Heroes Season 3

Is actually getting so good that I might forget Season 2. O_o  Last season it always seemed like the writers were too preoccupied with going on strike and picketing to even care about making plotlines at all. Now that they’re happily doing their jobs again, it seems like they’ve really cooked up some kind of storm.

I like it.

Season 3 is entitled Villains, and the fun part is not knowing who the villains actually are. The lines are not as clear cut, and there are always grey areas that blur those lines. So no one can really be certain who is good and who is evil. Everyone has a motive.

One thing that hasn’t really changed is that Claire is still as annoying ever. That whole suffering-because-i-am-perfect-not-normal is getting…old. It was annoying last season, certainly not going to be entertaining this season. Although Claire does do some kick-ass stuff in the episodes so far, I don’t really buy the MIB-suit wearing and gun-clad Claire. Too hard for me to stomach.

This season is also much less lovey-dovey compared to last season. I didn’t mind all the lovey-dovey as long as the plot is stimulating. Last season was so sorely lacking in plot development that they had to cover it up with an overdose of lovey-doveyness. Oh, but there’re new couples now, though I won’t say who and who. And in an alright dose too. Pretty cool.

Also…Linderman is back! Haha he’s one of those actors who keeps reminding me of Santa Claus, no matter how evil his character is. Don’t want to reveal what he’s really up to and why he’s back, that’ll give the plot away. And there’s a lot of interesting development with Sylar too. I sincerely hope that Peter turns evil and Sylar turns good; because Zach Quinto seems like such a sweet papa bear guy. Peter looks more like an evil delinquent.

Hiro gets more detached from the other heroes, which makes me kind of worried. Don’t want to mention more about him but he’s been downplayed a little so far. Don’t kill him off, please.


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