Joker-inspired String of Thoughts

After writing that post about the Joker and his deeds, it got me thinking about other similar criminals shown on tv. Perhaps I’ve made too big a deal about the show being umum, when all this while mindless, Joker-like criminals have been portrayed on television itself, where everyone gets the scoop, underage or not. The first show that snapped to mind was Criminal Minds, but there’re so many purely evil criminals in that show to count. One of the more creepy ones was Jacob who was on death row.

But this particular episode of CSI really got to me. It was titled Fannysmackin’, a term which describes beating up tourists for fun, probably to scare them, I don’t know. Obviously when you’ve watched a long running show like CSI for ages, you get attached to the main characters, so it hit me real hard to see Greg a victim of the fannysmackers. The poor guy was just trying to save another victim from bring beaten and kicked to death, for god’s sake. And backup never seemed to arrive, or the fannysmackin’ just went on too fast. Anyway, it was just heartwrenching to see Greg lying on the ground, one eye swollen to the size of a ping pong ball. Who could forget Sara coming in first to see him, telling him “I came here for you”. Awww. And he had to go on rambling about possible trace on his vest. I cried buckets for him that episode, because I have a thing for dorky-cute guys like Greg. I mean, Nick and Warrick are hot in their own ways, but they can stand up for themselves. Greg is just an ex-lab rat learning the ways, and he never played any sports. If it were the other two in that position, it would be horrifying, but not heartwrenching. Seeing him in the hospital, with only one-eyed vision was so sad. And learning that he killed the young boy while trying to save the other victim was even sadder. Greg was a hero, but also a killer. How can?

Oops…gone a little bit off-topic there. Did I mention that the ex-Mr Britney Spears, Kevin Federline was in that episode too? I mean, he did nothing much to contribute to the greatness of the episode, but he was there. He was the masked ringleader of the fannysmackin’ bunch, who comprised of underaged teens. Omfg. The reason they started all this BS was because they were bored, so they made killing people a sport. Well, the Joker is more brutal than them, which isn’t exactly a plus point either. Just adds to the scariness. I never really understood why the Joker became who he was. He did tell those stories about his abusive father and his supposed wife (when trying to explain how he got his permanent smile), but we never know which is true. Both could be just figments of his imagination, since he is a deranged psychopath. Let’s just hope that he and his breed of criminals will remain figments of creative imagination.


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