Boys Over Flowers Episode 7

No, episode 6 wasn’t all a dream. No matter how hard I support Junpyo-Jandi, I still can’t erase the fact that Jihoo kissed Jandi. And that she didn’t avoid it or slap him or run away.

Before I ramble on, links to watch with Mando subs: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Jandi goes to look for Junpyo in his house presumably to beg for mercy probably? Because reasoning with Junpyo, who is perhaps the most stubborn mule on earth is practically impossible. But look who steps in?

Tsukasa's sister

Yes, the legendary sister.

As Junpyo tries (childishly) to run away from Jandi by hopping into a car, Junpyo’s sister appears out of nowhere in a shiny sports cars, grabs Jandi, and a hot pursuit ensues. If you’re familiar with the Hana Yori Dango storyline, Tsukasa/Junpyo’s sister is somewhat like his Achilles heel. Especially so in this one, where Junhee (the sista) has a very serious violent tendency. Nanako Matsushima was more elegant (although I’m sure she did throw a punch or two), but here Kim Hyun Joo is like the queen smacking Junpyo around. It was hilarious, and somewhat unbelievable too because she’s so pretty and demure-looking.

Anyway the car chase (where SHINee’s song was played throughout rather inappropriately but I shall let it pass) ended when Junhee catches up to him. She gets off the car, does a few backflips over to him and starts hitting him with a stick she grabbed from the car. Gawd, I wonder if she actually kept the stick in the car all the time, or was that the steering lock…which is metal? O_O Lol poor Junpyo gets a huge whacking from Junhee nevertheless.

*smug* Does she look cool or what?

*smug* Does she look cool or what?

Sis apparently has a thing for fur coats too, maybe it’s a family trait? Or the show’s stylists just think that fur coats are a symbol of wealth and fashion? Junhee asks Jandi to come home with them for lunch/tea, and tells Junpyo he better come along too, ignoring his pathetic protests about her being prohibited from going home.

At lunch, we see that Yi Jung and Woo Bin are invited over as well. Junhee questions the two of them about the Junpyo-Jihoo situation and wants to do something to resolve it. She asks F2 what htey think: Woo Bin immediately agrees to end the war, but Yi Jung sort of hesitates but his reservations are cut off by Junhee. Lol. She’s really quite the tyrant. Meanwhile Junpyo is nowhere to be seen, because he’s brooding in his room, refusing to join them for lunch. He was actually starving like hell, but ego matters more okay? When his butler tried to bring food in, Junpyo turns and says “What’s wrong with you?” (for not trying harder to get him to go down for lunch), but the butler thought Junpyo didn’t want to eat so he sent the food away. Lol poor Junpyo. As he was wallowing in pity and hunger, Jihoo texts him to meet up at a cinema.

Jihoo tries to start off nicely by saying that they’ve been friends for so long bla bla, but then he mentions Jandi and how he wants to protect her, which gets Junpyo angry. He leaves, but not before expressing his disappointment in his friend, and that he will get them expelled. But his plan to expell them doesn’t go that well, because Junhee appears to thwart his plans.


It was much more fun to watch Junpyo wincing in live action 😀

She starts by smacking him on the head with her purse (gosh the power of designer brands), and Junpyo hops onto the principal’s table to run away. She grabs him and sort of throws him down to the ground. (Priceless) She then plants her knee on his back to press him down while lecturing him about trying to get the principal fired. She said if he fired the principal, she’d take over (and possibly make his life a living hell lol). I love how she goes “Eh, dongsaeng ah …”, sounding so gangsta but at the same time looking so pretty. She tries to reason with him, and when he doesn’t respond, she grabs his ear and drags him out of the room, telling F3 and Jandi to follow her.Haha it was really funny to see everyone witness that though.

Junhee then proposes that the two boys battle it out, and the winner will have his way. I must mention that at the beginning of the scene, she asks Junpyo to list down the types of guys she hates the most, all of which sounded like Junpyo. Lol. And Junpyo’s serious student-y look at he said all three types was pretty funny too. Anyway, she proposes that they square off in three sports events to determine the winner. She asks them what they think – Junpyo objects of course. Woo Bin again supports this idea again, and Yi Jung casts a fearful look at Junhee before agreeing. Junhee must’ve stared him to death. Jandi and Jihoo also supports dear Sis, and she declares that the battle is on.

Lottery, anyone?

Lottery, anyone?

She gets the three people who are involved to draw the three events from 10 choices in that thingy as shown above. Jandi and Jihoo step forward to the thingy, whereas Junpyo takes a while to realise that he is one of those involved. Lol at how slow he is. It takes Jandi to give him a little nudge and Yi Jung and Woo Bin to nod furiously (okay not that furiously, but you get me) at him to get up. (while Junhee rolls her eyes) They draw out three little balls, and Junhee announces that the first event is a horse race.

Apparently Jihoo has the upper hand in this event, so Junpyo works his ass off training. While Jihoo just strokes his horse as practice, acting all horse whisperer-ish. On the day of the race, everyone is there to watch, including the other students, all of whom are cheering for Junpyo. Junhee is wearing a dead animal over her left shoulder, but Jandi and Ga Eul and F2 are too busy watching the race to notice. The boys start the race from the stadium and move on to outside on a mountainous terrain. Junpyo comes to a crossroads, and there are two routes available. He decides to take the risky one that his trainer specifically advised him not to, because it was tax his horse too much that the horse won’t be able to race again.

After the race, Jandi looks for Jihoo, who is feeding his horse. He mentions his horse’s name is Rui (oh gosh hahahaha how funny can this be), or it could be Louie. Naww, the way he pronounced it definitely sounded like Rui. So Jandi pets and feeds Rui a bit, and Jihoo goes all horse whisperer again and says that Rui wants Jandi to take him out for a walk. Jandi and Jihoo have a bit of a sweet moment there, where Jandi again looked so happy, happier than she ever was when she was with Junpyo (sadly).

Junpyo however, can only look sadly at his trainers treating his horse, which can never run again. He gets all emotional and shakes his trainer in disbelief. Then Junhee walks in, with that dead animal still on her shoulder (god it is hideous). She tells him that she may have won the race today, but he is still the loser. In some sense she is right, because he’s not the one happily riding off into the sunset with Jandi.

The next event is then revealed – it’s car racing. Nervous glances are exchanged all across the room and we soon learn why. We are taken to a flashback of Jihoo, how he lost his parents in a car accident. He is still traumatised by the incident and can’t seem to bring himself to turn on the ignition of his car. I think Hyunjoong didn’t really convey his emotions that well here; I didn’t feel too strongly for Jihoo despite the nightmares and obvious trauma. I thought it was a bit long-drawn and just showed his weaknesses, which is his inability to really display more emotional depth. Thankfully the director was smart and put in more scenes of his hair covering his face when he was all frustrated.

Junpyo is all glee and joyful, because he knows about Jihoo’s fear of driving. He was really cute, going about flaunting his overconfidence. On race day, there was this really nice moment between Yi Jung and Ga Eul though. Jandi and Ga Eul showed up to watch the race, and when Ga Eul sat down next to Yi Jung, he looked at her with this gentle expression which was so sweet but understated. Woo Bin then gives Junpyo a little good luck shake which was kind of weird because he called Junpyo ‘buddy’. *lol* He tries to talk Junpyo out of it, but Junpyo gives him the stare of death and he gives up, telling him to be careful. Yi Jung does the same to Jihoo, attempting to persuade him to back out, only he’s more icy to Jihoo, which is the complete opposite of how Woo Bin spoke to Junpyo. But he does tell Jihoo to look out for himself too. Aww.

Or maybe he just found her hairstyle odd

Or maybe he just found her hairstyle odd

But…despite Jihoo’s inability to drive, he knew that Junpyo could not stand watching Jandi and him together, so that was his secret weapon. He gives Jandi a kiss and a hug right before their race, effectively activating Junpyo’s raging hormones (and anger) and distracting him enough to not race well. What intrigued me was how Jihoo could suddenly go from a traumatised scared bunny to someone who can actually hold the steering wheel and drive at such high speeds. Don’t tell me Jandi’s little lunch box empowered him or something silly like that, because it’s just not probable enough.

Well, Junpyo messes up enough for Jihoo to win, and they’re even, much to Junhee’s delight. She really did not try to hide her joy at all when Jihoo crossed the finish line first. Anyway, the tie-breaker was announced to be swimming. Jandi’s choice, coincidentally. Well, everyone knew that Junpyo would have problems with that, since he can’t swim. But Junhee allows Yi Jung and Woo Bin to take Junpyo’s place. It’s a bit different compared to Jihoo’s situation I guess: despite his childhood trauma Jihoo did know how to drive because of Seo Hyun’s guidance, but just couldn’t bring himself to do it; whereas Junpyo was so afraid of water that he completely cannot swim. It did seem a little biased at first, but I just measured up the facts and realised that it would be like drowning him on purpose if they made Junpyo swim.

Jandi volunteers to swim on Jihoo’s side as well, because she wants in. Even though she knew that swimming against men would be to her disadvantage, she being Jandi, was determined enough to convince Junhee. So it became a 2-on-2 battle in the pool. They all undergo some training for the event, and I was a little disappointed that they showed so little skin. I could barely tell Woo Bin and Yi Jung apart when they had their caps on. Jihoo did bare some arms though, but it wasn’t really all that fascinating. Boys.

See? So little skin!

See? So little skin!

Ga Eul tried to persuade Yi Jung not to swim against Jandi, because she says that there’ll be no pride in him in beating a girl. But Yi Jung retorts rather coolly, saying that he wants to train because it’ll be even more embarrassing if he loses to a girl. Which is rather rational, because boys being boys, they can’t stand to lose to anybody, no matter the gender. She then bickers with him some more until he tells her to leave. Aww. He so has to make this up to her later.

The night before the race, Junpyo goes to see Jandi. He hugs her forcefully (like there’s any other way to that) and tells her that if she says she likes him, then this competition and his rivalry with Jihoo, it’ll all be over. I think he’s finally softened up and learned that he’s not really going to get what he wants by winning this competition. Then…the credits rolls.

Till the next episode, then. The competition finale!


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