Thoughts on Heart.Beat

It’s out! It’s finally out! The perfect Xmas present. =) I was away for the holidays and once I got back the first thing I did was listen to the whole thing. To summarise it briefly: OMG.

Yes, the thing he’s holding is the album. I want one tooooo.

After listening to the whole thing I really like it. Maybe because it’s been a while since he’s had an album out, it’s like having an itch that needs scratching. I do plan to get his album eventually, can’t possibly pass this one over. =) Now, for the blow-by-blow:

1. 爱得得体
The title itself is a bit of a paradox, because the last two words, 得体 sounds like ‘dirty’, and he himself puts the two terms into the song. From my understanding, describing someone as 得体 means that someone is decent, and knows how to present himself/herself (my translation has really gotten worse lately). Dirty is well, somewhat an opposite of that – sleazy, unclean. Lol. The song itself is very rock-and-roll, lots of electric guitar in it. I like the feel of the song, how it’s so upbeat. Will have to take a closer look at the lyrics though.

2. 心跳
The was the second single that I’ve heard from the album. The one that made me swoon and drool. What more can I say about it – another one that’s going to stay in my head and my playlist for a while, and it’s going to dominate the karaoke charts for quite some time. What I really like about the song is how he incorporated the soft rock into the melody, which made it sound like a very old-school sort of ballad. The arrangement of the song, the layering, keeps reminding me of some 90’s ballad. Even the music video is corny and romantic in the old-school way.

3. 春雨里洗过的太阳
The literal meaning of the title would be, the sun washed in the spring rain. But my poor translation sort of kills the beauty of the title. This track is a really relaxed one, along the lines of Da Cheng Xiao Ai (Little Love in a Big City). It’s the kind of song you’d imagine him to be singing while seated under a big tree with just his guitar on a sunny day. He also includes a little bit part from an old song, Rhythm of the Rain (or something like that). All of which I feel is very personal to him. It’s great how as he grows older he has more say in his music and he puts so much more of himself into his music, and it’s wonderful for people to listen to. Another song which I feel should get promoted as a single.

4. Everything
This song is really beautiful. It’s about loving someone, someone who is your everything. Very romantic. *swoons* The way he delivers the song is just very touching. The lyrics are also beautifully written. And the best part about Leehom is that, maybe because he’s an ABC, his pronunciation is very clear and he doesn’t really swallows his words. So on my first listen I actually got most of the lyrics, which is really great. Because if I had to search for the lyrics online (which I wouldn’t mind to anyway), or watch it off the music video, it would take me longer to actually understand the essence of the song. This also has lots of potential to stick to my playlist, and should definitely have a music video for it as well.

This…just left me speechless. After the first listen, my first response was ‘wow, wtf’. Lol. It’s a really edgy song. Really. The title reflects his attitude in the song which is, (to be a bit crude) ‘I don’t have any reason to give a f*ck about you’. When I first heard it, I was kind of taken aback by the chorus. Upon further scrutiny, the lyrics seems to insinuate someone in particular, which in the song sounds like a producer/critic. That’s in the second part, the first part is kind of funny, he describes himself going into a store in the pjs and slippers, and getting weird stares. That’s probably what he gets in real life also, people coming up to him and saying all sorts of funny things to him like how his skin isn’t that good in real life and things like that. I always like to see the edgier side of people, and this song does show that Leehom can also lash out at people (although not really in a terrible way) who’s criticised him. But him being him, I don’t think he’ll actually reveal the identity of the producer guy who was mentioned in the song, we’ll probably have to do some digging of our own to find out. But, I think this would go with ‘beat’ theme of the album very well, and it’s catchy enough to attract attention, a great piece for the promo people to play around with.

Ah, and this is the duet with Jane Zhang. The girl with the amazing voice. He did a duet with Selina in the previous album, and that was more of a cutesy and sweet duet. This one with Jane, it feels like he’s really met a match. Her voice is so strong that Leehom actually seems mellow next to her. Although he isn’t actually, it’s just that his role in the song seems more mellow and relaxed. I think the song really brought out the best in Jane. And this is a great great piece for karaoke as well, I can’t see them not promoting this as a single. I just seem to be saying that for every single, but they are that good. Plus, it’ll be a great bit of promo for Jane, because she’s not that well known in Taiwan, Not yet anyway. (Pardon the gushing over Jane, but I figured that I have the whole post to gush over Leehom, might as well put some spotlight on Jane as well, since she is deservingly one of the best singers from China.)

Oh, and btw, the high-pitched little sounds (I dunno what’s the technical term for it) you hear in between the singing, that’s Jane’s voice. Yes, she’s that amazing.

7. 玩偶
Another rockish piece. In this one he sings about not wanting to be someone’s puppet or toy. Without listening to the words, it sounds like a fun and upbeat song, but the lyrics make it sound more rebellious. I have yet to understand the words completely, because there are some parts that I couldn’t catch. But this song is really catchy, the oh-oh-oh part is especially memorable.

8. 脚本
This song also has that soft rock feel to it, like Heartbeat. It also sounds very very sad and emotional. It’s the kind of song where you listen to when you are emo and need lots of ice cream to comfort yourself. But you can really hear his voice and the emotions in his voice throughout the song, which is just heart-melting. The lyrics may have a deeper meaning than it seems, and I really like the metaphor of the script with him being the lead.

9. 竞争对手
From the title, I sort of expected this to be a fast-paced rock song. But it is not really a fast song, it’s heavily layered with heavy beats. It actually sounds more R&B than rock, so it may take me a few more listens to like the song for real. For now it just seems alright, not unbearable, but I’m personally more of a rock kinda person.

10. 摇滚怎么了!
This was the song that was first heard on his Music Man tour. I loved this song a lot, even though it seemed very different to his previous songs. It was very edgy with tons of attitude. It was like, chinked out rock. The pipa in the song was very prominent, and it’s amazing how he incorporated an instrument that is so traditional Chinese with rock-and-roll, which is well, so Western. Despite what people may say about this song, I really like it.

Verdict: Another one for the ages. Can’t wait to get my hands on the actual copy.


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