My Daily Bread?

Apart from my demotion to being a soapy, another one of my daily watches is E! News, which is a fast-paced entertainment news programme. Ryan Seacrest hosts the show, and that adds to the entertainment value too. He’s very quick-witted, not afraid to poke fun at other people (and himself).

Apart from the US entertainment thing, keeping up with my Taiwanese entertainment is also very important during the holidays. That’s when my other daily watch comes in. Yu Le Bai Fen Bai is aired here on the same day as Taiwan, but delayed. The show used to be hosted by ASOS, then it became Xiao S and Show. After Xiao S left, Show became the mentor to Xiao Gui (like how Xiao S mentored him). It’s funny to see him and Xiao Gui, because they have so much chemistry. How Show makes fun of Xiao Gui is reminiscent of Xiao S treating him like that in the past, when how was just a small-time singer. But of course, Xiao S is much more brutal and straightforward as a mentor compared to Show. Show and Xiao Gui are somewhat like brothers, with the whole big-brother-little-brother-yoyo thing going on. Haha.

Daily watches aside, my summer watch list is still relatively short. Probably because I’m not just watching tv (contrary to popular belief). Probably because I’m not just watching one series at a time too. Criminal Minds came to a pause because of some technical issues but I should be able to go on watching pretty soon. Let me just summarise my watch list a bit:

Currently watching

  • Criminal Minds (about to be continued)
  • Corner with Love (starring Barbie Hsu aka Da S and Show)
  • CSI: NY Season 1 – rewatching it just because I want to, and to count the number of scenes Flack has in an episode.
  • One Million Star

Coming up next…

  • Legend of Condor Heroes 2008!
  • More Criminal Minds
  • Fated to Love You
  • Bull Fighting (if I ever get down to it)
  • CSI

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