Boys Over Flowers Episode 3

The beautiful moment of Jandi dancing with Jihoo (whose name I now know, he’s Rui!) was hilarious. It was first spoiled by Jandi who had the silliest happy smile on her face, which I thought was a little over-the-top, the next second they show Jihoo, who then thinks to himself, “if only you can stop putting your shoes on mine”. LOL.

Then Junpyo sees a cockroach and falls into the pool. Lol this is unique to the Korean version I think. I personally think it’s a bit wimpy of him though, but it’s rather funny, and endearing too. What’s even more wimpy is the fact that Junpyo can’t swim, so Jandi comes to the rescue. Wheeehee. She then proceeds to give him a mouth-to-mouth. (Totally predictable) But then he wakes up midway, and tries to force a kiss out of her (not like she didn’t kiss him already). Jandi was horrified and whacked him straight in the face. Hah. He totally deserved that.

But few days later I presume, he’s in a totally good mood and continues to pull pranks on her (which he calls repaying her for saving him). In fact I think he’s doing it for the entertainment value haha. He probably thinks it’s an honour that he even pays attention to someone like Jandi, and thinks the feeling is mutual. Hah. I love how ignorant he is.

And that scene with Jandi and Junpyo in the bar, while they were still sober, that was just so….aww. That tenderness he shown while speaking to Jandi was just heartmelting. Jandi wasn’t too bad either. I wish they hadn’t put in the whole heartbeat track thing, do they think us viewers are ignorant to not know that both their hearts were racing or do they think that the two of them are not good enough actors to show that? Tsk tsk tsk. What Junpyo said, about how Jihoo would have liked Jandi if he’d met her first, I don’t know if it’s taken from the manga, because it sounds as though it was said before in Meteor Garden, but still…it showed that Junpyo cared about Jandi, instead of just wanting to own her. And the scene in the garden-y place where he tried to kiss her was really quite sad to watch, on Junpyo’s behalf. I was like, what were you thinking boy?

That bit of drama with Jihoo and Shizuka (ah that’s still one name I need to find out, but…) was a bit silly, imo. I mean, I’ve always liked Rui at the start of the drama but Jihoo is just s0-so. His outburst when Shizuka decides to leave, and their subsequent kiss (!) was really quite a shocker for me. I don’t remember if the kiss happened in the Taiwan or Japanese version, but here it just felt so out of place. For me, Shizuka and Rui’s relationship was always one-sided; when he worshipped her she didn’t like him that way and vice versa. So it seemed a little odd here, because it felt like Shizuka liked Jihoo genuinely (or maybe there was something lost in translation). And Jihoo going all manly and angsty on her…was kind of unexpected as well. Him going all angry on Jandi was also unexpected, but I must say Kim Hyun Joong’s (haha I even know the actor’s name!) acting is quite raw.

Oh, and Junpyo’s mother finally appears with him. And boy, she is just so terrifying. The way she stares at people. Of course, her excessive eyeliner also contributes to the scariness, but still. I think it’s a little silly how Junpyo could page the F3 to come over and cover up for Jandi, but not let her leave with them or something like that. I mean, she could have left through the back door with them or something, right? Those people were just under orders to keep Junpyo in the house, not everyone else. I suppose three of them coming in and leaving with an extra person would be odd, but then they could’ve devised up some lame escape plan like sticking Jandi in a sack or something. (Hah this sounds like one of those lame stunts they pull off on Taiwanese idol dramas to get the laughs.) Nevertheless the whole mum-in-the-house thing did serve to show how intimidating she was, although I didn’t really understand why they were so scared about the incident that happened when the four of them were young. Were those men kidnappers or something? It wasn’t that clear except they said they could’ve died or something, but I don’t get how that makes mummy scary.

And Park Tae-Hwan gets an honourary mention! His goggles did anyway. It was one of those lavish items in those charity auctions that rich people enjoy so much. For the uninitiated, Park Tae-Hwan is Korea’s first Olympic gold medalist in swimming, he won in Beijing, I dunno for what event. But he is like a national hero in Korea, of course, I don’t think they’ve won gold in swimming before. And so happens Jandi loves swimming, so it’s fitting. Of course Junpyo got it for her. And he called her Jandi-ban also, which was very cute, especially her response to it. On a sidenote, Junpyo auctioned off his suit; he looked quite silly standing there like a mannequin. =D

On a more general note, I find Yi Jung quite cute too. Aha that’s the name of the Soujiro character, I’m so proud of myself. (Now, I gotta go find out Akira’s name in the show.) Yi Jung is like a cute little boy whose cheeks I want to pinch, so it’s a little hard to see him as a suave womaniser or anything like that. He and Akira (yo-yo-yo!) do have quite a lot of scenes compared to their counterparts in the Japanese and Taiwanese version, and I think they do have a chance to shine if they grab at it.

Next episode: from the previews it looks like Junpyo’s hair is going to be….straight?! God, and I was just starting to get used to his with the curly hair. Now they’re turning him back into a boyband lookalike? But…we already have Jihoo for that purpose.


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