Boys Over Flowers Episode 4

Episode 4 is over so soon?

Episode 4 is over so soon?

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Episode 4 was quite a blast, but there were so many happenings in it that I really can’t all summarise it at once. I’ll probably end up writing a 2000-word review, which would bore everyone to death. The screencap above was from the start of the episode (and the end of episode 3) where Jihoo lashes out against Jandi and tells her to get lost. That was some amazing acting from Goo Hye Sun (I hope I got her name right), where I do see some potential in her being real good. Whether she actually reaches the moment, I’ll only know when it comes.

Hilarious moments:

  • The bargain hunting segment by Jandi and her mum. That is just so endearing and convenient, in the sense that, at least Jandi had extra clothes on her when she was trapped with Junpyo.
  • Jandi wrapping Junpyo’s head with that scarf. *rofl*
  • Jandi kicking Junpyo in the shins after he tells her to say to her parents that she spent the night with him. Hehe I find that I enjoy watching Jandi abusing Junpyo physically, there is a certain level of amusement and satisfaction in seeing an arrogant ass being tortured (okay not quite) by a girl.
  • At the very end of the episode, where Jandi was being pranked by her schoolmates. They froze the frame there, and she looked like a ghost from a Korean horror movie. LOL. Look what fire extinguishers can do to you.

Nitpicky moments:

  • Seo Hyun (yes I now know Shizuka’s name) hugged everyone at the airport except for Junpyo. And it’s not like he said anything mean to her at all, in fact, he was extremely supportive, and totally deserved a hug.
  • Yi Jung’s pretentiousness. I mean, he’s really cute and kind of swoonworthy in this episode, especially with the saxophone *wow*. But…I was happy that he met Ga Eul (Jandi’s friend, whose name I learnt pretty quickly =D). However, he was really fake; he didn’t like her because she was too traditional? Yet he was still putting on that suave smile for her. Tsk tsk. Out of habit maybe?
  • The fact that Yi Jung still smiled while threatening the bar owner. (No need to flaunt your cuteness all the time)

“Aww” and “So cute” moments:

  • Junpyo and Jandi trapped in that building together. The classic HYD/MG scene, but in this version they’re trapped in a much nicer, less scary place. Heck, it looks like it has a damn good view.
  • That little eye contact that Junpyo made with Jandi at the airport, after Jihoo tells them that he’s going to Paris.
  • Jandi in that white beanie. That’s way cuter than she’s been trying to be all this while.
  • Junpyo straightening his hair and putting on the school uniform for Jandi. Uber awww. Too bad he didn’t stick with the straight hair, he looks really good with straight hair too (very boybandish, but it’s fine, better than I’d imagined). Anyway I still think the curly hair makes him stand out more from F4, so…I’m not complaining.

This episode was also the one where Jandi’s classmate reveals her love for Junpyo. I don’t know if Junpyo’s rejection of her means that she’ll be gone for good, because I can’t remember what happened exactly in the Japanese version except for the fact that there was such a girl. I generally find that character very repulsive and not deserving of any pity at all, so she’s erased from my mind. Heh.

On a sidenote, there’s always this chemistry between Ga Eul and Yi Jung, which I kind of look forward to. In previous versions it’s always the Ga Eul character whose love is unrequited, so I’d really like to see Yi Jung being the one to fall for the girl instead. I wouldn’t mind them altering the original plot for this storyline, as long as they don’t interfere with Junpyo and Jandi. Haha. I always felt that it’s a pity that Soujiro never got to accept Yuki and get over his past.

Preview: Jihoo is coming back! Of course he has to, because Seo Hyun is Seo Hyun, things will never work for them. Not now anyway. And everyone goes on a holiday, to a beach resort or something like that. Think Bali, or Guam. I dunno where there filmed it, but it’s nice and sunny there. =)


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