The Gem of Life Episode 71 and 72

I’ve been putting off doing these two episodes for quite a while because I just can’t find anything that made me excited about in the episodes.

Except Calvin and Sylvia. Sort of. Seeing how Sylvia sacrificed herself and did all these plain stupid things for him while he wallowed in his self pity was really painful to watch. Really. But at least he was sensible enough to see the light within the two episodes, it would be too painful to watch if it dragged on. There was some really great acting from Maggiu Siu in her scenes with Bowie though, it’s amazing what she can convey without dialogue.

See the sadness in her eyes while Calvin is rattling on about how hard his homeless days were

See the sadness in her eyes while Calvin is rattling on about how hard his homeless days were

I could post a lot of caps, but truth is that in these two episodes there were mostly a lot of talking and pointless talking. I don’t want to make a cap out of every scene where Constance is telling people off or listening to sage advice from people around her because it would be a waste of bandwidth. Although Gigi does look gorgeous, Constance simply has no point in most of her conversations.

First, she gets into a dilemma over joining Martin’s company. So, she finally did decide on something, but she’s still up and down about it. Which led to all these I-doubt-myself-I-need-encouragement talks with Sylvia, Daddy and Derek. If she only spoke to one of them then it wouldn’t be as boring and repetitive as it was. I just grew tried of their conversations. Yes, there were other elements within these interactions too which are significant, like how Sylvia’s reached her credit limit and things like that, but the majority of the screentime was for Constance and her insecurity. Plus, she admitted to Sylvia that her main reason for joining the company was to get closer to Jessica to find out whether she did leave Martin to die. Wow. If she were smart enough she’d try to get close to Jessica the way Sylvia did two years ago – by being an ally. But then again, that half brain cell she’s got left is probably already working overtime to cope with all the business issues with Martin’s company.

Constance’s screentime was also to show us how stalker-ish Terrence can be. Like how Derek stalked her after they broke up, looks like Terrence has now become Derek and vice versa. Hmm karma? could you say that to me? could you say that to me?

Constance also butts in on Derek’s troubles. Terrence, who can’t stand seeing Constance with Derek, dug up some dirt on Derek, back in the times when he was still that newspaper man. He brought up the court case when Derek tried to sue Mr Suen for money, because Calvin was secretly supporting Derek’s lawsuit at that time, which was illegal. To cut a long story short, Derek is torn between telling then truth then risk getting sent to jail and also Constance (conscience). You see, Constance in her all high and mighty mood again tries to tell Derek what to do. She thinks he should do the right thing and take responsiblity for it. What the heck for???? He’s already gone to jail before, although not for the same thing, and he’s already suffered for his own stupidity. The court case issue was a long gone problem, back then he was manipulated by Calvin, and he was also the victim. But no, Constance thinks he hasn’t suffered enough and wants more suffering to come upon him.

Derek is not stupid though. He knows that it’s pointless to turn himself in and admit it was a fraud. Constance then tells him, do you want to be guilty about this for the rest of your life? Yeah, like Derek is losing any sleep over anyway. I mean, before Terrence dug out the dirt, Derek was fine, he wasn’t all guilty and depressed at all. I personally think that Constance is being plain stupid and drawing parallels between Derek’s case and Jessica’s. I mean, Derek’s case isn’t even close to the magnitude of Jessica’s. No one died as a result Derek’s little fraud. When Derek refuses to follow Constance’s ‘advice’, she starts brimming with tears. Gawd. Get a grip, woman.

Later on, she chastises Sylvia, who tires to get everyone to lie so that both Derek and Calvin can avoid legal worries. But Constance goes “you really think that nothing will happen if everyone lies?” Yeah, that’s the idea, bimbo. And just to prove how stupid she really is, she changes her mind after Daddy narrates out the whole incident to her. Like Sylvia did, but she just didn’t want to listen to Sylvia because she thought Sylvia was being selfish and only thought about how Calvin would benefit. Her half brain cell didn’t even process how Derek would be affected if he had to give up everything he had now (his efforts to do well in Mr Suen’s company and taking the GIA test) to go to jail. Then she decides that it’s fine that Derek lies to save his ass. And that’s why Constance is such a pain.

However Derek is suffering from the Constance disease, which results in his more and more of brain cells dying too. *rolls eyes* His ex-girlfriend, who had an abortion for him in the past, committed suicide because her new husband couldn’t accept that she can no longer get pregnant due to her past abortion. Derek feels all torn up about it, and decides to tell the truth to the cops about the court case. He’s just doing what someone as stupid as Constance would do, when these two cases are completely exclusive cases. It’s not like he pushed his ex off a building or something. Just because he was guilty over her death, he has to give himself for a case which his ex had absolutely no involvement in? OMG tvb writers please grow some logic before you decide to spout out all these outrageous plotlines.

I wasn’t really planning to jabber on about Constance because it makes my mood foul. That’s why I’d rather focus on non-existent relationships, like Calvin and Sunny.

Sunny should so totally play a cop in his next series *drools*

Sunny should so totally play a cop in his next series *drools*

And check out his behind while you’re drooling at the picture too. 😉

How could he possibly be gay?

How could he possibly be gay?

Sunny and Sylvia are trying to make Calvin see the light and stand tall again. Because Calvin is taking it out on Sylvia and himself. Using Sylvia’s money on callgirls and other unimportant stuff. Silly Sylvia puts up with it, probably because she thinks she owes him. Pah. She must have contracted the Constance disease too, since she’s moved back home with Constance. Oh noooooooo. Sunny jumps in, deprives him of money and cuts off Sylvia’s contact with him so that she can’t help him. Calvin becomes homeless and resorts to stealing and eating leftover rubbish. And ends up with diarrhoea. LOL. He meets Catherine’s lawyer in the hospital and she subtly insults him and that was sort of another slap in the face for him.

So he does come round eventually. See? All it takes is a bout of diarrhoea and some insulting. Now if only someone would do that to Constance…feed her some laxatives already!

Some extracurricular activities of mine include looking out for all the Jessica-Terrence moments in the series, because I just enjoy watching sparks fly.

Pucker up!

Pucker up!



Aww come on, you know you want to

Aww come on, you know you want to

Pucker up!


Oh how long are you guys going to keep your relationship a secret?


2 thoughts on “The Gem of Life Episode 71 and 72

  1. I’m glad that Sylvia is not stupid to the extreme, blinded by love 🙂 At least shes still got that blah in her – Okay I don’t know how to describe it lol.

    I really liked that scene of her staring so sadly at Calvin, Bravo to Maggie’s acting!

    Constance is an irritant, I hate her more than Skanky now. Wait nono, their both equally stupid 😀 !

    I practically LOL-ed for 10 seconds after reading this bit ; ‘Now if only someone would do that to Constance…feed her some laxatives already!’

    Yeah, But sadly Calvin hasn’t fully changed back into the old him ): ..

  2. Well, at least Skanky’s out of the picture now, so there’s only Constance to bug me. Constance has been stupid for all her life, but for Calvin he’s just reacting to the situation (which is kind of an extreme reaction) but deep down inside he knows what he has to do; it’s just a matter of when. Constance will probably never snap out of it, sadly.

    Yeah despite Maggie’s great acting, we’ll still have to put up with Sylvia’s horrid turn in character. But at least she’s a fighter, which makes me still wanna root for her.

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