Boys Over Flowers Episode 15

Links to watch in Mando subs: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Oh yes! F4 are back with all new hairstyles! After the Macau saga is over, everyone sort of gets a makeover. Jandi’s hair is less stiff, Ga Eul has waves in her hair now (or was it already there before?), Yi Jung’s hair no longer hovers over his forehead (yay!), Jihoo looks so delicious with shorter neater hair, and even Woobin looks better. They all somehow look older, which I think is the main point of the makeovers.

As a continuation from the previous episode, we see Jihoo and Jandi out exploring all day, even getting mistaken for newlyweds (hmmph they look way too young to be newlyweds). We see Ming practising his cello skills, presumably to match up to Jihoo and his musical talents. He even takes out a photo of Jihoo and himself and admires it. I don’t really see the point of this character.

Jihoo and Jandi’s exploits are somewhat thwarted when he forgets to bring his wallet out, and Jandi left hers lying around somewhere. But Jandi really wanted to buy this lucky drawing (or something, the Chinese are really good at selling absolutely any rubbish), so Jihoo borrows a guitar from the resident troubadour and starts performing by the streets. We actually get to hear Hyunjoong playing and singing for a moment there, before they cut in with a track from the Ost. Seriously, give us a chance to hear the pretty boyband guy show his talent a little! Actually, the song inserted here was an acoustic version of Jihoo’s theme song, Because I’m Stupid by SS501 (his band). It’s the first time they’ve used the acoustic version of it, and I don’t know if they actually made the boys rerecord it or something. (It seems unlikely though, the vocals sound similar to the original track, except that it’s slower.)

Anyway, the ever-amazing Jihoo manages to earn quite a bit for Jandi to get her painting, which was pretty touching. It’s the first time he’s ever earned money with his own effort. I don’t know why, but I feel that despite Jandi’s pining for Junpyo, she always seems like she’s genuinely happy with Jihoo. On their way home, she breaks her heel, and he offers to piggyback her home. He thanks her, because he’s done so many things he’s never done before because of her. Which was really sweet, but then we see that Junpyo is skulking nearby in his car, watching the two of them sadly. He waits outside for quite a few hours, till he sees the lights go out in Jandi’s (?) room, he then has this utterly broken look on his face and tells his driver to go. He just has to go break my heart in every episode, this Junpyo.

The next morning, Jandi wakes up in this cute little pair of pyjamas, I must add. Lol. She goes to the bathroom, and Jihoo walks in on her, because silly Jandi forgot to lock the door. Both of them are stunned, and Jihoo backs out, obviously. It took a while for the moment to sink in, but when it did, Jandi goes ballistic, even trying to strangle herself with a telephone cord at one point. Lol. She spends the rest of the morning wailing in shame in her room, with a whole box of tissues. 😀 Jihoo knocks on her door, with a laughing Ming by his side. He tells her that he and Ming are going out, so she can come out to eat. I thought he and Ming were going on a date or something, but Jihoo hugs (very intimately too I must say) him and sends him off in a car, while he himself goes wandering off on his own. He goes to the store where Jandi saw the pair of pumps that she liked and bought them for her, with the remaining money from the previous night.

As Jihoo and Jandi prepare to leave Macau, he presents her with the shoes. She was already taken aback with the fact that he got them first class tickets back to Seoul (of course, what d’you expect from Jihoo anyway?). Elsewhere, in a dinner meeting with Chaekyung’s parents and Chaekyung who’s supposed to join them right after she’s back from HK, Junpyo gets called out by his trusty assistant, who claims that there’s some business in Singapore that he has to see to immediately. That is in fact, a diversion for Junpyo to rush to the airport to see Jandi. Junpyo shows up just as Jihoo put on the pumps for Jandi, and he and Jihoo share a heated exchange, which has Jihoo telling Junpyo that he only gave him and Jandi a chance because they were friends, but now he’s not going to step back. Junpyo fumes and swings a punch at Jihoo. Whatever happened to a good ‘ol handshake?

Jandi stops Junpyo, and asks him why he came. She asks if he has anything to say to her at all, at which Junpyo was stunned, because his brain can’t work fast enough to produce any words. Matsumoto Jun was amazing at conveying Domyoji’s emotional retardness, but Lee Minho looks too smart for me to feel sorry for him at that moment. I mean, I knew that he couldn’t tell Jandi the truth but he just can’t pull off the dim look here. So Jandi leaves with Jihoo, and Junpyo’s assistant comes rushing in now, with the same pair of pumps that Junpyo bought for Jandi. But Junpyo is devastated, and he falls to the ground weeping. Aww poor boy. I think Lee Minho does anguish better than dumb, really, because I felt bad for him only after all his anguish. Assistant guy comforts him (oh how I wished I was the assistant instead) and they leave with the pumps lying on the chair. Guess who comes across the pumps? Chaekyung, who’s just so coincidentally arrived at the airport. You’d think being a daugher of a renowned international company, she’d have more sense than to open an unidentified package at an airport. I know I’m paranoid, but think bomb scare.

Back in Seoul, Jandi is back working at the porridge shop. She’s been kind of distracted, with her Junpyo troubles and all. She messes up customers’ orders, so the Master sends her on a delivery trip, and tells her that she can’t leave until she sees the receiver finishing all the porridge. So she goes and delivers the porridge to who else but Jihoo’s grandfather. She was kind of taken aback that he was a doctor, I think. He bosses her around a little and asks her to help. She gets into the flow of helping out, and suddenly she’s inspired to be a doctor. The next day at school, she tells Jihoo that working at the clinic just took all her troubles away, and she’s prepared to be a doctor herself. Jihoo encourages her to go on with it, just like any friend would do.

I find it a little sudden that Jandi is so motivated to pursue medicine, because in the previous versions we’ve always seen Makino as someone who is so certain that she wants to be a lawyer, so Jandi seems relatively lost compared to Makino. One night, Jandi runs into Junhee (I’m so glad to see her!), who takes her home to have tea and some chatter. At the big house, Jandi wanders off and all these memories of being there with Junpyo came to her. Junhee finds her crying while reminiscing, and Jandi tells her that she lied, she can’t put Junpyo behind her, because she haven’t even had the chance to tell him she liked him. Junhee tells her that she’s happy she told her all that, and asks her not to give up on Junpyo, because she believes that Junpyo will return to her one day. Yes, now that’s big sister talking. I got a feeling she’s going to give Evil Mummy a hard time now.

Next up is our SoEul moment of the day! Ga Eul is walking on the streets when Yi Jung pulls up next to her. She gets in, and he passes her an invitation to Junpyo’s birthday party. Ga Eul asks why does he want her to bring Jandi to the party. Yi Jung says that he has some doubts about the situation that he wants to clear up, but Ga Eul thinks that Jandi will get hurt, so she goes all defensive. Yi Jung then tries to justify his actions. He says that Jandi should learn to let go sooner rather than later if Junpyo isn’t going to come back to her. Or something like that. I was too busy admiring Yi Jung’s serious look while he said all that to even think if what he said was reasonable.

He then piles on four huge boxes onto her, and tells her that those were weapons for them to go for their battle. Lol. I was again too busy looking at his new hair, which makes him look so much more yummy than before. I wonder if he did make her go home walking with those 4 huge boxes though. Ga Eul then tries to persuade Jandi to go, but Jandi is reluctant. Until assistant guy shows up and says that the evil Mummy has invited her personally. (I dunno why Jandi would value the evil witch’s invitation over Yi Jung’s though)

At the party, we see F3 and their respective new hairstyles all together coupled with nice suits. (Woobin’s is purple! Which totally goes with his shorter nice hair lol) Evil witch is the hsot of the party, and she presents Junpyo to everyone. Junpyo stands on the stage by himself while everyone sings him a birthday song, and he looks absolutely miserable, to be honest. Poor boy. Jandi feels uneasy too, and just as she decides to leave, evil Mummy Junpyo appears next to her, and graciously invites her to go on stage to perform a song on the piano for as a birthday wish to Junpyo. Yi Jung and Woobin are all suspicious of Mummy Junpyo’s motives as they find out that she’s personally invited Jandi there, and she’s asking Jandi to play onstage to embarrass her. Jihoo tries to take Jandi away, but Jandi agrees to it, saying that she didn’t want to disappoint her. Everyone looks worried.

Mummy Junpyo draws everyone’s attention (including Junpyo’s) to Jandi. Jandi sits at the piano, and starts playing rather shakily, a sad tune. Thankfully the editors didn’t insert any other songs over Jandi’s tune, because Jandi actually sings and plays at the same time. She’s pretty good, and she inserted a lot of emotion together with the emo song, which I thought was great. Despite her great performance, which got everyone to cheer for her (I dunno out of politeness or what, but Woobin looked absolutely thrilled), evil Mummy Junpyo can barely contain her laughter as she apologised for letting Jandi spoil the atmosphere. She was absolutely at her evil best here, with her condescending laughter and subsequent smirks. She also not-so-subtly points out how inappropriate Jandi is, saying that she doesn’t know her own place.

Then comes the bombshell. She announces that she had great news, and proceeds to introduce Junpyo’s fiancee, the future head of JK Group, Ha Chaekyung. We then see Chaekyung being dragged in by two men, screaming and shouting. God, can’t they just sedate her or something? Everyone is shocked, even Chaekyung. Then we see F3 and Ga Eul and Jandi outside the ballroom, discussing what had just happened. Yi Jung explains to the girls about the greatness of JK Group. Evil Mummy interrupts the session, telling Jandi that she cannot possibly measure up to the daugher of JK Group. Junpyo appears and questions his Mummy for the engagement bombshell, then turns and asks what Jandi is doing there.

Mummy Junpyo then explains with a really scary plastered smile on her face that Jandi is here under her invitation, that his friends should all be there to hear of his engagement. Junpyo then calls Jandi an idiot for coming. Lol. 😀 She is, really. Woobin tries to cool things down, but Jandi says that she has nothing to say to Junpyo, which makes Mummy Junpyo even happier.

Chaekyung decides to join in the fun and asks them what just happened in the ballroom with the engagement and all. Apparently her parents didn’t clue her in either. Junpyo tells her to shut it. He called her shoe, lol. He then tells Jandi that even if she has nothing to say to him, he does, and proceeds to drag her out of the hotel. We see him nagging about how she should’ve known that the evil witch was up to no good when she invited her, but he doesn’t realise that he’s dragged the wrong girl. He grabbed Chaekyung’s arm instead of Jandi’s because the two girls were standing together and Junpyo is just rash and stupid like that. She was dragged for quite a while before Junpyo realised that, and she was raging mad at him and yelled at him.

Junpyo tries to leave her there, but Chaekyung decides to teach him a lesson for being so ungentlemanly. She jumps onto his back and bites him in the ear, Mike Tyson style. She ends up falling to the ground, but laughs at Junpyo because his face turned red. She then asks him for money to take a cab home, but he has none. She then asks for his cellphone, and proceeds to groping him to grab his. At that very moment, her many bodyguards appear and try to subdue Junpyo, but Junpyo fights them off, sort of, which I think impresses Chaekyung. One of her female bodyguards manage to subdue him, partly because I think Junpyo doesn’t fight women, but well, that’s just my idea. By the end of the scene, Chaekyung looks like she’s totally fallen for Junpyo.

Back at the hotel, everyone is stunned that Junpyo dragged Chaekyung out. Mummy Junpyo is absolutely delighted though, and tells Jandi that she should give up her hopes. Everyone else is just puzzled. Poor Jandi. Yi Jung quickly steps in and volunteers to send Ga Eul home (awww), Jihoo takes Jandi, and Woobin takes Junpyo. No, not really. Woobin says that he’ll try to find out what really happened, and then they’ll (meaning F3) will meet up at their old place.

While Jihoo sends Jandi back, Jandi is heartbroken and drained from her encounter with Junpyo and evil Mummy. She thinks that Junpyo knows Chaekyung back from Macau, and she’s pretty broken up about it. Jihoo comforts her a little. He also broughtup what he said to Junpyo at the airport, about him not wanting to step back for Junpyo-Jandi, but Jandi dismisses what he says, saying that she knows he said those things in a moment of anger. Poor Jihoo, I think he actually meant what he said, but Jandi just didn’t get it. Jihoo tells her that things are not always what they seem, you need to believe in order to see the truth.

Back at Jihoo’s house, he was looking at the soft toy that Jandi made for Junpyo (was it?), and he decides to call Junpyo. When the line gets through, he hears a phone ringing outside his house, and sees Junpyo outside. Junpyo jumps when he sees Jihoo. Awww. Soulmates. 😀 And that’s not the first time that happened either, which further ascertains my point. Jihoo-Junpyo shippers, anyone?

The episode ends there, which I consider a good note because I lol-ed at Junpyo’s startled face. The next episode we’ll see F2 trying to turn on their charms on Chaekyung to pry her away from Junpyo, which is something I enjoyed watching in the Japanese version. And the SoEul date? Omg I want to see it so bad, but I am so afraid that Yi Jung will break her heart at the same time that I’m crazy. Jihoo also meets his grandfather, finally.


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