Boys Over Flowers Episode 14

Even though I’ve watched so many incarnations of the series already, every time I have to watch Jandi getting dumped by Junpyo is still equally heartbreaking.

Links to watch in Mando subs: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Anyway, I’ve been a little naughty and went and found out that the girl who saved Jandi from the thief was supposed to be…Junpyo’s fiancee (in the near future anyway). It sucks because she’s this quirky chick who’s not bitchy like the tarty trio, but she’s definitely not the kind who’d step aside without giving a fight.

And it’s sad how there was no SoEul moment in Episode 14. =(

So we start again with Jandi spending some quality time with F3 on the gondola, where they run into Chae Gyung rowing another gondola past them. Yi Jung and Woobin are pretty appalled at the fact that she’s Korean to begin with. Elsewhere, Chae Gyung’s parents arrive in Macau, and Junpyo and his Mummy are there to meet them. Mummy Junpyo is awfully nice to them because they’re of similar status, and their companies are about to collaborate on some huge project which obviously involves a lot of $$$. They exchange some niceties, and her parents say that she’s probably wandering about somewhere in Macau, and she’ll turn up some time or another. What a way to show off your parenting skills, Mummy Junpyo would rather be crushed by an anvil than to admit that she doesn’t have Junpyo on a leash 24/7.

They have dinner together at a fancy restaurant, and coincidentally (or not, because Macau’s not that big) F3 decide to bring Jandi to that restaurant too, because it’s the best one in Macau. Well duh, because Mummy Junpyo is dining there, it does say something, doesn’t it? Anyway, Jihoo steps into the restaurant and see Junpyo and Mummy there, and he turns back. Yi Jung thought that it was full, and Woobin ignorantly says that they can just drop Junpyo’s name and get seated. Jihoo says they should go elsewhere. Yi Jung then notices that something was wrong (see why he deserves so much loving), and says that Jihoo must be craving for Italian instead of Western. Woobin isn’t all that dim either, and thanks to the great F4 chemistry they have (and Jandi’s blurness), they manage to divert her attention.

Meanwhile, Junpyo receives pictures (from god-knows-who) of Jandi and Jihoo taking a ride on the gondola earlier in the day. Right, so the paparazzo conveniently crops out F2 from the picture. Mummy steals a glance and sees Junpyo staring at those pictures. There’s this sinister look about her which makes me think she got someone to tail Jandi and send these photos to Junpyo, to further drive the wedge between them. After dinner, Jihoo and Jandi does some bonding, where she tells him all she wants is to see Junpyo and find out how he’s doing. All she can think of is Junpyo, so when Jihoo tells her that he came here all the way to find her because he can’t do anything but think of her, Jandi just stares blankly back at him. Poor Jihoo, poor Jandi. They just never have the right timing, or they would so be together already.

The next day, Junpyo is spending his free time not meeting F4 and playing golf instead. His assistant (his Mum’s assistant) asks if he wants to meet up with F4, he replies bitterly that he should cancel all his appointments that day just to spend time with them, right? He then walks away, but we see that the assistant guy gets a call from Yi Jung. Later in the day, Junpyo goes for his business meeting, but is brought to a gymnasium instead to meet who else but F3 (sans Jandi though). The assistant apologises, even though his heart is in the right place.

Junpyo is less than thrilled to meet his old friends again. I must say I can see why – Jihoo is wearing football shorts and socks in a basketball court. They toss a ball about while Jihoo laments that Junpyo doesn’t seem too happy to see them. Woobin senses some tension in the air, and tries to calm things down. Yi Jung then says that they’re all here to see him, including Jandi. Junpyo replies coldly, asking why should he meet her, and that she has nothing to do with him.

This just pisses Yi Jung off (and him of all people, the one who always stands by Junpyo), and he questions if Junpyo didn’t contact Jandi on purpose. Junpyo says he just doesn’t have time to worry about those things. (Now this just pisses everyone off) Yi Jung asks how could he do that? Junpyo retorts that Yi Jung always treats women like toys too, so why can’t he? Which is pretty true, of all people to chastise Junpyo, it has to be the womaniser. Lol. Anyway Yi Jung gets really pissed at Junpyo at this point, saying that even if he were to break up with 10 women (not at once, I presume) he wouldn’t do it like Junpyo. He then swoops in to give Junpyo a piece of his mind, but is stopped by the all-powerful, peace-loving Woobin.

Junpyo then drops another scathing line, saying that they didn’t really think that he’d be with Jandi till the end, did they? To which Woobin let go of Yi Jung, who dashes forward to grab Junpyo by the collar, reminding him that it’s because of him that Jandi can no longer swim. Then he throws a punch across Junpyo’s face. Woohoo! Junpyo 0; Yi Jung 1. Woobin tells him to calm down, but Yi Jung just has this crazy look in his eyes (like how Junpyo gets). The romantic SoEul-shipper side of me thinks that Yi Jung is all worked up because he does believe that Junpyo and Jandi are soul mates, and it angers him that Junpyo is doing this. And that he doesn’t want Ga Eul to be all heartbroken over Jandi being heartbroken. Aww. Or it could just be that Yi Jung can’t stand what an ass Junpyo is being.

Junpyo, still being an ass, says that they’ve all jumped ship onto Jandi’s side, and says that if they’re still his friends, they should enjoy themselves for a bit and leave. If they want to bring up Jandi, then they should leave immediately. They ask him why he’s changed, and he tells them that if they have the livelihood of 700,000 people depending on them, they’d change too. Aww. Poor boy. That’s when we start to get an idea of why Junpyo could possibly dump Jandi – he has the burden of ShinHwa group resting on his shoulders now that his father’s passed away.

F3 brings the news back to Jandi, who somewhat understands the stress of Junpyo’s situation, but still hopes for a face-to-face encounter with him. Then, to try and distract Jandi, the boys suggest a game of hide-and-seek with a masquerade twist, which just means that they wear masks while playing hide-and-seek. Right, a lot more sophisticated how? But during the game Jandi sees an ad of Junpyo promoting his casino or something, and she breaks down in tears, in front of Jihoo.

Jihoo, realising that Jandi needs closure, goes to Junpyo, asking him to meet Jandi one last time. He tells Junpyo that’s all that he can do for Jandi. (In other words, he practically begs Junpyo to do it.) They then flash back to right before Jandi leaves for Macau, she goes and thanks Jihoo for what he’s done for her and things like that, which I find kind of insignificant because all I can think of is JunDi JunDi JunDi. Junpyo finally relents, and Jihoo brings Jandi to him.

When Jandi meets Junpyo, I was half expecting him to melt or something, but he holds it in and tells her to go away basically. I was too caught up in Jandi’s emotions to actually pay attention to what he was saying exactly, all I saw was a really hard determined expression on his face, while Jandi wept. Some great acting from Gu Hye Sun here, I must say. We are then shown some flashbacks of some happy moments between Junpyo and Jandi, including the scene in the helicopter where he showed her his heart.

Next, we see Junpyo angrily going up to his mother, asking her if she’s happy now, and telling her to stay away from Jandi. Mummy seems to be sporting a straighter haircut (which makes her even less scary), and less eyeliner too, which again takes off the scariness and just makes her as strict as a primary school teacher. He tells her that he’s let go of the first woman that he’s ever loved in his life (god I don’t know how he can talk about love to his mum and expect her to understand). She reminds him that his father worked hard to get ShinHwa to where it is now, does Junpyo really want to leave his family and ShinHwa behind just for Jandi? She then points out that she can put Jandi (and family) out on the streets if she had to. Junpyo has tears welled up in his eyes as he tells her to shut it. Great depth there, Minho.He really conveyed the sadness and helplessness of Junpyo all in one, making me forgive him (almost) for treating Jandi like he did.

Meanwhile, Jihoo takes Jandi out for a day to cheer her up. And we see that back in Seoul, Jandi’s little brother has suddenly collapsed while making soft toys (in the family’s latest money-making venture). The parents send him to the local doctor, who turns out to be the grumpy old man, aka Jihoo’s grandpa. O_O I wonder how that turns out, but Jihoo’s grandpa is not only the past president, but only a doctor? Wow. Anyway he does save Kangsan, and lets the family sleep at the clinic for the night. I dunno how people just fall asleep in the clinic, but still.

We go back to Macau again, where Junpyo spots Jandi at a shop looking adoringly at a pair of pumps. Later on, Junpyo goes back to the shop to buy the shoes for her (aww) and runs into Chae Gyung. Of course, they don’t have any idea of each other’s identities. Junpyo just thinks that she’s this annoying girl who wants the same pair of shoes as he does. He doesn’t know Jandi’s shoe size, so he asks her to try on the shoe for him. And after putting it on, of course Chae Gyung wouldn’t take it off, she isn’t just some toy for Junpyo. Which results in Junpyo chasing her around the store. He eventually subdues her (I’d be happier if only it wasn’t Jandi’s Junpyo we were talking about here), and it’s obvious that she’s very taken with him. That does not bode well for Jandi.

We are then given more flashbacks of JunDi, and then we see Junpyo watching the footage that Jandi recorded for him earlier. The video got him pretty emotional, but just as he was about to leave, another video plays – one of him and his father back when he was little. (Yay for little Junpyo appearing again) I wonder if sneaky Mummy got someone to plant that video there, to make Junpyo even more conflicted. He is again reminded of his promise and responsibility to take care of ShinHwa Group (he made a man-to-man promise with Daddy aww), and everything just comes out and he breaks down in tears.

The last part of the episode is when Jihoo and Jandi are about to leave Macau; they run into one of Jihoo’s old friend, who seems to have a crush on Jihoo. The friend asks Jihoo to stay, and Jandi stays back as well. He senses that Jihoo has feelings for Jandi, from the way Jihoo looks at her and everything, and he (the friend XD) gets kind of jealous. Hehe. I don’t remember there ever being such a character in the previous versions, and I wonder what kind of purpose he serves in this version. Hopefully they’ll reveal more in the next episode.

That’s all for now! Till next Monday!


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