Just to pimp this a little…

Yes it is out! Although it’s barely done broadcasting on tv, the complete Vcd/Dvd version is out. No wonder la tv ratings not good. What’s the point if you’re going to release the Dvd so soon? China is known for piracy anyway, so even before the show finishes its run on tv everyone would’ve watched it already. Even me. (But at least I have an excuse, because I’m in foreign land…and I’d buy the original Dvd anyway.)

That aside, I’ve watched a couple of episodes online, I think about 13? I expected the beginning part of the series to lag a little, but the pace was pretty fast. From the memory of watching the 2004 (?) version with Zhou Xun, the beginning part about the parents were soooooooo darn long. And the parents were not Weng Jia Ming and Kathy Chow. Haha. Guo Jing’s dad is quite good-looking and his mum remind me of Chen Liping. *lol*

That’s Guo Jing shooting down some condors, but he’s not the reason I’m watching LOCH. =)

Now this is what keeps me watching.

Actually, half the time in every episode I feel like slapping the two of them, because one is too stupid and one is such a brat. So thank god for having Ariel Lin as Huang Rong. She’s every bit entertaining as the naughty but smart Huang Rong. Okay, it is a little bit hard to believe that she can be smart after watching They Kiss Again…but she pulls off the mischievous look so well. Zhou Xun’s Huang Rong was more smart and less mischievous, but Ariel is more mischievous and less smart (seemingly). Will compare in greater detail once I’m done watching, but I just couldn’t resist.

The action scenes are very nice, since this show is a martial arts epic after all. The special effects don’t come across as too fake (except for the snake, which was extremely entertaining), and the choreography was quite good. Not too bad, except that in some of the scenes I can almost imagine the actors moving on the wire, that’s a little too obvious, even for someone like me. But there’s more epic battles coming up, and I’ll see if anything improves.

And just to insert a little Young Warriors love here. They steal some scenes from Young Warriors in episode 11 for flashbacks. Apparently Yang Kang is descended from them (gah…impossible!).


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