Korean Soap Watcher

I have turned into a k-drama follower. A daily soap, at that. Inilah akibatnya staying at home for prolonged periods of time with Astro at my disposal. Anyway, there’s this drama called You Are My Destiny on Kbs World that I’m watching now. It’s quite interesting, and it’s apparently one of the more popular dramas on air in Korea now. See? I have good taste. The down side is that it’s an ongoing drama with over 100 episodes slated. 0.o That means….I am a slave to it, even after I’m in UK. Omg die die die.

Back to the drama. Ahem. The storyline is quite cliche la, boy meets girl, girl is intrigued by guy, guy tidak-apa nia, they (presumably) fall for each other and has to overcome obstacles to be happily ever after. This one is slightly more complicated (cos it’s a soap ma) with some switching of identities and I sense a love rectangle popping up. Yeah the main storyline is okay nia for me, because the lead girl (girl ok, not yet woman hahaha) is likeable but not the in-your-face type of pretty girl. But because she’s a member of this huge-ass girl group (like Morning Girls in Japan gua), that’s why a lot of people watch the show. I prefer her rival actually, she’s more of the strong career type woman, which means she’s the devious, cunning one. She’d do close to anything to get the guy, but then I dunno why she’d resort to all these evil plans which the guy eventually (for me eventually is episode 24 nia paiseh) knows of and refuses to have anything to do with her. She should’ve got to know him and completely bowl him over first ma. Haih if it’s too confusing you should watch it. XD

Since it is a daily soap, there has to be some strong supporting cast and storyline la. If not it’ll be so dull just watching the main characters. I particularly love the storyline with Soyeong an Taeyong. Wah two of them are so funny and cute together. Soyeong is a single mother and Taeyong is younger than her. So their situation is still a bit taboo to elder people, given Soyeong is a single mother and everything. Taeyong is not very young technically, only a few years ba, but a guy his age and he still never had a girlfriend. He’s always held a torch for Soyeong because they went to church together or something. Then she disappeared because she got pregnant and had a daughter. In a twist of soap opera fate, Taeyong ends up teaching her daughter Yunhui, who has a major crush on him. Soyeong started off antagonising him because she thought he was seducing her daughter or something. That resulted in qutie a lot of laughs lor. Now they’re in the awkward state, because he professes his love for her and even got her mum’s blessings, but Soyeong still feels weird that he wants to date her and is so awfully afraid of what the world will see of them. But I look forward to seeing them together lor, because it’s so cute to see Taeyong in love and Soyeong act like a shy schoolgirl when she really isn’t. Lol.

I unknowingly written 500 plus words on a silly soap already. Wuah. The other character I really like is Taeyong’s father. He’s so wise and papa bear-ish. And he always speaks in a monotone. Hahaha the other female characters like the mother, grandmother etc etc are all very sampat and overly dramatic. Sometimes it can be funny, but sometimes just unbearable. I particularly dislike how they portray mothers in the soap to be all so overprotective and dramatic over their daughters’ or sons’ fates. To the extent where they lose their grace and sensibility and act downright horrible to other people. Then the writers make the fathers jump in, all calm and consoling, as if they are not to blame in the first place. (Most of the time they are.)

And they’re rerunning The Young Warriors on Channel 315. Woot!


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