The Gem of Life Episode 63 & 64

I’ve been itching to post on Episode 63 over the weekend, but I was thinking I shouldn’t give away too much, so I decided to do this after episode 64.Now the intrigue is building up, strategies and alliances are forming, it can only mean one thing – WAR.

Martin practicing his scary look for the battle. Next will be his war cry.

Martin practicing his scary look for the battle. Next will be his war cry.

The events in this episode were so many, but they all lead to future situations and speculations that I feel kind of weary to list them all down. Plus, all the petty squabbles and whining we see or hear in this episode really bored me. I mean, I appreciate the fact that they’re building all these up into something greater in the future episodes, but this episode itself felt a bit incoherent and choppy to me. They were jumping from here to there, and there was very little sisterly action. There were like, 2 scenes altogether? With Jessica and Constance, then Jessica and Sylvia. Nothing much that I would’ve enjoyed, except that scene with Woh Chai and Will, where he tells Will what it takes to be a true boss.

Since this post isn’t going to be much of a recap post, and I don’t really feel like I’m in the mood to cook up fanfics (although this episode would be a great continuation of my Martin-Jessica-Terrence storyline, maybe another day), I’m going to do a little who’s who on the forecoming WAR.

First up,

The Ex-Mastermind

Now this is the look he has before he does his war cry

Now this is the look he has before he does his war cry

Why ex-mastermind? Because he used to be the mastermind. It doesn’t mean he’s any less smarter now, it’s just that…now that he’s on the top, he’s the one who’s got to look out for people trying to dethrone him from being #1. So, that explains his paranoia. Apart from the whole kidnapping thing, actually. He actually starts to believe that Terrence is the one who tried to kidnap him in the Phillipines. Right, as if Terrence is that smart. He’s barely a chip off your block, Martin.

The Unwitting Pawn

Jessica might start doing the thumping chest motion (think mother gorilla)

Jessica might start doing the thumping chest motion (think mother gorilla)

Also the Ex-Mastermind’s wife. Well, so far I don’t think I’d use unwitting to describe Jessica. But the fact is, half the things I’ve given her credit for in the previous few episodes were not of her own doing, but were Martin’s orders. If it were actually her who tried to work with James to earn some extra cash, then I’d be more impressed. Although Jessica reads people well, if she doesn’t actually know of the existence of some people, she’d never know what to read. So in some ways, she’s really got to watch her back.

The Overly Maternal Sidekick


I hate to call Sylvia a sidekick, but sadly that’s what she’s been relegated to lately. She’s probably going to be a pawn of Jessica’s, since Jessica now knows about her miscarriage two years ago. I dunno if that’s a good thing though, as much as I want to see Calvin and Sylvia together.

The Comeback King

Look who's not dead yet?

Look who's not dead yet?

Yeaaaahhhh Phillip is back! And looking meaner than ever.  Obviously payback is high on his to-do list. Martin doesn’t know it yet, but his battle cry will come into use sooner than he thinks. We don’t know what cards Mr Sung has on hand right now, but I have a feeling he’s going to hit Martin where it hurts most.

Two-faced Sidekick-cum-Bitch

See that fake innocent look?

See that fake innocent look?

Sidekick of the Comeback King, of course. Who is she going to use this time…apart from Woh Chai (who’s going to come in handy no matter when)?

The Brainless Pawn


More like the brainless p(r)awn. Pun intended. All I can say is, always keep your skepticism instead of trusting your naive foolish trusting brother.

The Shameless Optimist


Also foolish and naive, as stated above. He’s like the male version of Constance, only he isn’t as self-righteous and doesn’t shove his principle down others’ throats. He does try to shove some sense down his brother’s throat though, but fails. Oh wait, that makes him a lot more similar to Constance now. But he still isn’t as annoying, because his role is relatively less developed compared to Constance, so he has less screentime to be annoying.

The Dark Horse

Oh, stop playing dumb

Oh, stop playing dumb

The dark horse is because I foresee a great future for her, as some lead general or something. I mean, here she is talking to Martin, and if the previews that I’ve seen are going to be true, she is going to be a dark horse. It would be  a good time for her to start growing some brains, because dumb luck ain’t going to last forever.

The Clueless Manwhore



If he were to be blonde, he’d play out his role really well. Not only is he clueless to Daddy and Jessica’s schemes, he didn’t even think it was possible when Jessica told him straight to his face. Now being an idiot may be inevitable, but being clueless and self-absorbed is just like suicide in the business world. Perhaps his marriage to Constance really took away all his brains and business sense which he demonstrated early in the series.

Last but not least,



The (Un)expected Mole

Some people did wonder where Ringo went to…but not me. So I was like “whaaa..?” when he suddenly reappeared. Looks like he’s going to be a major traitor, giving out Martin’s secrets to the Comeback King. He is also the one who implied that Terrence was the one behind the kidnapping of Martin (I feel that it’s Jessica or Old Man Sung himself). Bravo bravo! What would the world do without villains or turncoats?

Alright, that’s about all for now. I know I missed out some characters like Calvin, Sunny, Mummy, Daddy and Derek, but I pulled the caps from Episode 64 mostly, and I really wanted to put Calvin in but I couldn’t get a nice close-up cap of him without sunnies. (Haha I’m full of puns today.) Till next time!


8 thoughts on “The Gem of Life Episode 63 & 64

  1. Haha I see you’ve rediscovered your love for SOM. Good for you! Don’t forget Calvin just because he’s not in this post though…:D

  2. I discovered some other things about the characters when I was doing this post too, like how Woh isn’t much different from Constance in terms of how they treat their siblings. Haha made me realise that I’ve been a bit too soft on him, he deserves more tough love.

  3. Heh was that a typo? Cos I really meant that Woh was like Constance. But he only really bugs Will and doesn’t get all torn up and runs away.

  4. Hi, I stumbled upon your blog and I just wanted to give you my compliments. Not only do you have perfect grammar , You nail every plot on the head with humor and wit. Let me tell you how hard it is to read a majority of the blog sites devoted to TVB with imperfect grammar and spelling!

    • Thank you for dropping the comment. It’s nice to know that people do enjoy reading the stuff that I write. Come back more often!

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