Boys Over Flowers Episode 10

Not as fun filled as the previous one, but interesting nonetheless.

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Mummy Junpyo comes into the picture in this episode. Scary scary. No, actually she’s not that scary, just that they like to play this eerie soundtrack when she appears, which sounds like she’s a character from a horror movie.

Don’t worry too much about Mummy first, she’ll be dealt with in no time. Let’s go back to Yi Jung and Ga Eul, the So-Eul mates. =) So last episode we were left with Yi Jung playing the saxophone and electrifying the entire crowd with his charming eyes. Gosh, how can someone so young ooze so much charisma? But the saxophone thingy was a really good move, because it’s an instrument which adds so much maturity to a boy.

As Yi Jung finishes his performance with one of his trademark smiles, trashy girl who was watching by the stage reaches out her hand to him, but he walks right past her as if she’s invisible. Meanwhile, jerk boyfriend, not realising that the hot chick standing near him is Ga Eul, goes over to chat her up. When he sees that it’s her, he compliments her look and wonders if she’s there to see him. Yeah, righttttt. Then, Yi Jung swoops in, and gives Ga Eul a little sign. Ooh yeah. Yi Jung throws jerk boyfriend a dirty look and asks Ga Eul if she knows him. Ga Eul says no, and Yi Jung proceeds to announce to the whole club that Ga Eul is the lady who stole his heart. Awww. *melts* Ga Eul then takes his hand and Yi Jung leaves with her, without another look at jerk boyfriend.

Yi Jung leaves with this smirk on his face, and then looks back to Ga Eul. Then he puts his scarf on Ga Eul, takes her hand, saying that they might as well finish their act on a high note. And they ride off into the sunset. Not literally, but well. The next day Ga Eul is all lovey-dovey and preparing chocolates for Valentine’s Day for who else? Ah poor girl she didn’t really think that Yi Jung would take her seriously? Anyway she asks Jandi if she wants to give some to Junpyo, and Jandi sort of scoffs but tries to grab more chocolates from Ga Eul, who smacks her off. Hehe. Girl love. 😀

Then there’s this little intermission type of side story with this old man and the boss of the porridge shop that Jandi works in. The old man comes in and requests for noodles (in a porridge shop? is he illiterate?) and the boss goes all squeamish. I think the old man is his dad, but that’s just a wild guess. The old man throws insults all around about the porridge shop and disregards the boss’s noodles (which Jandi and Ga Eul thought was delicious), and pays with a live fish, saying that he wants to try some fish soup next time. Right…great hint, uncle. I thought it was pretty funny anyway.

Next, we see Jandi making some funny-faced cookies, which is a classic part of the manga again. To give Jandi credit, her cookies actually looked pretty nice (compared to the previous two versions) and edible. She asks Junpyo out to a place which is owned by ShinHwa, where she gets them free tea. She then wants to give him the cookies, but sort of hesitates. Junpyo snatches the bag of cookies over, and opens them up like a boy on Christmas day. He then stares at the cookies with this shocked expression on his face. Lol. Jandi grabs a cookie to taste if they’re good, but he grabs it back, saying that they’re his now, and she’s not allowed to touch them. He also gives her hand a little smack. So cute! Another priceless moment, this one. He then smiles stupidly while looking at the cookies again.

Jandi then pulls him to join this silly competition where two people are involved, and whoever piggybacks their partner for the longest wins a mobile phone. Jandi is excited, but Junpyo is less than happy, because he’s the son of the CEO, what’ll people think? Oh no no, you have more to worry than that, honey. Because Mummy walks in on Junpyo with Jandi hanging onto him. She doesn’t say a word but stares daggers at him. I dunno if she knew beforehand that he was there or was it such a coincidence that the CEO would make a visit to the store during the night?

Junpyo lets go of Jandi when he sees her, while Mummy gives Jandi the once-over and stares endlessly at them. Next, we see Junpyo being man-handled out of the place and going into the car alone. Jandi leaves after Junpyo and Mummy leaves, holding the cookies and looking…puzzled?

We then see Ga Eul waiting outside Yi Jung’s house, holding her chocolates and waiting happily. Until Yi Jung appears with a chick on each arm. Chick #1 says in this condescending tone, here’s another girl with chocolates. Yi Jung invites her in for tea, and Chick #2 says come on. I dunno why they are so excited.  We then see Yi Jung’s house filled with Valentine’s Day presents from various chicks. Ga Eul is a bit discouraged, poor girl. Yi Jung nonchalantly asks her to leave hers on the table too, with the 5 million other gifts. Right, if I were Ga Eul, I’d pelt him with the chocs on the spot.

Instead, Ga Eul turns to leave, with tears in her eyes. Yi Jung realises, oh no, silly girl has fallen for me, and runs after her. That got my hopes up momentarily. He grabs her shoulder (with this really constipated look that I dunno how to describe properly), and laments that innocent girls are really frustrating. He tells her that she shouldn’t misunderstand what happened the other night, which was just an act. He then takes the chocolates and thanks her. Poor Ga Eul can only cry. I thought she was more sensible than that, but I guess Yi Jung is just too irresistable.

Meanwhile, Jandi is walking home alone, recovering from Mummy’s killer stare, and Jihoo appears out of nowhere, offering his cabbie services. Okay so he rode his bike, but still. Junpyo SOS-ed him when Mummy appeared, so Jihoo was asked to send Jandi home. Jandi is still in a daze, forgetting to return Jihoo’s helmet and leaving the cookies hanging on his bike.

Mummy however, has started to devise a plan against Jandi, investigating her family and her. Junpyo comes in and tries to get her to lay off Jandi, and she tells him she’s not going bother with a girl like that, she’s too busy and important. Yeah, right. Like anyone would believe that. That scene just proves to show the lack of a mother-son relationship between Junpyo and her. Gawdd what a nightmare of a mum.

Anyway, we then see Jihoo the next day, with specs and his hair tied back. Like a cute little nerdy boy. He usually just looks pretty, but I really like him with specs, because it’s cute, and in my books cute always trumps pretty. Lol. He was looking at the cookies that Jandi left on his bike when he sees Junpyo outside the house, calling him on his cell. Junpyo looks over, and is so pleasantly surprised that we get to see his retarded shocked look yet again. 😀

Junpyo sees the cookies on the table and asks Jihoo where did those come from. Jihoo says coolly “Who knows?” and takes a bite off one (like how he did with the apple). Junpyo then snatches it back from him and he smacks Jihoo’s hand too, like a little kid lol. He then chats with Jihoo about how he’s worried for Jandi, and how he might not even know if she’s in trouble. He has this uber hot brooding look when he said all that. Jihoo comforts him with the fact that Jandi is a tough girl, and also said that Junpyo has the rest of them to back him up.

Back in the Geum family, they get a surprise visit from Junpyo’s Mummy. Little brother opens the door thinking it was Junpyo and goes O_O again. I would’ve loved it if he shut the door in her face though. Daddy and little brother drop to their knees when they realise who it was. Sneaky Mummy Junpyo then subtly insults Jandi with puns while treating her invisble, and offers them a huge sum of money (in cash!) so that Jandi will stay away from Junpyo.

Mummy Jandi is furious that she treats her son like treasure whilst treating Jandi like a worthless weed, so she dumps salt/washing detergent/something (I’d think that detergent is more fitting given their occupation heh) over Mummy Junpyo’s head. Mummy Junpyo gives them a last warning, saying she won’t be so generous the second time around, and leaves. While we are all left thinking that Mummy Jandi did what she did to preserve her daughter’s honour and freedom, Mummy Jandi explains that if Jandi perseveres and stays with Junpyo, she’ll be even richer, because then she’ll be Junpyo’s wife. What’s that sum of money compared to the whole of ShinHwa Group? Far sighted Mummy Jandi, but unfortunately not a well-thought plan.

Jandi again goes to swim off her worries, and wanders off to the auditorium presumably because she heard some music. She sees Jihoo playing the piano on the stage. First it was the violin; in the previous episode it was the guitar, now it’s the piano. They’re gonna have him pulling the erhu before the end of the series, I swear. Or playing the harp. Lol. He lets Jandi sit with him and flip the pages of his scores, and they share a nice warm moment there, playing some Mozart. Jihoo is looking at Jandi all funny at one point, which kind of worries me. He then sends her back again, with Jandi in a much better mood compared to the previous time he sent her back. She wonders how he appears every time an alarm goes off in her heart/head, and he says he’s like a her firefighter who responds to her fire alarms. Awww.

At work the next day, Jandi gets a call from home. A sobbing Mummy tells Jandi that their dry cleaning shop has been taken back by the owner (probably by Mummy Junpyo’s doing) and no one else would rent a shop to them. They then resort to selling stuff off their van by the roadside – stuff being dried octopus, coffee and some biscuit/buns. Mummy Jandi is a bit embarrassed to be selling things by the road however (I dunno why she has anything to be embarrassed about even), and is somewhat reluctant to do any selling. Must be regretting not taking the cash now. Hmmph.

We see Junpyo stuck with his Mummy, she’s dragging him to some meeting that he doesn’t want to go to. Her ulterior motive is to show him what she has done to Jandi’s family, so she takes them by the road that Jandi’s family is operating, and buys something from them. Junpyo sees his Jandi selling buns by the road, and immediately wants to get off the car. But Mummy grabs his hand to stop him. It was kind of weird though, what kind of mother grabs a son’s hand? It’d be more fitting if she grabbed his arm right? Grabbing his hand is like a lover who won’t let go. Hmm. Anyway she drops insults about the buns being filthy and asks her guy to dump them, all within earshot of Jandi. Poor girl.

Junpyo is clearly unsettled; he yells for the driver to stop, yanks his hand away from Mummy’s clench, walks coolly towards Jandi, and pulls her in to kiss her. Awwwwwww. We see Mummy’s hands tightening into a fist, and she actually looks sad, like a jilted lover. I dunno why she keeps giving me all these inappropriate impressions of her.

Junpyo and Jandi then talk for a bit. Jandi asks him not to do anything for her if he still wants to be with her. He then calls her the dry-cleaner girl, which makes her kind of sad because she’s no longer a dry-cleaner girl. He tells her that his Mummy is an all-powerful witch, but asks her not to be scared. He also wants her to tell him if anything happens to her, not to run away from him no matter what.Jandi disagrees with the last one, saying that she’s already ran away from him so many times because of him, not his Mummy. Which is so true. Lol. I love how they bicker. But in the end she tells him that his Mummy won’t be the reason for her to run away from him. He then says that he’s lucky that the commoner and gangster Geum Jandi is his girlfriend. (Because I presume regular girls will shriek and run in the opposite direction when faced with the Mummy) They both then smile happily, which makes me smile too. =) And Junpyo takes her hand and they walk off together.

Jandi then works hard to look for odd jobs to earn money. She also encounters this creepy old man in the porridge shop who says that he recruits girls to be models and he gives her his card. Oh no oh no, alarm bells. We then see that local gangsters have come to destroy the family’s store, much to their terror.

Meanwhile, Jihoo is stroking his guitar in the F4 lounge while Yi Jung is looking at pictures of ceramic stuff I presume. Where is Woobin? They’re chatting about how Mummy is trying to destroy Jandi, when Jihoo asks Yi Jung for his phone. Yi Jung gives it to him unsuspectingly thinking Jihoo’s has died. Jihoo calls Ga Eul on Yi Jung’s phone and passes it back to him. Loooool. Yi Jung has this terrified look on his face and throws Jihoo a dirty look. Then he sort of exhales and composes himself before going into his playboy mode armed with his fake smile and all. Jihoo seems very happy about it, lol. But it was a very cute F2 moment, and Yi Jung was really cute, how taken aback he was.

Jihoo then goes to the petrol kiosk where Jandi works to pay her a visit. He then sees that she has a nosebleed (naughty girl, what were you thinking?), probably from being overworked lately, and reaches out to wipe it off with a napkin with a really sad look. He then realises what he was doing, then pulls back and says that Junpyo would be sad to see her like that. Jandi then wipes off the nosebleed on her own, asking Jihoo not to tell Junpyo about it, because she doesn’t want him to worry. She wants to prove that she doesn’t have to depend on Junpyo, that she’s not in it for his money. Jihoo says that he’s envious of Junpyo, which again makes me worried for Jan-Pyo.

The next day, Jandi is walking her little bro back from school, when he gets teased about not having any lunch to eat. He tells Jandi that since she’s working so hard, he didn’t feel right taking the money to feed himself, so he’s been going hungry. Awww poor boy come here lemme give you a hug. Jandi feels guilty and comtemplates taking up the creepy old man’s modelling offer. She goes off to the place based on the card he gave her. The place turns out to be a pretty dodgy-looking set, and suddenly the door closes behind her. And then the credits roll.

There’s no preview for the next episode, so we’re left guessing what will happen next. But they showed bloopers at the end of the episode! Which was really cute. The first one had Kim Bum laughing like crazy at Junpyo’s lines. Not once, not twice but three times. Minho was like “What’s wrong with you?” There was another one at the swimming competition. Kim Joon had a false start hehe. Next was Jandi and Junpyo playing golf. Junpyo hits one, and everyone shouts “good shot!” and Junpyo says something to Jandi, who stuffs a piece of cake into her mouth and says “good shot!” LOL. We also have Hyunjoong with Rui the horse. Rui wasn’t really behaving so Hyunjoong tried to scare him with death threats. 😀 Alright, that’s all for now. Till next week!


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