F4 Lee Min-Ho, the next generation Hallyu star in waiting

Original article: Global Daily’ Asia Today, Yoon Na-Rae
Translated: shyangz @ soompi.com (not me!)

There has been growing interest in Lee Min-Ho (21), who is acting as F4 leader Gu Jun-Pyo in the drama “Boys before Flowers”.

Ratings for the 1st airing of “Boys before Flowers” on 5th Jan, were high, which continued into the 2nd episode as well.

The original “Boys over Flowers” manga were already quite popular, and after drama versions from Japan and Taiwan were produced, it is no exaggeration to say that the 4 pretty boy characters of F4 are deeply ingrained in the hearts of those in their teens and 20s.

The drama production team also put in a lot of effort in the casting of actors similar to the drama’s character, including Lee Min-Ho, who has been praised for his great resemblance to Tsukasa Domyoji (Gu Jun-Pyo).

Netizens have been visiting Lee Min-Ho’s mini-homepage, leaving comments like “the coolest among F4”, “your perm fits you ”, and awaiting more good acting from him in the drama.

Gu Jun-Pyo is the 2nd generation heir of Korea’s conglomerate “Shinhwa Group” who receives scant attention from his parents, resulting in a character that seems warped on the outside but is actually quite pure and sincere. Together with Geum Chan-Di (acted by Gu Hye-Son), they will have a relationship of many ups and downs.

This Korean version of “Boys over Flowers” has also been receiving much attention from overseas, which is a good opportunity for the birth of the next generation of Hallyu stars.

* * *

My jabberings:

Good for him. At least he’s getting some attention for his portrayal, which is saying something at least. To be fair, I’ve always liked Domyoji over Rui (eventually) in all versions of HYD, so I don’t think it’ll be different for me this time around. The Japanese version of Rui did somewhat make me like him at the beginning, but then once he goes all moon-faced about Shizuka…well, at least Tsukasa is consistent. Hehe, and silly too, which is all part of his charm. The Korean version of Rui is too…smiley for me. Reason being, I never really thought of Rui as ‘cool’. He’s more like indifferent, because he just could not care less about things that are happening around him. But Rui here seems to be less oblivious and more receptive towards Jandi, and his sparkly smile just doesn’t feel like something Rui would do.


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