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Gossip Girl

One of my guilty pleasures. And rightly so, because it’s so it’s so so addictive that I finished watching all the episodes in the curent season in 3 days. That coupled with my busy schedule (okay, not really that busy) but coupled with my laziness…I must say it’s quite an achievement for me. I started watching the first season over the summer and found it so deliciously scandalous that I just had to keep watching. Season 2 is equally juicy and scandalous so far. *rubs hands in glee*

For the uninitiated, Gossip Girl is about the lives of these bunch of teenagers from the Upper East Side. The Upper East Side basically means the upper class, which consists of those filthy rich people with their filthy rich trust fund babies. And I say that with uttermost endearment. Of course, the interesting part is seeing how the upper class people interact with commoners, which in this series are Dan and Jenny Humphrey from Brooklyn (the Down Side?).

The second season is filled loads of drama and some suspense as well, with Dan and Serena broken up but still harbouring feelings for each other and Blair and Chuck’s will-they-or-won’t-they. I’m personally very interested in Blair and Chuck this season, because last season was all about Dan and Serena and while they’re very sweet and everything, Blair and Chuck are very complex. And that makes up for all the evil scheming they have between them.We see more into Chuck’s world this season, because the writers finally realised that people love watching Chuck, that he has lots of things beyond that scheming sly character. Blair has proven herself loads last season and despite her being such a mean biatch I didn’t hate her much at all.
Serena has her own thing with this new guy, but still has this thing for Dan. And the feeling is mutual too. *gasp* I personally find Dan a little annoying and imposing this season, because he always seems to think that he’s right, and he tries too hard to impose his values upon the people around him. Serena has become more and more two-dimensional, not to the point that would invoke my hatred, but I’d still prefer her to have more meaty stuff to deal with.

And now on to the other characters. Nate has taken over the role of the man-whore from Chuck, because he just practically throws himself at every female thing this season. Technically he’s either kissed or slept with all the female cast since the first season (except the mums, because that would be gross….and wrong). The thing that’s happened with his dad didn’t really strike a chord with me, compared to what Chuck has going on with his dad, which I thought was played out much better. I thought having Vannessa paired up with Nate would make things more interesting, but the writers totally screwed up things by bringing in Lil J. Seriously, writers. Lil J is a kid!

Speaking about Lil J, she’s going on her own path, and trying to become a designer. At first she’s all tough and willing to work hard for her dream. But Jenny being Jenny, she’s still a kid and of course, acts like one. Doing immature things for immature reasons. I don’t think she’s ever been reasonable or taken responsibility for the silly things that she’s done before. If there weren’t anyone there to stop/slap her, she’d just be…lost.

Oh, and I have to talk about Lily. And Rufus and Bart. I love watching Lily onscreen, because she’s just so beautiful and elegant, no matter what she does. No matter how screwed up her character is. I love Kelly Rutherford, so I really don’t care who she’s with or silly things like that.

GG is going to be on hiatus till January 5th. Oh what will I do till then?


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