CSI: NY 419 – Personal Foul

The best part of this episode? Danny and Flack at a ball game.

‘Nuff said. Although I’m not that kind of shipper, how can a scene with so much brotherly love like this not put a smile on your face?


Flack: You should piss Lindsay off more often. (smiles)

One lucky spectator was picked for the One Million Dollar shot. One shot, one million. Whoa, no wonder he’s so happy.


Flack ducks the crazily excited man. Who wouldn’t? 


Flack’s looking a bit sour there…claims he could nail that shot if it were him.


Danny imitates him. Lol. Actually, he made a bet with Don that the guy would sink it.


Eh look who that is. Keri Lynn Pratt as the bimbotic cheerleader (I forgot the name of her character), kissing the guy for good luck. Aww.


He takes his aim….


…and he sinks it! Danny won himself 50 bucks. Again, even though I’m not that kind of shipper, this is a really nice screenie.


Flack hands him the money, a little too willingly. 😉


But the guy’s happiness didn’t seem to last…


Danny and Flack go down to see what happened. The guy had huge ass swollen lips, much worse than mine could be. That spells: poison. *gasp*


Lindsay joins the boys to process the stadium.


Just wanted to put this in for fun. Nyehehe.


Meanwhile, victim #dunno what of the taxicab killer is found.

Body #2 of the episode.

The mayor ropes Mac in to speak to reporters, in which he told people not to take cabs until the killer is caught. But….

Jordan doesn’t seem too happy about that, because it’s apparently bad for the mayor’s image. Tsk tsk tsk, politicians.


While Mac is dealing with the press, Hawkes finds something on the tarp used to wrap the victim.

See? see that patch of white stuff? That can only mean…


It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s….


It’s just bird poo.


Bird poo apparently leads them to the place where the killer gets the tarp from. They find some tire treads there, which leads them to a taxi company.


They talk to the person who runs the place.


Then Sheldon proceeds to find some epithelials from the hole in the wall, which came off when the suspect stuck his fist into the wall.


Stella reads Sheldon a bedtime story…


While Mac reviews his performance from earlier in the day.


Stella frowns upon such silly activities, while she and Mac try to figure out the case.


Mac confronts Reed when he finds out that Reed has been using his name (sort of) as the source of Reed’s blog entries. He did not leak any information, of course, Mac being Mac.


But poor old Reed just wants a big story, because he’s a budding journalist. Mac tells him to watch his back. Hey, at least he warned him.


Stella and Hawkes find out that the killer is from an asylum. The hospital was running clinical trials for psychotic patients, but they closed down and the patients were released. *gasp* How can??


Mac wants a name.


And well, John Doe wasn’t really the one he expected. Basically, it was a useless lead la. Except to tell us that the killer is deranged. Well, who wouldn’t know?


Okay, now back to the ball game death: Danny finds out that the poison was transfered to the victim via the lips. It was pretty obvious who did it already la actually (to me anyway) because only Keri Lynn kissed him on the lips ma…and no sign of her being dead. Anyway, dunno why Danny suddenly become so bimbo. Maybe he just wanted to see all the cheerleaders again. So he gets them to the station where they collect all their lip prints.


See? He’s enjoying it immensely. The girl doesn’t know that she was being watched, lol. Bimbo ma.


Flack: Sexy, but dangerous. In that mock serious tone. Eesh, he also became a little silly and bimbotic in the presence of those cheerleaders.


Danny gives Flack a knowing look. Not that kind of knowing look la. I’m not a D/F shipper okay?


Lindsay disapproves altogether.


They managed to match the lip print to Keri, and then they go looking for her in her apartment.


They find this: Atropa belladonna aka the deadly nightshade. Super poisonous. Touch-also-can-die kind of poisonous.


Imagine, I watched this episode before sitting for Natural Products and Medicine. Very helpful reminder that the deadly nightshade kills by inhibiting respiration. Aww. *geeks out* Eh wait, if it’s the touch-also-can-die kind of poison, why isn’t Keri dead? Turns out she wasn’t a bimbo after all…


This is physostigmine, the antidote. Forgot what plant it came from already, but it’s an alkaloid derived from the amino acid tryptophan. Oops, geeking out again. By consuming this, she blocked the effects of the belladonna on herself, while transferring the poison to the guy.


Danny seems baffled by all these.


Flack cannot believe that she is not a bimbo.


Lindsay is plain disgusted.


They find a picture of a fatter Keri on the fridge. It took them some time before they figured it was her. Flack thought it was her roommate. Omg, hello? Blind or stupid? Anyone would’ve knew the it was the ‘before’ picture.


Turns out rounder Keri was traumatised by that guy before. That jerk humiliated her in front of the ball crowd, by getting everyone to chant “Eat a salad” at her. Damn bloody mean.


So she cut down the kilos, joined the cheerleading squad just to get revenge. Wow, got to give her credit for the perseverence.


Linds seems a bit sad and still disgusted at the same time.


Keri with her big brown eyes tries to gain some sympathy or understanding.


Flack is not the type to sympathise with murderers, being MoAM.


So that ends the cases for the week…more character development towards the end of the episode really.


Danny calls Linds and tries to get her to come over.


Linds is taking a rain walk (kononnya a Montana thing). She is quite hesitant, and needs to ‘consider’.


While Danny is pining, someone pays him a visit.

Rikki hands him a jar of sugar, because he is a sweet man. Awww….why so cheesy wan?


He’s a bit sad, because she tells him she is moving away. Too many memories…


So obviously, Danny being Danny, had to mope over Ruben some more.




While Lindsay contemplates taking a cab…home or to Danny’s? With the cab killer out there, she does have to ‘consider’ even more.


But wait…who is this in the cab? Oh no…he was supposed to meet an informant who didn’t show. Poor Reed thoughtlessly takes a cab home.


This definitely spells something bad for Reed.


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