Wang Lee Hom – Heart.Beat

Leehom - Heartbeat

Wang Lee Hom’s new album Heart.Beat (心.跳) is out on the 26th. It would be the perfect Christmas gift for me, if only I can get my hands on it.

I don’t usually do music reviews/recommendations, so the fact that I’m doing this shameless plug means I’m really looking forward to this. I’m already addicted to the first single, Heartbeat. I have been listening to it repeatedly. It’s a ballad, with a little of soft rock and it’s very Leehom. I love the rock-ish part of it, because it’s my thing.

Give it a listen, or you can just check out the Japanese chick in the mv:

I’ve heard another song, which is a duet with Jane Zhang, a Mainland Chinese singer whom I adore dearly. The duet seems very promising, and I liked it even though I only heard half of it. Because of Jane Zhang, who is this girl with an amazing voice but didn’t win Supergirl for I-dunno-what reason. And of course, Leehom wrote the song. As he does with every song in the album.

*runs off to listen to heartbeat again*

The lyrics for Heartbeat is very simple and straightforward (bai hua), so it’s very easy to understand even if you’re not a native speaker. I’m not saying that Leehom’s Mandarin isn’t good, but sometimes simple thoughts and words can convey the message more readily. I got the lyrics for Heartbeat after listening to it once (and without reading any subs or anything, which is an achievement for my standard of hearing lol), and I just thought it was beautiful.

*runs off to listen to it again*

The album cover apparently has Leehom baring his abs for all to see. I wonder if they did any digital enhancement on the abs. Hmm…

Album - Heartbeat

It looks a bit corny and old-school though, the album cover. I have some serious doubt in his record company – they do not have to resort to using his body to sell album okay. What are they thinking? I don’t really care, as long as the rest of his album is just as good as Heartbeat, I’ll be happy.

Merry Christmas!

*runs off to replay Heartbeat*

Edit: Added in some input on the album after listening to the entire thing here.


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