Tengok Rumah

The past couple of days I was glued to my sofa watching House. Yes, it’s the series that everyone expects me to have watched already, but I haven’t. I have the series from the start till the current season, but I didn’t watch all the episodes yet. During the study break, I managed to watch till Season 2. Quite behind, considering that it’s in the 4th season. *blush*

So I had my own catch-up (with the world) House marathon, which explains why I’m only posting my backdated CSI posts now. Maybe part of the reason the NY posts were backdated was because the final 2 eps weren’t that inspiring. That aside, I’m about to write about House MD now.

House MD is about Dr Gregory House, the Head of Diagnostics at Princeton Plainsboro Teaching Hospital. He takes on odd medical cases that other doctors cannot figure out. His drive for solving these cases amd diagnosing his patients is not to save lives, but to satisfy his curiosity. To him, it’s just like solving a puzzle. If the patient dies before he finds out, he’d go as far as to perform an autopsy, just to find out what he missed. He just likes “knowing stuff”.

I wiki-ed the series to find interesting tidbits about the show, as always. Apparently the producers based his character on Sherlock Holmes. That explains why he tried out the pipe when he went cane shopping in one of the episodes. House also has very keen observation of people and their surroundings, like Sherlock. He walks with a cane and a limp, and he’s addicted to painkillers.

I don’t know about Sherlock, but House has been described as “miserable” by a lot of people, including his best friend Wilson. House always tries to see through people’s motives, because he’s convinced that everyone does something for a (selfish) reason. Most of the time he is right. Sometimes I am like that too. I process other people’s actions and deeds by thinking, “what would they get out of it?” So I can be quite skeptical about things, good or bad. It’s not really a good trait, but it’s useful to be aware of things.

At the end of Season 3, the whole cast had a shake-up as House’s team had either quit or been fired. I dunno why House fired Chase though, it seems like a spur of the moment decision after Wilson said his thing about change. Anyway, in Season 4, House created this Survivor like competition where he chooses a new team out of forty candidates. Foreman was later re-hired, and Chase and Cameron took up different positions in the hospital. I don’t really like the new team, because they’re such minions. And Foreman has changed too. He’s more arrogant now, and he sees himself as being more senior than the other 3 members of the team. (Padahal they’re all under House anyway.) The new trio don’t really have much chemistry going on; they seem like a bunch of misfits. The writers probably tried to instil some sense of mystery in Thirteen, whom I think isn’t all that mysterious apart from her name. The hobbity guy is fine, Kuttner just reminds me of Harold and Kumar. Cannot take him seriously. Lol. At least House is still the ass that he is. It helps a lot that Hugh Laurie used to be a comedian in UK. His acting is superb, and the show cannot do without him. It does feel different without the old team, but House is still House. For me, that is sufficient.

Season 4 of House ended with a death which leaves a lot of doubt in House and Wilson’s relationship. It also ended with Thirteen finding out she has the Huntington’s gene, something I felt wasn’t played up enough despite having a two-part season finale. Since she has the gene and she is nearing her thirties, she could well develop symptoms next season. That could possibly make her more interesting. As for Taub and Kuttner, I have no expectations for them as they are boooo-ring.

Alright, that’s all for House. On to other shows. =)


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