Boys Over Flowers Episode 9

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Omg there was so much Junpyo-Jandi action in this one that it is heart melting. And loads of Yi Jung-Ga Eul too, what more can I hope for?

Jandi and Junpyo

My connection’s being all wonky again, so picture uploading is again a pain. (Which somehow should explain why I haven’t been doing any Gem of Life posts.) More here beneath the cut.

We start the episode right where the previous one left off, with Junpyo waking up not realising that he’s in Jandi’s house. He was awakened by the loud whispering by Jandi’s family, and he calls his butler to complain but then he realises it. Lol. He then joins in Jandi’s family activities in his bid to live like a commoner. He makes kimchi with them, something which I thought was really sweet and original. He also goes to the public bath with Jandi’s dad and little brother, which seemed suspiciously like another plot device to get Lee Minho to go topless (again). Hahaha but I’m not complaining.

This time can actually see abs

This time can actually see abs

It did seem like he was trying really hard to suck it in. Lol. But it was pretty sweet, how he interacted with the family. He wasa bit awkward at first, then he eventually warmed up. 😀 How Junpyo wolfed down so many sticks of fish cake and the horrified look on Daddy’s face was hilarious. Well then, speaking of Jandi, she was having some doubts about Junpyo, given all her avoiding, so she goes to swim it off. There she runs into Jihoo, who sort of hints to her to not be afraid of Junpyo and give him a chance. He then notices that her hair is still wet from her swim, and gives her his beanie (which looked totally cute on him) so that she wouldn’t catch a cold. Aww, I dunno if it’s out of pure concern for a friend or if there’s something more, but from the previous versions of HYD there’s always been this ambiguity about the Jandi-Jihoo relationship, which makes things interesting.

After all his extracurricular activities, Junpyo hangs out with F3, but he’s just can’t sit still, because he’s waiting for Jandi to call him. I think he thinks she owes it to him to call back after the house visit, although I dunno why exactly (these silly guy-girl dating relationship rules). He probably wants to play a bit hard-to-get like how Jandi has been all along? Woo Bin says call her if he’s so unsettled, but Yi Jung, ever the womaniser, tells him that once he does, he’ll be a a slave to her. Junpyo takes Yi Jung’s advice refuses to call her, but he takes his advice too far and pretends to not know who Jandi is when she called. And he also put her down by playing really-hard-to-get, which leads to Yi Jung and Woo Bin’s disapproval. More like, Yi Jung said that it was embarrassing to be his friend. Lol. Has he learnt nothing from the playboy?

Jandi asks Junpyo out on a double date with Ga Eul and her boyfriend. Junpo scoffs at the entire idea of a double date but sort of agrees to go along with it to experience the commoner type of date. Hah he just wants to spend time with Jandi. Cute little boy. When Yi Jung heard that it was a double date with Ga Eul and boyfriend, his eyes lit up (jealousy?) and said that he would go in Junpyo’s place if he didn’t want to go. Aww he wanted to check out the competition for himself. Anyway, Ga Eul’s boyfriend already does not turn out to be promising from the start, turning up late and not being apologetic for it. He was also pretty rude to Junpyo and laughed at his hair. Lol he obivously didn’t know who Junpyo was, thankfully. They have dinner at some dingy place where the idiot boyfriend further infuriates Junpyo by calling him an idiot and laughing at Junpyo’s inability to eat livers and intestines. Junpyo gets up and clenches his fist, but decides to walk away. Whew.

The couples then go ice skating, which was really sweet, because Jandi and Junpyo were actually having a good time. =) But idiot boyfriend interrupts them somewhat and suggests that he and Junpyo go get coffee for the girls. They go to some place and idiot boyfriend took a call and showed Junpyo his true colours. Turns out he wasn’t treating Ga Eul seriously (duh), and he thought Junpyo could do better than Jandi. This sort of maxed out Junpyo’s patience with him, and he starts beating the guy up. Yay! Finally. I was wondering when he was going to give him one in the face, because that guy was really annoying. (I have no idea why some people think he’s good looking pah) I think Junpyo could have bore with his idiotic acts throughout the entire date had the guy not insulted Jandi. It’s like, ‘mess with me, but don’t mess with my girl’.

Jandi obviously gets mad at Junpyo when she sees what happened, and Junpyo wasn’t exactly in the mood to explain, so things obviously didn’t end well. Jandi goes to take another swim and runs into Jihoo yet again. She now really has a cold and is sneezing and sniffling. He takes a prick at her for not drying her hair again, and gives her something to help her. I dunno what it was, hot soup? Jandi starts blabbering about Junpyo even though Jihoo didn’t want to bring up Junpyo (right, pretending to not want to tal kabout Junpyo now are we?). Jandi is mad because what Junpyo did compromised Ga Eul’s relationship with the idiot, and she says if he made me mad I’d just throw a tantrum, but he hurt Ga Eul so she’s very very mad. Jihoo then hints to Jandi that Junpyo has his reasons for doing what he did, and it wasn’t just cos he wanted to. (That wouldn’t be wrong anyway, that guy was such a jerk.)

Jandi then decides to track down the idiot with Ga Eul, and they find him talking to another girl about what happened that night. The girls overhear their conversation, and Jandi calls out to the idiot. The jerk then calls Ga Eul an ugly girl and tells her not to send him any more messages, calling her a stalker. Pah. This really makes Jandi mad (see how similar she is to Junpyo again?) and she gives him one of her trademark flying kicks and deals him a punch. The jerk can only cower in fear, wuahahaha. She then tells him that one was for Ga Eul, and the other was for her boyfriend (awwwwwwww). She then tells him to get lost.

Ga Eul tells Jandi to go look for Junpyo to apologise, while she stays alone to wallow. This is a great opening for Yi Jung to come in, I thought. And then we are miraculously shown Yi Jung in his car talking on the phone about some woman (I really didn’t get his conversation here), and he was a bit choked up after talking on the phone. Aww. Poor boy seems to need some comforting himself. Go find Ga Eul already. I was like, look out by the roads to see her already!!!

But no, we follow Yi Jung on his adventure first. He goes to this place, which is his father’s pottery school I presume, where he spys on his dad making out with some woman and gets all angsty-looking. He then waits for the lady to come out to flirt with her a little, and tells her that she’s his fourth girlfriend. (???) What I don’t get is whether he’s upset over the girl or over his dad being a playboy. Yi Jung shouldn’t really have a problem with.his dad being a playboy, since he takes after daddy. I thought he must have something for the girl, but she didn’t seem to really know him or anything. She looked surprised when he interrupted her actually. Or maybe, Yi Jung is really only a playboy so that he can mess with women enough to make Daddy realise his own playboy ways? I don’t know, I really couldn’t connect the phone call he had on the car to what happened at his dad’s place, so I’m pretty confused about it.

So while Yi Jung is all angsty and sad, who better to run in to than Ga Eul? He does see her wandering about looking sad, and he was going to just go past her. But then he scratches his head and thinks, no I can’t leave her alone. Or more like, I need a distraction from daddy/girl issues (that’s what he implies to her, but I’d like to think that he stopped for Ga Eul more than for himself.)

He tries to make her smile but she starts crying really loudly like a baby once he appears. Aww, what a way to get his attention. He then gets all worried and embarrassed and has this really cute embarrassed face as he begs her to stop crying. People were looking at them all weird, and that further adds to his embarrassment (and cuteness).

We then go back to Junpyo and F2 (being Jihoo and Woobin, Jihoo was playing the guitar!). They ask if he’s made up with Jandi yet, and he goes all, “no I’m not going to forgive her easily this time”. While he was going all tough guy in front of his friends, Jandi appears behind him quietly. Woobin then tells Jandi she’s wasted a trip here. Junpyo turns back with this super cute surprised face. Lol. Jandi then apologises, in her own funny way. With an apple. Junpyo says for him to forgive her she has to give him 3 wishes. She was like, okay but you must say it within 60 seconds. Which was hilarious, because Junpyo instantly became all worried and desperate. LOL. The whole scene that ensued was just hilarious, and pretty original too, I don’t recall seeing that in previous versions. I think the Korean version does well in its own element. 😉

We then go back to Yi Jung and Ga Eul. He gives her a huge makeover and brings her to this club, where idiot boyfriend and the trashy girl were. I wonder how Yi Jung knew where to find idiot boyfriend and who he actually was, but then…I don’t think they expected viewers to actually think because we’re supposed to be distracted by all the Yi Jung-Ga Eul action. Oh well. Yi Jung then works his magic, playing putting on a special performance there with his saxophone. He tells the adoring audience that he’s playing for a girl who stole his heart. Aww. He actually makes trashy girl thinks that he’s playing for her, but that’s not important.

Then, back to Jandi-Junpyo. He asks her out to this playground where he’s decorated everything with beautiful lights. Junpyo then talks about how he wants to make kimchi with her family again and eat Mummy’s seafood etc etc, and tells her how he actually feels like he knows what a family is now. He then asks if he can come again. Awwwwww. He then kneels in front of her (while she’s seated on the swing) and tells her he wants to go to her place everyday, and he kisses her. Eeeee, and she doesn’t avoid him this time. 😀

More next episode. *beams*


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