The Gem of Life – Episode 50

The last post of 2008. =) You’d think I would be doing some sort of year-end wrap-up or something like that, but no, not now.

Spoilers ahead!

Episode 50 was really a turning point for The Gem of Life, it’s like a child reaching adolescence, when everything you’ve come to know and love about the child suddenly changes. That cute little buck-toothed creature you nurtured from a baby has turned into an angst-ridden, rebellious young monster. And that’s exactly what you should expect from The Gem of Life from Episode 50 onwards. Endless turmoils and turbulence, drastic changes in character and relationships, probable death(s).

Of course, nobody can expect a drama to be all sugary sweet from the start till the end. So what the writers for this series did was to spend the first 50 episodes of developing the core characters of the series – the sisters and the men they are with. They make us root for these characters, understand these characters, feel the liberation of their victories, mourn with them for their losses.

So let me get on with Episode 50. The big turning point that I meant, was of course Martin defeating Phillip Sung. All along, they made us think that Martin is some half-assed wimp who somehow has got a lot of money and a very big company. Okay I didn’t really think that lowly of him, but even I was baffled as to how a man of his position and power would bow so easily to Phillip. Even if he felt he was not as rich or as influential as Phillip, no one has to give in to another person’s unreasonable demands so easily, especially when these demands involve millions and billions of dollars worth of business dealings.

So Martin finally faced off with Phillip. Turns out he’s been plotting poor old Sung’s downfall for ages. And to give Martin credit, he’s been incredibly patient to have gone through with his plan. He had to suffer backlash from his son, who repeatedly called him Phillip’s dog and ridiculed him endlessly for foiling his plans to humiliate/thwart Phillip. But Martin put up with that, because he had his own plans to demolish the beast. Also, his wife lost faith in him, because Jessica being Jessica, she must’ve had second thoughts about the man she married, since she obviously didn’t expect him to be so useless. And Jessica does not marry useless men. Or poor men, for that matter. Even Melissa, his best friend of many years, tried to help him, but suffered backlash from him instead. Oh, Martin, how could you? All just to take down Phillip Sung.

The big showdown between Martin and Phillip

The big showdown between Martin and Phillip

See how cool and composed Martin looked there in contrast to Phillip? Turns out that Martin planted a mole close to Phillip, the fourth wife Charlie. I sort of suspected from the start that Charlie was a rat, but I just didn’t realise that it was Martin who was behind it. Well then, the showdown was more of Martin gloating off to Phillip about how he plotted his downfall for so long, and put up with his silliness for so long just to get back and him and completely destroy him. Phillip being that foolish man he is, walked into the room thinking he was going to find Charlie. *lol*

Phillip getting so mad that his veins are bursting out from his temples

Phillip getting so mad that his veins are bursting out from his temples

Martin was gloating non-stop, and he did get kind of scary at this point where he went, “I waited all these years just to say to you that, ‘I, Ho Fung, is the number one! (not you)'” Which made me laugh a little, despite the seriousness of the situation. No matter their age, men always want to be number one. Even if it’s in a toilet bowl cleaning competition. But Martin did look really scary in this particular screenshot, where he was making a retort to one of Phillip’s many angry statements:

Yeah yeah it's all your fault!

Yeah yeah it's all your fault!

This screenshot, coupled with what he was saying and the fact that he was pointing so furiously, is priceless. We haven’t seen a moment like this from Martin in the whole series, because basically he’s never lost control (or his temper). He then proceeded to gloat some more (where he says the silly number one thing), which then resulted in Phillip trying to conk him on the head with an ash tray (now that smoking is getting less popular, at least there is still a use for ash trays). But Martin just coolly blocks the attack and pushes Phillip to the ground. Ah, the smell of victory is much sweeter when your opponent is literally on the ground. Martin then says (in Shanghai-nese), “Even at this age you still want to fight, what is the point?” He then straightens his coat, and whistles a victorious tune as he coolly makes his way into the lift and out of the building, leaving the devastated and defeated Phillip there, still on the ground. I would post a screnshot of that, but even I feel pity for the man.

Martin then goes to gloat to Terrence, who before this never really thought highly of his father. Obviously he’s never seen how smug his father can be, because he looked completely stunned at the table.

Terrence seems to be recoiling a little, distancing himself from his father. Lol. I can’t blame him. For the past 50 episodes he’s always been putting down his father for giving in to Phillip’s wishes, without thinking that his father may have had other plans. Plans that cannot be revealed until the time is right.

I cannot resist but to say this: Gigi’s Birkin bag? Thousands. Bowie’s yacht? Hundreds of thousands. Martin’s house? Millions. The look on Terrence’s face after knowing his father’s true colours? Priceless.

Maybe we should do a paternity test to confirm...

Are you telling me that Santa Claus does not exist?

Look at how shocked he is. Poor guy. He really did not see this coming. And to think that a few episodes ago, he was so hell bent on destroying Phillip. Now that Daddy has actually gone out and done it…lol. He just didn’t think that Martin had it in him. Well, it’s sufficient to say that Terrence does not have that patience to plan something that goes on for this long, something which doesn’t have an ending in sight until you actually see it. So thumbs up to Martin, actually.

At the very last scene of the episode was Melissa saying that she feared that Martin would become the next Phillip. *gasp* Although it does seem a bit improbable right now, the scriptwriters have every reason to do that to spice things up. Because now that Martin has triumphed and all is good, it only makes sense that he would be corrupted by power or something like that, and lose himself. Which brings me back to the point of the adolescent. Now that we’ve invested so much love into these characters, we’re going to have to see them change again, for the worse. There’s already a forecast on Martin turning into something terrible, I just wonder what’s next. More catfights between the sisters? That I would love to watch. The real drama starts from here.


2 thoughts on “The Gem of Life – Episode 50

  1. Yup, it gets real interesting. Martin is da man. Very good to sum up the whole episode. I saw and I don’t think I can sum it up as good as this. Anyways. What I’m most interested in now since the evil philip is gone (that ‘show’ is over) is wonder whether Calvin will really officially marry Catherine, and wonder how he will ever make a comeback. I last saw the episode where Sylvia lost her baby in her tummy.. that’s it..crying on her younger sister Jessica’s tummy. Also will Bowie take over Melissa’s company in the future. I love business.. it is war!!!

    • Ah I shall not reveal anymore to you lest I give away more as it goes on, just that I have lots of hatred in me for Catherine right now for breaking up Sylvia and Calvin. But Martin really owned Phillip. I don’t care how scary or different he was from the man we knew since the start, but the tiger in him has awakened, and the show should be much more interesting from this point on. =) Watch on!

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