scene alone, the best being Brennan inviting Sweets to go to the bowling rink with them. LOL. Bowling alley, Bones.

Oh wait, one last gem from Bones, when Sweets’ girlfriend went to have some girly talk about Sweets with her. Actually I dunno why she’s so silly la. Of all people to go for relationship advice, Bones?


April: I uh, wanted to talk to you woman to woman if that’s possible.
Brennan: That is possible, because we are both women.

Till next time. Loads of other shows coming back this week and next onwards, how la am I supposed to study?


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