Boys Over Flowers Episode 12

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First of all, the good news is that no one died.

Jandi even has time to go skiing!

Jandi even has time to go skiing!

Well, anyone would know beyond a shadow of doubt that Junpyo and Jandi would both survive the kidnapping ordeal. Not without some hardship first, of course. Junpyo gets a fair share of bashing by the vengeful model guy and his cronies first. It was pretty violent and unnecessary really to show us Junpyo with his bloody mouth. I mean, they cut off the Junpyo-Jandi kissing scene because they thought it was inappropriate for the young audience, but now they go around showing violence and bloodiness all around and expect us to accept it blindly? (I personally don’t mind the cut kissing scene or the violence, but don’t give lame inconsistent excuses.) Just as the vengeful model was going to deal a final blow to Junpyo with a chair, Jandi lunges forward and protects Junpyo from the hit. She gets knocked out, and Junpyo holds her in her arms helplessly.

Just as all hope is about to be lost, (see I’m actually trying to go for some dramatic effect here), F3 show up, with Woobin throwing a few kicks and punches all around. Yay for Woobin! Although it was kind of dark, so it took me a while to actually figure out it was him heh. But at least he looked super cool as he kicked down the cronies. Yi Jeong takes down a guy himself too, even though he looks way too cute (read: sissy) to be embroiled in any sort of fight. I mean, I imagined that he would dust off his suit or something like that, but he didn’t. I don’t think Kim Bum has been in a lot of fights in his entire life, because his look just wasn’t convincing. Jihoo however, was so darn cool when he took down the vengeful model. The model guy tried to swing a few punches at Jihoo, but Jihoo dodged those, and coolly lands a punch across the guy’s face. He twists the guy’s right arm while he pathetically winces at Jihoo’s punch (seriously, I would’ve at least tried to kick at Jihoo or something, but it just goes to show what a wimp model guy is).

We then see that Jandi is in the hospital and Junpyo is in a wheelchair nearby. They talk a little, bicker a little, while Jihoo silently leaves flowers outside the room and walks away. Jandi then goes home to find Mummy and little bro in tears. Loan sharks came by and grabbed Daddy because he has no money to pay back their debts. Desperate for help, Mummy Jandi looks for Mummy Junpyo. She kneels down and begs Mummy Junpyo, who sits calmly and reads her papers. As a last resort, Mummy Jandi grabs a bowl of salt and empties it over herself (like how she emptied salt over Mummy Junpyo). I dunno what’s the cultural significance of emptying salt over oneself in Korea, if there is any. But this shocks Mummy Junpyo (and even the butler guy). Mummy Junpyo literally went O_O, I thought she’d be more used to this kind of treatment, since she’s so high and mighty.

Unexpectedly, she smiles. Since when does Mummy Junpyo actually smile? She actually looks scarier when she smiles, because then I have no idea if she genuinely wanted to forgive Mummy Jandi, or if everything was just a ploy to get Mummy Jandi begging. I suspect it’s the latter, since Mummy Junpyo is such a schemer, she knows that sometimes you got to play it cool and let people come crawling back to you. For the optimists, you can think that she genuinely is happy to get rid of Jandi and family, and she somehow identifies with Mummy Jandi and what she did for her family. Because she did clasp Mummy Jandi’s hand and smile (smirk, more like).

Next, Jandi comes home to see Daddy back home and a huge load of cash, and immediately realises that Mummy went to Mummy Junpyo for help. Daddy is upset because Mummy had to lose her pride and honour for his sake, and Jandi has a little bonding session with him at the park on the swing (yes, the oh-so-magical swing where she had her first kiss with Junpyo). He doesn’t want his troubles to jeopardise her relationship with Junpyo, because he knows that Jandi loves him and all, even if she doesn’t know it yet. So, Jandi returns the cash to Mummy Junpyo the next day. Mummy Junpyo tells her not to be silly and put her pride away. Jandi tells her it’s not about pride, but it’s a decision made by her entire family. Mummy Junpyo asks Jandi to name her price, but Jandi tells her to stop insulting her and her family.

Mummy Junpyo reminds her that she and Junpyo are worlds apart; Jandi agrees to that, but she also gives her little speech about how they’re both standing at the same spot with their hearts facing the same direction. Aww. She also tells Mummy that she promised Junpyo not to let her get between both of them. Go Jandi! Mummy Junpyo actually looks a bit exasperated at this point, but she presses on about how Mummy Jandi gave up her pride for the money. Jandi challenges Mummy Junpyo by asking her how much her own pride was worth. She then says that money cannot buy a person’s heart, and she knows that Mummy Junpyo doesn’t understand this, but Junpyo does.

After her confrontation with Mummy Junpyo, Jandi is all spent, and sits on the stairs at Junpyo’s house. Miraculously Jihoo finds her there (perhaps to further underline the fact that they’re soul mates bla bla), despite it being Junpyo’s house. Anyway, Jihoo takes her to his home and makes her some pancakes. Yay! Pancakes are so happy-fying! Jandi brightens up after eating, and Jihoo then asks if she’s ready to go….



Woobin deserves some pimping for all the fighting he's done in this episode πŸ˜€

Tsk, what rich people do to blow off steam. Well, it was kind of far-fetched seeing Junpyo and Jandi skiing though; Jandi’s just sustained injuries to her back, and Junpyo was beaten up quite badly, hello? Anyone remember that? We’re just supposed to blindly accept the fact that they’re young and have miraculous recovery speed. But it was nice to see some Jandi-Junpyo interactions though, she’s quite a noob at skiing it seems.

Look who else tagged along!

Look who else tagged along!

I love how they always make Ga Eul tag along and create all these SoEul moments that were not from the manga. Because in the previous versions, Ga Eul never really appeared much with F4, so they’re really trying to fit in as many SoEul moments as they can to please viewers. I’m not complaining. πŸ˜‰ Kim So Eun is apparently a pro at skiing; it’s pretty obvious from how Ga Eul moves about, that girl has some poise. (And I thought skiing was a luxurious sport…how did Ga Eul learn so fast? Heh) She looks uber cute in her outfit too.

SoEul moment of the episode

SoEul moment of the episode

Gosh, I had to try so hard to prevent the use of exclaimation marks in this post or you’d see them punctuating any sentence which has to do with SoEul. Kim Bum looks like a total schoolboy in his ski cap, I lol-ed when I first saw him in it. (And Woobin too, but well.) I’m just too used to seeing him in his suits that he looks way too casual here. Yi Jeong saves Ga Eul when someone was on the verge of snowboarding into her. He pounces on her (ooh!) and worries over her as she seemed to have momentarily lose consciousness. He genuinely looked worried, he really did. But the next second, Ga Eul opened her eyes (she was probably faking the faint) and has this silly smile on her face which totally gave her away. Naughty girl! It’s kind of reminiscent of Jandi’s CPR scene with Junpyo, hehe.

Anyway, on Junpyo’s end, he’s busy trying to figure out how to give Jandi this necklace that he designed specially for her. Ever the friend that he is, Jihoo the guardian angel asks both of them out. They both show up thinking they were going to see Jihoo, but lookie there. Junpyo takes the opportunity to give Jandi the necklace, by offering him her jacket and forcing her hands into the pocket where the necklace is. Thank goodness Jandi isn’t a dunce and realises that the necklace is for her (because if it were me I would’ve stuffed the necklace back in lol). The necklace has a pendant with the moon enclosed within a star, and Junpyo tells her that she’s the moon, and he’s the star that surrounds the moon. So no matter where she goes, he’ll be around her to protect her. Aww. And there’s only one in the whole entire world. He tells her not to lose it, or else. They then have another almost-kiss moment, which was spoiled by Junpyo the weakling sneezing because of the cold. Lol. Jandi then returns him his coat and they look at the stars together.

The turmoil of the episode is when the tarty trio (who so happened to be at the ski lodge too) overhears Jandi and Ga Eul talking about the necklace that Junpyo gave her. They play a little trick on Jandi, and pretend to run into Jandi on the slopes to sneak away the necklace. They then lead her to believe that the necklace was out on the slopes. Poor silly Jandi sets out to find the necklace (because Junpyo is mad at her again for not taking him seriously) in the midst of a snowstorm.

Junpyo however, was busy letting off steam at a snowman after storming off. He was disappointed that Jandi could lose the necklace so easily, like how she never really bothered with the anklet back in New Caledonia. Suddenly, several men in black approach him, telling him that he’s got to go back with them, his Daddy is sick and they need to go and see him somewhere out of the country. Junpyo refuses and the men in black had to do it the hard way. On the way out of the ski lodge, Junpyo gets a call from F3 telling him that Jandi is lost in the snowstorm. So Junpyo uses a toilet trip to sneak away from the MIB. He switches clothes with someone else and hitches a ride back to the ski lodge by practically throwing himself at a truck.

Jihoo wants to go look for Jandi too, but he’s stopped by F2. He then overhears the tarty trio worrying about whether they should worry about Jandi (how coincident). He steps in and reclaims the necklace from them with a glare (I always thought Rui was more gentle/subtle than how he is in here, and this further proves it). Back to Junpyo then, who is seen riding a snowmobile (I wonder how he got his hands on that) into the storm to look for Jandi.

He finally finds her, and she’s practically frozen to death lying on the ground somewhere. She tells him that she was out to look for his heart because she lost it. Aww. He brings her to a little hut nearby to warm up. He starts taking off her wet clothes so that she wouldn’t freeze to death, and she tries to stop him because she thought he was being naughty again. But he wasn’t. He holds her tight and tells her he’ll protect her. Awwwww. We then see that he’s taken off his own clothes and Jandi is wearing his shirt with his coat covering her, while he’s shivering by the fire. Poor thing. The director just wants another opportunity to show off Minho topless. She asks him to huddle under the coat with her, while she asks how she could repay him for saving her life. He tells her he wants one of her lunchboxes. He’s always wanted to try how they taste like (the lunch, not the box), ever since he first saw it. She suggests that they go on a roadtrip together and she’ll make lunch for both of them. Junpyo is obviously moved, and he leans in and they kiss. (A lip-on-lip kind of kiss, see what I say about them being silly?)

The next day, we see that both of them are alive and well, and they return to the ski lodge, where everyone is glad to see them alive. Jihoo hands Jandi back her necklace, and thankfully Junpyo doesn’t go all crazy again like he did with the anklet. Then we see Jandi preparing a lunchbox for their little trip. She uses rice and seaweed to make a little Junpyo face, lol. (I’d sure like to see him eating himself.) But, she waits and waits and waits for him, but it’s his turn to not show up. Turns out that he was forced to leave with his mum. Jihoo rushes to get Jandi to the airport to say goodbye, but she was only in time to see the plane jet past over her. She is heartbroken, and leans on Jihoo for support. (@(*$&@%&@%# to the fact that Junpyo left without saying goodbye face-to-face). Junpyo does say goodbye though, via a text. Gosh, technology. *rolls eyes* He told her that he’ll be back soon, and asks her to wait for him. He also says he loves her. *melts*

No previews again this week, but from the previous versions, who’d know when Junpyo would be back? And what would happen when he isn’t around? Sigh. But at least they left us with nice bloopers. Pretty funny and cute ones, goes without saying. πŸ™‚ Till next Monday!


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