Boys Over Flowers Episode 5

Oh yes, Episode 5 is finally out! I must really commend these Mandarin subbing groups for being so efficient. I know how the subbing process is like, and it’s really one helluva task. It’s really great that they have the episodes up like, the next day after the broadcast. I personally prefer watching Japanese and Korean dramas subbed in Mandarin because they’re always closer to what they actually mean. When you translate it into English, a huge chunk of it just seems to get lost in translation.

Also, links to watch this episode in Mando subs :  Part 1 | Part2 | Part 3

Episode 5 started off where the previous one left off, with Jandi looking like one of the non-human characters from a Asian horror movie. Then, like a knight in shining armour, Junpyo appears and fights off her attackers. This part here was a bit overdone though, because he sort of tosses this guy who sprayed Jandi with the fire extinguisher. I mean, send them off or something, violence is not always necessary. They’re scared enough of him as it is anyway. Plus, it’s Junpyo’s fault (sort of) for landing Jandi into this patch of mess in the first place.

Well, that said, I felt out of place seeing Jandi praying/hoping that someone (Jihoo) would come to her rescue. I mean, I thought she was a tough little weed, she should either take it in like a tough chick or just flee (fight or flight response, geddit?). Eventually Junpyo did sweep her off her feet and carried her home, where he nursed her wounds for her. Awww. How sweet.

Does Jandi look like a horror movie character or what?

Does Jandi look like a horror movie character or what?

And while he was cleaning her wounds, he gave her a little lecture on how she should have ran when she knew she was going to be attacked bla bla, where he showcased the Domyoji trait of not knowing his language (it was kind of funny for me to see it in Mando, so…). Heh, but I feel that Jandi can actually challenge him in the stupidity factor, because unlike the Taiwan and Japanese versions, Jandi doesn’t seem all that bright to me. She just has her heart in the right place, but she’s not really as smart. I mean Makino made her way to F4’s school on scholarship, and Shan Cai as well, but Jandi got in as a bribe. Sort of. And Jandi’s English isn’t good enough to tell the word ‘party’ from ‘fly’, apparently they sound similar in Korean. Lol.

Back to the episode. So Jandi stays over at Junpyo’s for the night, and the next day he sneaks out and pays a visit to Jandi’s home without her knowledge. This was another hilarious scene, with Jandi’s cute little brother opening the door and shutting it again almost immediately. He then went to google Junpyo’s face and realised that it was the Gu Junpyo of ShinHwa, then they were all like O_O. Which was really funny. As much as I disliked seeing Junpyo’s smirk while Jandi’s family went all ooh and ahh over him, it did make for pretty good entertainment.

Oh, and how could I possibly forget the so-very-sweet kiss he planted on Jandi’s forehead while (he thought) she was sleeping. That was one moment where I really felt that Jandi liked Junpyo. Other times she just kept avoiding him, lol. Maybe she’s just afraid that if she gives in to him, he’ll think he wins or something childish like that. Because in this version, Jandi and Junpyo are more or less equivalent in mental age and capacity. XD

They look like they're worshipping Junpyo

They look like they're worshiping Junpyo

They made him lunch/breakfast, which was obviously puny compared to what he’d usually have. And Junpyo was sort of at a loss of words. I would be too, if I were him. Well, in Hana Yori Dango Makino’s family has always been kind of poor, but they always try to make it come off in a funny way. It’s the same with Jandi’s family, the overacting and worshiping of rich people are supposed to be funny, but I find it kind of pitiful.

As for Jandi, she goes back to school and finds that there are lots of pictures of her Crazy Friend (aka Sakurako in the Japanese version) on the notice board. And not recent pictures, but before-after pictures. Apparently Crazy Friend had lots of plastic surgery done, and to tell the truth it was kind of outrageous how they compared photos of her when she was in kindagarten to now. I mean…that’s kind of a long way back. At least get some primary school photos? Well the tarty trio of Ginger, Sunny and Miranda were all laughing and insulting Crazy Friend, but Jandi defends Crazy, saying that the trio themselves have had work done on their face, what right do they have to laugh at Crazy? That was quite a good point, since plastic surgery is huge in Korea anyway, no point being hush-hush. But…Jandi said something about the three of them already being pretty but wanting to be prettier (she was actually complimenting them?) and sort of implied that Crazy was so ugly that she needed plastic surgery so bad. Gawwwd. Jandi I’m so disappointed in you. I thought you’d be an advocate of natural beauty!

Then, Jandi walks away and Crazy appears in front of her. Crazy says in this stubborn tone that she won’t ask for her forgiveness. Jandi then does what everyone has been itching to do since the previous episode – she slaps her straight in her face. Crazy seems kind of happy (turned on???) by this, because she then smiles a bit and says that she can’t say sorry either. Which then earns her another slap from Jandi, this time even harder. Woohoo! Jandi then says, don’t you think I’ll ever forgive you. Well, not like Crazy is begging for forgiveness anyway. Then she walks away, but it’s evident that she’s very sad.

Junpyo announces that he and Jandi are a couple

Junpyo announces that he and Jandi are a couple

Junpyo tells the whole cafeteria that Jandi is now his girlfriend, and what she says is like his order. (I really liked how he said this) Jandi has this horrified face and tries to escape, albeit unsuccessfully. I thought she’d be happier than that haha. Ginger (who has long harboured a crush/idol worship on Junpyo) falls to the ground in shock. Or faints. I don’t know what happened to her really, it happened too fast. Lol. Everyone else is happy though, even Yi Jung and Woo Bin (which is the name of the Akira character, woot!) were clapping/cheering. Then Jihoo makes his entrance (with a smile, again, what’s with the smiling?) at this time to object. It wasn’t as though he was stopping their wedding or something, so it wasn’t as dramatic as the previews played it out to be. They then cut straight to the next scene, which sort of left us wondering. Well, eventually Jandi does share a moment on the balcony with Jihoo, which didn’t really excite me because I’m not a shipper, but he does joking asks her to go out with him behind Junpyo’s back.

Later on, Junpyo sort of kidnaps Jandi to do some shopping. The way he got everyone to clear the store was pretty unique I must say, using a stilletto. =) So that’s what those are for. Well, he chose for himself a pair of pink trousers, which was disturbing for me, and he got Jandi to choose some pretty casual beach attire…which could only mean…that he’s going to take her to the beach!

Which he does…in Junpyo style. He flew F4 and her on his private jet to a private island owned by ShinHwa. Pah. Rich people. And…

Yi Jung kidnaps Ga Eul to the island too!

Yi Jung kidnaps Ga Eul to the island too!

That was so sweet, I thought at first. But as it turns out he did have a motive. There was this vase (or something) that he wanted really badly, and I think Junpyo has got it. So he makes Yi Jung kidnap Ga Eul to accompany Jandi (so that she won’t be bored on the trip) in return for that thing. Ha…sneaky sneaky. But anyway that gives some chance for some Yi Jung-Ga Eul interaction, which I would really like. Despite him finding her repulsive, I’m sure that’s an impression that will change eventually. They do spend some time together on the island, when Junpyo needed his alone time with Jandi, he sent Yi Jung to distract Ga Eul. So he takes Ga Eul on an island tour, where she makes him take lots of touristy photos for her. I was laughing at how =.= he was. Yi Jung is really quite a cutie. Too cute to be a womaniser. So I really hope he will fall for Ga Eul, now that would shake up the plot a bit. (As long as they keep Jandi and Junpyo together, I’m happy.) A little nitpicking though, Yi Jung’s hair on the island looked very different from the hair he had when he was kidnapping Ga Eul. How is it possible to grow out your hair that fast? Come to think of it, even Jandi’s hair is a bit longer, they must’ve shot the island parts much later.

Alright, Junpyo’s alone time with Jandi was to have lunch at the beach. An isolated beach with just the two of them. It started off pretty sweet, with him getting her parents on the phone and letting them have a video call. Jandi gets a bit teary after that, so Junpyo decides get to the main point of the day. He then starts to unbutton his shirt…and the credits roll. Dang, they should’ve at least let him take his shirt off before cutting to the credits.

Previews: I don’t think I’m going to like the next episode, because it seems like Jihoo is going to come between Junpyo and Jandi. Nooooooo. I like Jihoo when he isn’t disrupting Jandi and Junpyo. Well, it seems now that Jandi still isn’t over Jihoo yet, and Junpyo is more into Jandi than she likes him, so…there’s still space for Jihoo? Noooooooooooo….

On a sidenote though, more Yi Jung-Ga Eul action in Episode 6. =)


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