I should be posting more about what I’m watching now, but watching is still in progress for most shows, and I’m busy recovering anyway.

What I’m really procrastinating on watching is Fated to Love You. I heard that the ending was not really satisfactory (darn me for reading those spoilers), so I’m a little hesitant. Plus, I got a feeling that I already know how Dylan’s story ends, which is a pity, because I’ve ended up rooting for him instead of that silly Ji Cunxi. Funny, before I watched the show I had such excitement to watch Ethan in a lead role for the very first time, then he turns out to be some two-timing jerk with a really bad temper. I dunno why people (girls) think it’s cool for guys to be so ill-tempered (it usually spells ‘abuse’ okay). Plus, the fact that he was enjoying himself with the girl who is pregnant with his child while his girlfriend (whom he supposedly loves) is off in a foreign land breaking her ankle and competing with ang mohs? Wow. How la all these fan girls go swooning for him. That’s how I ended up rooting for Dylan instead. It helps a lot that Baron Chen is good-looking, but at least he’s sensible and smart as Dylan.

I’m finding more joy in watching You Are My Destiny anyway. The story seems to be going on full turbo, with the revelation of Soyeong and Taeyong’s rekindled romance, and their accident. Woots! Although it still seems like a long way till that conservative wooden mum of his changes her mind, at least everyone else just seems to hope that Taeyong can be happy. His mother, I tell you, just makes me angrier when I see her. I did mention that the mothers in this drama are made out to be so bitchy, in comparison to their kind and understanding (read: stupid) husbands. But Taeyong’s mother is so stubborn and disgusting. Seriously. She pretends to be nice and understanding about Soyeong’s past, but then turns around and goes furious when she realises that her son is dating her? I’m surprised she minds less about the age difference and more on the fact that Soyeong has a daughter. For goodness sake, no one really knows about Soyeong’s daughter, because the mother has kept everything quiet for them. Only Taeyong’s family know, and his silly mother should be glad that she’s seen all the skeletons in their closet. Plus, it’s one mistake that Soyeong has made in the past, and she’s recovered and made up for it by raising Yunhui to be so decent. Would the silly mother have minded less if Soyeong had had an abortion and then dated Taeyong? That filthy woman. I just keep shaking my head and feel like yelling at her when she has those stupid breakdowns, and when she moans about having a bad son. (He’s not even one foot close to being bad. Seriously, from the way she’s saying it, you’d think she’d rather have a son who’s a drug addict roaming the streets and robbing old people.)

I’d comment on Hosau and Saebyeok and the whole love rectangle and what not too, but I think I’ve already said enough about two-timing jerks already. Shouldn’t repeat myself, even though a two-timing jerk without a backbone is worse.


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