A Pleasant Surprise

I only got to know what/who Big Bang are a month ago, because I’m not really into Kpop. The first time I got acquainted with them was by watching the Infinity Challenge parody of Haru Haru, which made me laugh so hard despite not having watched the original. A little poking around on youtube brought me to the actual music video, and I was pretty impressed. I have heard some of their other songs since, but the only ones which really stuck were Haru Haru and Lies.

With Wondergirls, I knew of them way back when I first knew about SNSD. (How I found out about SNSD is a separate story altogether and completely insignificant in this post. :D) I never really bothered to look at any of their music videos because I’m not that into girl groups either.

But watching this changed my opinion somewhat.

Credits: BabyBongaholic of youtube

It’s a special collaboration between the two groups (they done collaborations before as well) on New Year’s Eve, with a guy and a girl from either group performing songs from both songs in turn. It was a pretty cool intro to what kind of songs both groups have, although I must say from the initial impression it felt like Big Bang had more creative input into their performances, having altered the lyrics from the original Wondergirls songs to fit into their more boyish/cool theme. Maybe I’m just biased towards the boys because I’m well, female. Anyway, the girls aren’t all that bad; I thought Yubin was great at rapping (she made Seung Ri sound like a girl) and Ye Eun had pretty good vocals.

The lyrics in the video above are subbed by a great bunch of people, who showed how they switched around the lyrics to fit the performance. I dunno if the boys did this themselves or there were producers or such who did it for them, but either way Big Bang was pretty flamboyant in their performance, even with the girly dances lol. I loved how they switched up the lyrics and dances for So Hot, which is near the end of video. It was really cheeky and fun at the same time, probably one of the most enjoyable parts of the performance. Tell me was another pretty good one in terms of entertainment value, I LOL-ed so hard when I saw G-Dragon appear doing that dance, clad in those pants and the headband. Sohee was cute as she is supposed to be, and no, her voice isn’t really that annoying as some comments stated.

I’m starting to like Big Bang a lot more than I expected myself to. (But Fly to the Sky is my guilty pleasure heh) They’re edgy, well-packaged, and they stand out individually as well as in a group. I haven’t seen that in a group for quite a while, but each member does have a distinct personality and character, which makes them very interesting. As for Wondergirls, Yubin is easily the standout member (from this performance anyway) because my eyes flit to her everytime she’s on. I just felt the urge to share this here, because I was genuinely impressed by the performance and just felt like it. 😉


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