Corner with Love

Don’t mind the picture, I just pulled a screencap off the Vcd version so it does look a bit iffy.

Corner with Love stars Barbie Hsu (aka Da S) and Show Luo. I watched this show with a bit of reluctance actually, under the recommendation of my housemate. I had the show for quite long but only got down to watching it lately. I never really liked Da S, which explains the lack of motivation to watch the show. I’ve also never watched any of Show’s series, hence I had no particular drive to continue watching. Thanks to summer idling, I picked up the show again.

The first 2 episodes moved quite slowly, mainly giving insight to the past of Barbie’s character, Xin Lei (XL) in Shanghai. That’s also where she meets Show’s character Qin Lang (QL). While in Shanghai, XL was engaged to Yun Shang Dong (SD), and both XL and SD came from rich families.

Then, by some twist of fate, XL’s family goes bankrupt and her parents goes MIA. This affects her impending marriage to SD. XL’s parents leaves her in Shanghai while they hide from their creditors (or whoever they were running from, they don’t explain much and expect us to believe that anyway). Very irresponsible parents. They expected SD’s family to take XL in while they go missing. But obviously when people disappear for these sort of reasons, things go very wrong. SD’s parents force him to marry another girl who is from another equally rich family and silly things like that.

So by another twist of fate, XL ends up travelling to Taiwan, where she thinks her family has a nice villa she can stay in. QL also goes back to Taiwan where he came from, because….I forgot why already. QL and his grandmother sells oh chien at a night market sort of place. They’re not very well off actually. He meets XL again when she realises that that ‘villa’ her family owned was actually QL’s rundown home. She tries to kick QL and his family out, but she could not prove that the house was hers, because QL’s granny had the deed to the house. So she ends up staying in the home anyway, because they pitied her and everything. Soon they begin falling for each other in typical idol drama fashion. The obstacles they face are kind of like in Meteor Garden, where one character is from a rich family and the other is from a different social class.

Of course the different background issue is the main problem between XL and QL, because he feels inferior to her. Most of the drama he didn’t really dare to confess his feelings for her, partly due to the fact that he didn’t think he could measure up to her.


XL said this to him when she wanted to go back to Shanghai with SD. It must’ve been frustrating for her as well; she was always open with her feelings for him but he just couldn’t do the same. I had to admit I felt like shaking it out of him myself. Haha. A tight slap la more like.

There’s also other people like Xiao Yang (XY), who has a childhood crush on QL. So most of the time she’s pretty much jealous of XL. I don’t understand why they have to make ‘the other girl’ so petty and vicious all the time, while ‘the other guy’ (which is SD in this case) gets to be calm and only lashes out once or twice, towards the end. XY comes across as annoying and immature, while SD seems calm and devoted to XL. I don’t know if it’s overacting on XY’s side and/or underacting with SD, but the scriptwriters are a bit…gender biased I must say. It always happens like this with Taiwan idol dramas.

Anyway, acting-wise ther isn’t much to shout about as well. Barbie gives an okay performance as XL, but there isn’t much chemistry between her and Show, in my opinion. Only in the bickering scenes between the two do I actually see an occasional spark fly. Show’s acting is quite…wooden. Most of the time it feels like he delivers his lines like how he reports entertainment news on 100% Entertainment. The supporting characters are even more bland (and some annoying) compared to the 2 mains. However I did enjoy having the grandmother around. Her facial expressions when QL and A Da tease her are priceless.

For people who watch dramas based on their endings, I’d have to say the ending is simple and sweet. The part where XL is doing the off-screen voiceover when it suddenly changes to this on-screen interview/chitchat/dunno-what-cos-they-didn’t-bother-explaining scene was a bit baffling, but otherwise the ending was okay.

Rating: 2/5

Last comments: Strictly for fans of Barbie or Show.


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