Moonlight Resonance Wrap-up


I’ve finally finished watching Moonlight Resonance, so here’s the way overdue wrap-up. I’ve been pretty tv-deprived lately, hence the lack of updates. MR being a mid-autumn festival oriented show, obviously everything ends up happily, or so they think. Chinese festivals are really all about family and filial piety. These kind of values are the core values that are emphasised in Chinese culture, so it’s great in the sense to see nice family dramas out there, unlike Western shows which tend to be more me-myself-I.

To be honest, Western people don’t really get filial piety and how it all works. Confucius is just a load of confusion to them. With the Chinese they create/adopt festivals like Chinese New Year, Mid-Autumn, Winter Solstice, and even Qing Ming is about family. Oh wait, I’m not really writing a social science paper. Back to the show.

I remember writing about the good, bad and ugly, and the ugly part just gets longer as the drama progresses. There’s even more shouting for no reason at all, just for the sake of yelling to escalate drama (and induce heart attacks lol). For all the yelling there’s no clear point, no clear winner at all, and it’s just fun to watch for drama-junkies who love petty fights. I personally enjoyed watching Michelle Yim’s expression go from normal to aggressive yelling mode. Wow. I remember pausing the video to answer a call at one point where she was starting to yell and point at Ha Yu, and when I came back to the video I was a bit shocked that I caught her just at that moment. No wonder she said it was tiring to be the villain. Very wrinkle-inducing too, I must say.

Well, storyline-wise, I don’t think I have anything much to say because everything that happened was more or less similar to Heart of Greed, in the sense that they did go to court and even the twist which the scriptwriters thought would shock us all was not really that shocking. I expected every bit of the ending. The only unexpected part (for me) was the part at the end with Moses and Tavia, which I thought was amazingly sweet and unnecessary like how the ending in Heart of Greed was. At least they did end with a nice reunion of the family and things like that in MR though.

I should not really give away much of the ending here (even though the whole world seems to have finished watching it already) but most of the couples do end up together, even though it seems ridiculously unbelievable. But obviously the Bosco-Linda-Ray triangle is more interesting to watch, simply because there are so many Bosco and Ray fans out there who insist that Linda ends up with their respective fans. I personally love Ray, but I didn’t really care whether he ends up with her. (I had a feeling he would, because like in HOG members of the core family always wins out.) Towards the end, their relationship became more troubled and all but there was seriously very little development (romantically) between Ray and Linda on-screen. All I remember of Linda is her crying in practically every episode/scene towards the end. So much so that I’d roll my eyes when she starts to tear. Making a character so incredibly sobby does make her pretty annoying. But to give her credit, Linda’s character was not an evil person, unlike her mum.

One interesting scene was in the final episode where everyone was interested to find out from Michelle what were their grandma’s dying wishes. Then she started spouting out things like Gramma wanted to never see Ray and Linda together bladida, which was absolutely hilarious for me, because she was saying all the exact opposite things that Gramma wanted. And those silly grandchildren couldn’t have guessed from there? How could Gramma not want Ray and Linda together? She dotes on Ray so much! How could no one have deduced what Gramma really said instead of hoping some evil woman would honestly tell them the truth? Seriously. So many cooks and not a drop of decent soup.

Kate and Chris’s relationship was not developed well at all. First, it was silly that he fell for her after seeing her in a nice dress and going swimming with her (just like a man). Poor Chris Lai, he wasn’t really prominent in the first half of the series, and when he does come into the spotlight a bit he’s given all this crappy stuff to say/do. But only after he was with Kate that he sort of got back together with his family, or else we wouldn’t see him during dinners and such at all. And Kate…are we supposed to think that she has/had any really feelings at all for Chris? Or even Moses? I didn’t really think that she liked Moses at all, she just stuck to him because she wanted a job. And when she got fired and dumped, she tried so hard to get back into Moses’s good books, that was until she was hired by Michelle. Once she got hired by Michelle she dumped Moses in return, which I initially thought was revenge because he dumped her the first time. Then she turned her eyes on Chris, and got together with him bla bla. What I didn’t understand was that there was so little interaction/affection shown between the two, just lip service from Kate’s mum telling Kate how Chris wants her back badly and stuff like that. Then by the final episode they were so lovey-dovey (compared to the other couples, they were more intimate) that I was kind of scratching my head. See? This is what happens when you have a huge ensemble cast and don’t know how to use them and develop their characters.

Tavia and Moses also suffered the same problem as Chris and Kate, being so underdeveloped. I didn’t even think that they were together, because it didn’t seem like they would ever be. They probably thought, hey, let’s put some deadly illness onto Moses and bring out the relationship/love between Tavia and Moses but personally in those sort of situation everyone would be worried for him, be it family or lover. There was so little of Tavia-Moses because every scene with them in would be crowded with lots of other people and really doesn’t give them much attention. (Unlike Ray-Linda-Bosco, which had loads of screentime with just two or three of them) The only sweet moment was in the last episode, where they sort of put it in to tell the viewers, ‘Here, we let them be together – they are together, okay? Don’t stone us!’

All in all, a bad rip-off of Heart of Greed (because HOG itself wasn’t great). Too little character development and too much yelling. You’d have noticed that I haven’t commented on Louise Lee or Ha Yu or Susanna at all, because they are just too cliche to be mentioned. The whole series was never a rollercoaster of emotions for me, just plain comedy and that teeny weeny bit of family warmth (most of the time the family warmth seems a bit forced and unnatural, but still credit for putting family in).

Rating: 2/5


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