SHINee on 100% Entertainment

I’m not much of a kpop fan, but I’ve heard of SHINee as a group. I never knew how to pronounce their name of the group until today. I was searching for the latest 100% Entertainment episode, and came across this. No embedding, full credit to the uploader, who is not me. =)

Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:
Part 5:

Watch it in high quality, it’s so much clearer. I follow 100% Entertainment as often as I can, so it was  a pleasant surprise to see foreign artists come on the show. Shinee were in Taiwan to promote their new album, and they came on the show to promote and also meet their fans. Which turned up in the throngs by the way. The whole studio was so packed.

It is always very funny to see Xiao Zhu interacting with foreign artists, because his English isn’t very good. He does make quite a good sport though, despite his shortcomings, and he’s still funny despite their language barrier. I don’t think Shinee knows that much English though; they looked puzzled when Xiao Zhu/Xiao Gui spoke in English to them. Maybe their English wasn’t too good to start with, can’t blame Shinee lol.

I was surprised at how young Shinee are. Yes, I am that ignorant. But they dance so bloody well for kids. Omg I had no idea. But it does seem a bit paedophilic to be gushing over them like that, apparently their average age is 17, the youngest is 15. O_O Wah, those talent scouts in Korea must really start them waaaaay young. They seem very well trained and polite on the show, and their dance moves are very well coordinated. The only other Korean boyband I’ve seen dancing are DBSK, which I found pretty okay too.

Anyway, they did seem pretty alright, one or two of them can actually sing, the one which looks a bit like Juno Mak sounds pretty good. There was another one, whose name I can’t remember, who tried to sing Jay Chou’s An Jing, but he couldn’ t really remember the lyrics, poor guy. But I’m amazed by the fact that he does know a Jay Chou song. There was also this segment which is like taboo, except you can’t say anything, only gestures are allowed. One of the questions was Xiao Zhu’s Yi Zhi Du Show, which I regard as one of his best dance pieces. Xiao Zhu himself was a bit doubtful that the boys would know what it was (it was also written in Korean though), but it turns out that they all knew the dance. (The fan who was supposed to guess what it was didn’t know the dance at first, and she’s Taiwanese. Lol.) Xiao Zhu was very surprised also, and flattered, so he tried to do a little bit of Shinee’s dance.

Heh but the boys did dance very well, and it’s amazing how they knew it offhand like that. They said they saw it on the Internet before. (I wonder if they knew they were going to be tested on that beforehand though haha) It was very cute when they did the dance though, they started doing it altogether, and they looked so happy like kids seeing candy. I think they do genuinely love to dance, which is really cool. There was also another segment which was classic variety show stuff, the guess-who-drank-bitter-tea and things like that.

All in all, it was a pretty nice episode of Bai Fen Bai. Usually when foreign artists come the atmosphere is a bit cold, because of the language barrier, there is some lag in communication since the translators need to mediate. But Xiao Zhu did really well in keeping the flow methinks, and cracked a few jokes, some which even Shinee could get. Well, I’m not particularly taken or in love with Shinee after this episode, but I thought it was an unexpectedly good episode of Bai Fen Bai.


5 thoughts on “SHINee on 100% Entertainment

  1. hey can you plpease tell me which episode isit?
    cause i heard some ppl sayy its on 10 jan saturday but i thought 100% is only from monday to friday?please help me i wanna know!!

    • It is the 10th Jan episode, you can check the vids on youtube as well. =) And yes, 100% does air on Saturdays but the Sat episodes are always pre-recorded.

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