Sums up Bones’s season finale for me. It was rushed, unexplained and lacklustre. Why oh why did you have to let me down so?

At the beginning I was a little sad over Booth, not because I knew he was dead, but because of how Brennan reacted to it.Her partner died and all she could do was…examine bones from god-knows-which century.

The finale also ended the Gormogon story arc. This was where the real disappointment came in. Instead of weaving a carefully plotted storyline slowly (I’d rather they bring it forward to the next season), they throw us with a big bang and nab the guy. The guy who eluded capture and killed so many important people before this, but simply failed to protect himself from a group of FBI agents? He could’ve just ‘poofed’ and disappeared or something like that, but he used a knife (against all those guns) to defend himself? Logic, buddy.

And his apprentice was Zack? Omg that really caught me in there, but if they’d just put more heart to how he got recruited and why he did it, it would have been so much more interesting. I believe that Zack can be tricked into working for Gormogon; it’s not entirely out of character. But they throw it at us so suddenly that I don’t know if I should pity him (for being gullible) or despise him (for killing someone). Maybe a little of both, but it all happened so fast. Seems like the writers were more intent on creating red herrings for us, by implying that Sweets or Hodgins could’ve done it.

I am really really sad that we won’t see Zack as a regular anymore. No more King of the Lab, no more singing a la Pavarotti. In a lot of ways he gave some insight to how Brennan was back when she first started, jsut as socially inept and rational as he is. Even though Zack did a lot of bad things, he is not an evil person, just misled. Brennan saw through that very quickly, and so did the rest of the Squints, so at least they kept the heart of the show in the right place.

What would have made a really great finale was to have BB lock lips for real. That’ll make for even more speculation and excitement for the new season. =)

CSI: NY ended too, so does Grey’s and Ugly Betty. Loads of NY picspams to come. I didn’t really dig the penultimate episode, but the finale should be loads better.


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