Boys Over Flowers Episode 11

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Will have more to comment after I’ve finished watching, but I’m looking forward to the SoEul moment of the episode. 😀

Turns out the SoEul moment of the episode happens fairly early on in the episode, where Yi Jung gets Ga Eul a cake and flowers for her fake birthday. Fake because Jandi told Junpyo that she had to celebrate Ga Eul’s birthday in order to avoid having to go to Hokkaido or Sapporo with Junpyo (rich people, tsk tsk). She had to cram more work into her already drop-dead schedule so she used Ga Eul as an excuse. Sort of. Then Junpyo had to go tell Yi Jung (who says only girls spread gossip around like wildfire?). Which resulted in Yi Jung getting her the gifts, which in turn left Ga Eul completely befuddled. Heh.

See those dorky but cute gloves Yi Jung is wearing?

See those dorky but cute gloves Yi Jung is wearing?

Ga Eul made them for him! Wheee and it did happen before the fake birthday incident. And Yi Jung actually did wear them, although they really did go horribly with his suit. Woobin also commented that it wasn’t his style, but Yi Jung had this silly smile on his face, like a little boy in love. He said that they were a bit old-fashioned but warm…AWWW. He then went on to reprimand (sort of) Junpyo for making Ga Eul embarrassed. Double awww. Jihoo senses something wrong, but doesn’t say anything. Anyway if you were wondering why he and Woobin were putting up their hands like little boys in class, they were voting to show Junpyo that he shouldn’t sit and wait for Jandi to come look for him. Junpyo had this really cute self-satisfied face on him when he said that he was going to play hard-to-get again, and this time the boys had sense to try and talk him out of it. It was a really F4 moment there, which again showcased Junpyo’s silliness. =) There was also another nice F2 moment with Jihoo and Junpyo, where Junpyo was worrying about Jandi and her multiple jobs, while Jihoo was there in his nerdy specs again. ❤ Junpyo falls asleep on Jihoo’s bed, and Jihoo gently tucks him in. I’m not a Junpyo-Jihoo shipper, but it was really sweet.

On Jandi’s end, was it any surprise that the so-called modelling agency was operated by two dodgy men who has ulterior motives? Well, she does smarten up to them eventually, but she was saved by this mysterious guy, who we learn is a junior at ShinHwa and he’s also secretly a super hot model that the tarty trio (and probably the rest of the female population) are crazy over right now. Whatever happened to Ginger and her affection for Junpyo? Oh well, so mysterious model disguises himself in school with these super nerdy Harry Potter-like glasses (who does he think he is? Clark Kent?) and miraculously, no one does recognise him. And he does look like Harry Potter, except that he’s super tall, probably taller or about as tall as Junpyo. He is quite good looking too, but from his sinister looks and mystery it was obvious from the start that he was up to no good.

However, Jandi trusts him because she identifies with him, how they both don’t belong in the school for rich brats and things like that. He tries to help Jandi too by letting her tag along to his photoshoot and help tidy up odds and ends. I had no idea what she was really supposed to do, but she ends up being dragged into the photoshoot for some magazine cover (like in the Japanese version). Jandi looks pretty nice in the shoot, I must say, much better than how she usually looked. But the Mysterious Model was kind of weird…maybe it was the eyeliner. Or the fact that one of the pictures was of him as a vampire, and he had to bare his fangs in such an odd way. (Oh he’s no Edward Cullen)

Jihoo, being that crazed Jandi-stalker that he is, catches Jandi and MM together delivering milk, and tells Jandi that he didn’t see them there. I think he meant it as some sort of warning, but Jandi obviously took it as a I-will-keep-this-from-Junpyo message. The next day, Junpyo sees the magazine cover with her and MM on it, and goes into a fit of fury. God knows where he gets his temper from, I dunno why he can’t understand that she’s that desperate for money. Even if he doesn’t care about money, he did know that she was cash-strapped from the previous episode. He sees MM and Jandi together and starts bashing MM up. Jandi stops him, and then breaks up with Junpyo, saying that she’s tired of all these craziness, him and F4. Awww, heartbreaking.

The next day, Jandi opens her locker, and she sees a red card staring right at her. Again she has that stunned face, but this time MM appears next to her, claiming that he’ll protect her bla bla. He then tries to sow some seeds of doubt in her regarding Junpyo, but she believes that he would not do something like that. More misfortune comes upon Jandi as she was tricked into going into the science lab. The lab was then gassed with something that knocked her out, leaving who else but MM to rush in to save her. He takes her back to his home and receives a mysterious phone call to a mysterious someon, just as he was about to steal a kiss from an unconscious Jandi (what a scum). We then see him flipping over some photo frames, one of them with him and someone who looks an awful lot like him. Hmm…meanwhile, somewhere else, Mummy Junpyo pops open a bottle of champagne. I wonder why.

F3 on the other hand, are worrying about Junpyo’s no-show. While they’re discussing where he’s gone and things like that, Ga Eul shows up in tears asking for help. Of course Yi Jung is concerned. She tells them that Jandi is missing too. Then there was this little SoEul moment in the car where she worried more about Yi Jung, and Yi Jung drives on coolly, hoping that it was Junpyo who kidnapped Jandi, and not some weird guy called Master. Woobin summons his mafia underlings to help search for Jandi and Junpyo, for once proving his worth as an F4 member. Jihoo tries to talk on his phone through his helmet, which made me crack up so much I had no idea what he was saying. Omg how could the production team do something like that?! They must be really filming on a rushed schedule if they failed to spot something like that.

We then see Junpyo in the ballroom where they had Seo Hyun’s comeback party and also at the swimming pool where he almost drowned, getting nostalgic over the old times.

Jandi finally wakes up to find that she’s in MM’s house, and that she’s been unconscious for a day or two. MM then continuously puts down Junpyo and asks Jandi to be with him, but Jandi says that she trusts Junpyo did not do all those things to her, that she trusts him. MM then forces himself on her, but she struggles and manages to break free and give him a tight slap. Woohoo! She then tries to leave, but MM ambushes her from behind and knocks her out with a chloroform-doused napkin. I wonder how he had time to get the chloroform napkin; he couldn’t have carried it around all the time, the chloroform would’ve escaped after a while. Oh well, they really do expect so little of their viewers.

Junpyo then gets a letter telling him that Jandi is in danger, and includes a polaroid of Jandi bound and gagged. He decides to go alone, like what the letter says. Stupid boy. F3 comes by and finds him gone from his room (I seriously thought they were going to break the door down and let Woobin have another shining moment, but the butler had keys apparently). Jandi awakens yet again to find herself with MM. MM reveals that he was behind the red card and the gassing of the lab, and then tells Jandi to take a close look at him. Doesn’t he look familiar now?

And then the credits roll. There’s a preview for the next episode! With a bit of Mummy Junpyo coming face-to-face with Jandi, and the whole bunch of them actually went skiing! And there’s also a seemingly sweet SoEul moment, and also the classic scene of HYD where Junpyo gives Jandi the locket. It’s also the last episode before the leap in time that the series is going to take. The first series of the Japanese version ended around here too, and episode 13 onwards will see them all growing a little. I’m a bit incoherent and all because I didn’t really go in chronological order of the events here, but I’m so sleepy now. 😀


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