CSI: NY 420 – Taxi

Highlight of the episode: Flack and Angell on a date. (Ignore creepy man in car.)


Okay, so they were not on a date. They arrested creepy man who fights back and almost gets Flack run over by a taxi. Of course, Angell saves the day (and Flack’s life). Then something gets dumped out of a taxi at the front of the precinct…


Which brings us to body #1. Part-time cop, part-time taxi driver.


Angell looks a bit ticked off. Cop killers. Haih.


Flack is just bummed that he didn’t get to chase down that taxi. And that Angell had to pull him away from becoming roadkill.


Tsk. Men and their egos.


Mac grills Flack on the details of the taxi, because it might be the crazy killer. Flack is just…clueless for once.


Poor Flack. He goes sulking to Danny over his cluelessness.


Meanwhile…guess who’s back?


Stella doesn’t seem that happy.


Neither is Sid, because redheaded soap opera lady joins in on the autopsy results reading session where Siddy does his thing.


They actually don’t look that bad together, compared to…well, blondes just don’t cut it.


Guess who else is back too? It’s as if all of Mac’s female interests came in for a reunion episode. She’s on less friendly terms though, because the mayor wants the FBI to take over investigation of the case.


Stella isn’t too happy about seeing her either. Mac is just bewildered at all the lady attention he’s getting.


Angell found the taxi which dropped off the dead body.


The boys arrive at the scene. Is Flack offering a hand to Danny? That kit’s not that heavy, man.


Angell gives Danny a hard time. Aww, jealousy.


Well, back to Mac. It’s Mac’s episode to shine as always. And Reed is back too! He’s not exactly a love interest. Just someone Mac’s female interests would be interested in…


Poor blubbering Reed, who was unknowingly in contact with the cab killer all the while, gets kidnapped. By who else? Not Mac.


Not the dead body either. Although it’s hard to tell if he’s more scared of the fact that he got kidnapped, or that there’s a dead body lying next to him in a car boot.


Blubbering Reed doesn’t die even though his throat got slit and blood was oozing out of his body like a free-flowing tap. How can?


The killer. Although he looks okay, (if you’re into people like Silas/Paul Bettany from Da Vinci Code he’s your thing la) it seems odd that they showed his face even before he got caught.


He surrenders. On his knees. What kind of killer surrenders like that? And his purpose of killing all those people seemed a little vague. He seemed deranged, so I didn’t see how he could have executed his murders in a calm, controlled way, as seen from the past cases. Plus, he didn’t even put up a fight. Useless.


They totally wasted these scenes with the killer la. They actually showed scenes where he was put into prison in his orange jumpsuit and everything, which lasted for a few minutes. The significance of that was completely unknown, because the guy didn’t show any emotion (which is expected for a serial killer), and he didn’t even give a crazy smile or anything.


Potentially good episode, prior build-up all wasted.


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