The Gem of Life Episode 59

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and The Redemption of Derek

Okay, the title did not turn out as fancy as I imagined, but still. Warning: if you were expecting sisterly drama in this episode, then…wait for tomorrow’s. *evil laughter*

I was not really impressed by this episode, given that it was Derek-centric. And I don’t think anyone has a particularly good impression of him. Let’s look at his credentials: jerk, two-timer, liar, kidnapper, stalker, criminal, creep and car-arsonist. (Heh I left all the Cs to the end. =D)  The Sherlock Holmes in the title refers to Mr Suen (Mr Sun?), who is his nemesis. Watson in this case, is Woh Chai. Funny how their initials fit yeah? 😀

Oh wait…there was some sisterly action in this episode after all.

How could I possibly forget Jessica?

How could I possibly forget Jessica?

There was just this little moment of her and Martin playing with Shunshun, their child. The scene proceeding this was the uber creepy part where she goes into a dark room and turns on surveillance footage of her entire house. *gasp* Paranoia I tell you. And we also find out that she’s been working with Phillip’s brother (god knows what was his name, Albert?) to secretly buy up Martin’s company. *double gasp* How could she? After Terrence accused her of drugging his dad, I didn’t think she’d really do it, but now, it does seem possible that she is drugging Martin? Why why why? There’s probably more to it than we know, but obviously the scriptwriters are taking their time to explain, hoping this bit of suspense will keep up glued for a few more episodes. A bit cheap, I must say. Because people like me might watch for the sake of watching, but busy people who actually have a life…I don’t think so. Give people two or more filler episodes in a row and be prepared to take a fall, baby.

Today’s episode wasn’t that fun to cap, because it was mainly Sherlock and Derek’s part of the story. We go back to Tibet again, where Sherlock tries to reform Derek simply by placing continuing trust in the guy. It does seem very stupid, considering this guy kidnapped him and was this close to killing him, you’d think Sherlock would smarten up and stay off Derek. But seriously, Mr Sun is just giving Sherlock a bad name heh. His character reminded me of Hor Ma of Moonlight Resonance, because he’s always so wise and calm.

He does help Derek get back on his road to redemption, though. He’s sort of like some holy monk nearing Nirvana and Derek is his disciple who is unable to let go of his past. So Derek is still filled with hatred and vengeance bla bla. After the Tibet adventures, where he and Derek sat down to have a good long talk (which involved Sherlock telling some long Buddhist? story), Derek broke down in tears. Well, I don’t know what that implies exactly, but I think he may have forgiven Sherlock and seen past the whole not-hating-my-dad’s-enemy trash.

Well, the only thing that made me pretty happy is that…

What? I get to go to Tibet too? =D

What? I get to go to Tibet too? =D

I think this is the episode with the most scenes of Wong Hei, and that’s saying a lot, considering that Derek’s screentime took up half the episode. =.= Although I’m not loving Wong Hei’s hair in this series in general, he’s still a great guy, and he makes his character stupidly believable. He, as Watson, stays by Sherlock’s side and sort of looks out for Sherlock, which was really sweet.

Also, in another non-Derek storyline,

We want Tai Wor to work for us! *bangs table*

We want Tai Wor to work for us! *bangs table*

Well, turns out Woh Chai is no longer working for Daddy, but since 2 years ago had been working for Sherlock again. Daddy felt guilty about what he did (the whole run-in with the law thing and stock market failures), and knew that his business was going downhill so he asked Mr Sun to take Woh Chai in again, so that Woh Chai can work and hone his skills instead of staying in a dying company out of loyalty. Now, 2 years ahead, Mummy has butted her head into Daddy’s business and demands that Woh Chai come back to help them. She tried to guilt him into working for Daddy again, because she knows Woh Chai is loyal. When that didn’t exactly work, she tried guilting Mr Sun, whom she thought would be a pushover who’d give in to her demands in a wink. But surprise surprise, Sherlock stands his ground and refuses to give up Woh Chai. Sherlock is a total sage; he knew that Daddy didn’t really want Woh Chai back with him and he knows that Daddy would want the best for his disciple, so he decided to keep Woh Chai where he can progress and become a real master. Aww.

The previews for the next episode seem more interesting, Constance comes back from Tibet and is immediately embroiled in an ugly sisterly fight. Now that’s what I really want to see.


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