Boys Over Flowers Episode 6

So in the previous episode we were left with Junpyo taking off his shirt…

Junpyo taking off his shirt

And yes, he does proceed to take off his shirt and pants…much to Jandi’s horror. Lol at least he lost the pink pants, they looked really horrible. But hey, what are you thinking of? Of course he had his swimming gear on when he took off his pants. Jandi obviously didn’t think he had, because she was cowering with fear and literally covering her eyes. Haha, I love how silly she is.

Lee Min-Ho is just so hot. I’ve heard of people saying that he’s like Jerry Yan, but I think it’s only because they’re both tall and very charismatic. Lee Min-ho in person is nothing like Jerry, from the interviews I’ve seen. He’s definitely chattier, but he does give off the same aura as Jerry did when he was Dao Ming Si. Matsumoto Jun is an exception; he brought the silliness and retardness to the character as Jerry never did. I do see Min-ho exuding some of that silliness that was embodied by Jun’s Domyoji, but I’ll have to wait till I’ve watched more of Boys Over Flowers to decide if he has the right balance of both traits.

On to the episode – major spoilers and links under the cut.

After Junpyo takes off his clothes, he suggests they go skinnydipping he tries to get Jandi to frolick about in the water with him. Jandi then pulls back a prank on him by telling him there’s a snake at his feet. And silly boy didn’t even look to check and just dashed off like a kid. Roflmao. Looks like not only bugs bug him, reptiles do too.

Then there was this little intermission with Jandi’s mum pretending she was at the beach and dad was her butler/waiter, which just made me go O_O and *lol*. I really don’t get why people keep dreaming of living luxuriously when they can just relax and watch some tv.

Back to New Caledonia then. We see Ga Eul trying to apply some sunblock and Yi Jung offers to help her. But being that traditional girl she is, she says dream on. (I was suppressing myself from typing squeee with a million e’s.) Ahhh, but why would he even offer to do it for her when there are two other hot bikini chicks around? Ask Junpyo and Jihoo, who are busy sleeping.

Jandi is frolicking about in the waters alone, then she suddenly gets cramped and starts drowning. But really, she was at a really shallow end of the beach where your head will easily come above the water if you kneel. At least, it looked that way to me, but apparently they want us to think it’s more serious. But puhleeeze, Jandi is an athlete, a trained swimmer. Surely she’d know better than to dive in without warming up? Gosh, how silly.

Junpyo wants to go save her but he’s afraid of the water – some childhood incident. While he’s hesitating, Jihoo awakes from his slumber and runs straight for the waters. I’m really amazed at how these two guys can be sleeping one second, then diving headfirst into the water the next second. Jihoo saves Jandi from drowning, and thank god no one had to do CPR. Because that would have been awkward – would Junpyo do it? Or Jihoo? Or would it be Ga Eul, who’s the one shaking Jandi? Well then, anyhow, Junpyo feels like a failure for not getting to save Jandi, then there’s this voiceover of someone (either Jihoo or Woobin) telling Jandi about why Junpyo has water-phobia.

Of course, something minor like this does not hold Junpyo back for long. He prepares (more like, orders some chefs to prepare) a lavish dinner for everyone (more like, just Jandi). Everyone comes in and are pleasantly surprised. Woobin went “Yo!”, ha at least he’s doing it in moderation now. Jandi and Junpyo gets their own table, where he tells her to finish all the food. Right, so he likes his women fat. Or not, according to Yi Jung. Because he warns Ga Eul not to eat too much, and tells her that he has a nightdress that’ll help her gain Junpyo’s affection. Lol. He thought she liked Junpyo after her big reaction to what she said about Jandi and Junpyo getting into ‘trouble’. How clueless can he be? When she told Yi Jung he was nuts, he was like, “Don’t tell me it’s Jandi that you like.” With that totally cute expression. Then Ga Eul unwittingly gives away the fact that Jandi has her sights set on someone else (like that jerk called Genie lol).Unwitting is one thing…but she could’ve pretended to not have said anything instead of giving herself away by smacking herself.

After the dinner and delights, Junpyo goes to Jandi’s room – it’s a bit stalker-ish how he has the keys to her room. He gives her this anklet/bracelet which is supposed to be for the person you want to be with for the rest of your life. (Although he doesn’t tell her that, she found out eventually at the end of the episode.) He tells her not to lose it, or he’ll kill her. Right, that’s like the code for, lose it straight away, dump it into the ocean, something! Jandi then sneaks out to meet Jihoo, where they have their silly heart-to-heart talks and he talks about Seo Hyun and things like that. She then leaves behind the anklet, which slipped I dunno how, and Jihoo picks it up. Remember what the creepy gypsy was saying about losing something important to a woman? Hmmm….

And yes, Jihoo hugs her before she leaves. Poor boy needs some comforting after all that Seo Hyun has (not) done to him. Why couldn't he have settled for one of the bikini chicks instead? Language barrier?

And yes, Jihoo hugs her before she leaves. Poor boy needs some comforting after all that Seo Hyun has (not) done to him. Why couldn't he have settled for one of the bikini chicks instead? Language barrier?

Obviously there’s this whole drama where Junpyo sees Jihoo wearing it and gets all suspicious and worked up over it, which involved volleyball and kayaking. Honestly, I really didn’t see the point of it, except that it was fun to see Yi Jung and Jihoo and Woobin smiling so happily while playing volleyball. Junpyo wasn’t quite that happy because he got hit in the head with the ball. Anyway, he still decides to confess to Jandi despite all the drama with Jihoo. Kudos for not killing Jihoo but rather focusing on Jandi though. He brings her on a helicopter ride, where he shows her his ‘heart’. Which was so “awwwwww” because he had such a tender look on his face. Like, ‘here’s my heart, take good care of it’. Jandi does seem a bit touched, but it’s obvious that her heart hasn’t settled yet, because she still cares for Jihoo. Jihoo does have another one-on-one with Jandi too; he takes her fishing, where she seems so much happier when she isn’t bombarded by all the I-love-you-ness.

Did I forget to mention another great moment for these two?

Did I forget to mention another great moment for these two?

Well, now that things between Jandi and Junpyo aren’t going as well, I need some temporary distraction. >__< Well, that moment above there didn’t start off that great. I mean, relatively. Ga Eul was taking photos of herself again, and Yi Jung pokes fun at her for doing it again. Well, he was trying to dig for information about the slip of tongue she made before that, so she ran for it. She ran towards that silly yellow paddle boat thing, where she effectively traps herself. God, she needs to smarten up.

Yi Jung makes another prick at her, saying that her legs look tough enough to work the boat alone. But he still sat in with her to try and uncover more information about Jandi’s other love interest. Ga Eul tries to resist, but he keeps pressing on, using the best of his reverse psychology. So Ga Eul lets the soul mate thing slip, which made Yi Jung roll his eyes. She defends the soul mate concept and goes on about how she won’t let go of her soul mate if she meets him (ooh) bla bla, because she doesn’t want to regret forever. Then the unexpected happens, Yi Jung’s smile gets wiped off his face, and he actually looked serious for a while there. Until Ga Eul tells him to keep paddling. Lol. He then fakes a  smile, but he couldn’t sustain it, and going back to looking vulnerable. Aww. I still think Ga Eul is going to end up liking Yi Jung first, but I don’t think she saw his vulnerable look, or she’d melt.

The unthinkable happens

The unthinkable happens

Jandi caught Jihoo in a vulnerable moment too, sadly. There was this thing about Seo Hyun and some other guy, and he was devastated. So he kisses her, and Junpyo catches all that. He was absolutely furious, furious at the fact that Jihoo used Jandi to replace the void that Seo Hyun left, and furious that Jandi let him do it. The poor boy is so furious that he kicks Jihoo out of F4, and tries to get both of them expelled.

Even the F2 can’t imagine that Junpyo would do such a thing. Yi Jung confronts Jihoo about what he’s done. He says something like, if you (Jihoo) were to seduce my sister and dump her after 3 days, I wouldn’t be this angry. Jihoo then says, right, like you have a sister. Lol at Yi Jung, if you want to show how pissed off you are, don’t bring up your theoretical sister. No one would believe that. But…I must say that in this scene, Kim Bum really did look like a kid threatening his big brother. Because Jihoo had this haughty big brother air about him, especially when he told Yi Jung off about the theoretical sister. Yi Jung looked like he was staring at the back of Jihoo’s head because he didn’t want to look Jihoo in the eyes, I dunno why. The angle was really weird, that’s all. But, I did admire how Jihoo had some determination to help Jandi. Even though I keep saying that Jihoo doesn’t really fit the Rui portrait, Rui would’ve been more laidback about helping Makino, he probably wouldn’t express his determination as openly.

Previews: I squeeeeed when I saw Kim Hyun Joo appearing on-screen. She’s Junpyo’s sister!!! Yay for Junpyo’s sister appearing. =) She’s spunky and sassy enough to be his sister, I’m really going to look forward to her appearance, even if the next episode is going to be filled with lots of Junpyo-fighting-Jihoo. Oh wait, there’s also Yi Jung and Woobin in Speedos. That I must see. And I think with sister’s arrival, Jandi will realise that she loves Junpyo. Then, Junpyo’s Mummy will step in, and effectively prevent Jandi from being with Junpyo. =(

Almost forgot this, links to watch with Mando subs: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3


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